Ingenuity Lives Here!

Greetings!  Back to summer here in South Texas, cool was nice as it lasted!  Back to the walk in a sweat box at 6AM!  I am sure all will be happy to see Fall coming and I am wondering which Almanac prediction will be correct – the old or the new one that says it will be a hard winter!  Time will tell!

Now that I have covered the weather – let’s talk quilting things!  The other day as I was taking pictures of Pukeko and Tuis quilts I wished I had a place to take them outside or another way other than laying them on the floor.  I have also draped them over the long arm, but doing either way does not do the quilt justice!  Putting them on the design wall is a hassle because I clean the threads off of it as soon as the quilt top is complete!

Enter Clay – my sweet engineer – he told me he had an idea that would allow me to hang the quilts for photographs!  This man can fix anything, remakes most things that we have purchase to make them better, and now he has solved my picture taking issue.

I grabbed a quilt top (from 2006) and look how great the picture came out!


There are so many neat free BOMs, SALs, QALs to participate in and I try to hold it down on the number I want to do, but Deb at Happy to be Scrappy has found a Hexagon quilt-as- you-go project that I found to be quite interesting.  She is going to start a SAL in November and invited anyone to join in the fun.   I checked out the YouTube video from Missouri Quilt Company and decided I would tag along with her in November.  I checked out my “ruler drawers” for hexagon ruler/template that I could use without having to buy anymore and found the one from Quilt Sense and Marti Michell.  So I am all set to do this one – just need to find the right fabric in my stash!  Should be a great hand project and by November I will be caught up on other hand projects!

I am in the holding mode as I wait for my Bella Solids and more Judy Rothermel 1930 fat quarters for my 3030 quilt with Gay.  I went through all of my Rothermel Aunt Gracie fabrics and realized that she had done an entire year (2003) of Aunt Gracie fabrics for each month of the year – A BOM fabric collection.  I have the entire collection and want to make a Sun Bonnet Sue quilt rather than using them in the 3030 quilt.  So this is why I am now waiting on more Rothermel 1930 fabrics and will be delayed in meeting my weekly goals for 3030.

In the meantime I did a review the patterns and started selecting fabrics for each block with the remaining fabrics.  There are a lot of flying geese in this quilt and made a practice block following Gay’s instructions. I have the entire collection of Eleanor Burns Flying Geese Rulers  and will use them for more consistent and accurate blocks rather than using Gay’s method.

Most quilters will use paper piecing, but I personally do not care for that technique – probably because I have never spent anytime on becoming proficient with the technique, OR maybe I just like to do things the hard way as a challenge to get my blocks perfect by sewing so many pieces together!  Probably the latter.

Have a great week-end and enjoy quilting and your CVV!


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20 Replies to “Ingenuity Lives Here!”

  1. Weather – interesting that you cut short the discussion. My mother never liked to talk about the weather unless it was raining…. then she would shout out from what direction? depending on the answer – N S E W – we would run to the windows on that side of the house and close them!!! and wipe the window sill dry with a rag.


    1. Yes, although I messed myself up by not pulling fabric sooner – or rather I had selected the wrong fabric first! Hope you are doing well, and not working too hard. Bet it will get busier in a week or so! I do love your walks in the garden! Hugs


  2. You sound so happy today! We are finally enjoying a beautiful day of 75 degrees. Max is sleeping in the sun, and we have be yanking stuff out of the garden. Put another batch of potatoes in the dehydrator and caught up on the tomatoes (had to bring everything in before the freeze and snow last week) that have ripened. We pulled the plastic off the raspberry patch this morning, and I picked this afternoon, about 2 cups, so they are starting to turn at last!


  3. Aren’t husbands wonderful for helping out with our quilting issues? That is a great solution.
    We got a mere 69 low out of that cold front, but at least it was cooler during the day for a couple of days.
    I am enjoying reading about your projects, as all my stuff is packed up!


    1. He is a great one. It will help with being able to take a good clear picture of my quilts.

      We did get 63 and 65 but today was 101!

      That you for taking time to check out my projects. When is move date?



  4. HI Nanette ~ your husband is brilliant! And that quilt is stunning. I don’t remember seeing it (?) Sound like you have a great new project in the works to get started on. My grandson and family are in Abilene and they post photos of them still playing in the pool. I got out my winter gloves this morning for the dog walk. Chill is in the air and smoke from the fires in OR & Cali. I imagine the fires here in WA are impacting too. Stay well and enjoy! Sharon


  5. This quilt was made in 2006. I have wanted to make another one in Batiks. It seems like I keep adding quilt to make but get behind faster than I can make. LOL. I love your October Cross Stitch. Hugs and take care!


  6. Love the hanger! I do paper piece when I had a pile of scraps that I don’t feel like cutting into small pieces,but also like the challenge of getting seams to match.


    1. Thank you! I have tried PP, but guess I am not wired for it! LOL. I admit it will take me longer to make blocks rather PP. I even took a class with Carol Doak and was determined to use the technique – that did not work! Have a great day and agree that it is a fabric saver.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. You need to really consider doing the Hexagon with Deb and I and others. YUP, he is a genius! I always tell him if we had married after high school he would have been an Engineer and we would not have had children!!!! Of course there are none available now anyway. Hugs


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