The Infamous 3030 Quilt Project!

It is raining – off and on, but at least it is rain and I love the cloudy rainy days – if only it were 50 degrees!   It is 77 degrees BUT 87% humidity.  Mr Fibro and Meniere’s are here with me today and will be until the front passes! Talk about unwanted guests!!!!  I detest days like this because it slows me down and I was doing so well with multi tasking my way through my projects.  Ah, but cooler days are coming soon!  Then I will have an abundance of energy!  I would love to be in Colorado where the snow is!

BACK TO QUILTING!  I signed up for the 3030 quilt from Sentimental Stitches.   Since I had uninvited guests today I decided that this morning would be the day to pull fabrics and start cutting out blocks – something that would not tax my non-multi-tasking brain!  As usual,  I am behind in making any blocks for this quilt (like 14 blocks) and Friday Block 15 comes!  I had decided on the fabrics I had purchased previously (about 4 years ago) for Farmers Wife (which had too many pattern problems) so I ended up using some of them for my Dresden Plate quilt that is still a UFO (more hand work)!

CHANGE IN PLANS:  As I started pulling the fabrics I quickly realized that the original fabric selection were definitely not going to be used on this beautiful quilt!  I wen into the other staff room of my Studio where most of my stash is (most, well maybe part of it) and there they were – the Judy Rothermel fabrics that I had collected since 2001 when I started to “become” a quilter (which was delayed until 2004 after 3 back surgeries). They are going to be perfect for this quilt!  I also have 8 yards of Sun Bonnet Sue fabric for the backing of a quilt that I was going to make with this collection – Yup a Sun Bonnet Sue!  THAT Never happened!

I pulled the entire collection from the shelf and decided I would cut either one half or one fourth of a yard of each piece for my 3030 project.  (Now am rethinking this – maybe just 10″ of each).

For the background fabric I have a lot of Bella Solids and Kona Bay that I use for applique or embroidery projects (snow and beige), but neither of the colors blended well with the Rothermel fabrics so I checked my sample book of Bella Solids and called Fat Quarter Shop and ordered 15 yards of Bella Solids (9900-60).  They offer a 20% off for bulk quantities which ended up being a great buy at $5.59 a yard!  YEA!

So here are the fabrics I will be using for my 3030 quilt!  I am quite sure that I will have plenty!  You can easily tell I was a Newbie Quilter thinking that I would need yards and yards of each fabric in order to make one quilt!  LOL

Now I cannot start making blocks until I receive the Bella Solids, but I can certainly start cutting smaller pieces of each fabric for the quilt.  I may even prepare the center medallion applique pieces!  At least I can select fabrics for each block and cut the background fabric pieces later this week.  Who knows what progress I can make on the preparations, but I would really prefer to just crawl in the bed for the rest of the day, but cannot give in to the uninvited guests!

NEW PROJECTS: There are a couple of free BOMs that I also would like to do if I could catch up with their postings. (What a dreamer I am!). (This is what happens you follow other Bloggers – you get hooked!)

OK, I know that all of the above are impossible, but heck, since we are now on the China Virus Vacation (CVV) I may as well make the best use of my time at home on the 5 acres where we are safe and secure!  As soon as the CVV dies we are headed to the nearest Casino for 2 weeks where I will be able to drain the brain (probably the pocket book as well)!


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18 Replies to “The Infamous 3030 Quilt Project!”

    1. We are getting the little Norther and the day before I start getting tired. Today was a bummer.
      I ate some tuna 3 days ago. BIG MISTAKE !

      Once the weather changes I will have better days. Just needs to be stable. Ha Ha not in Texas!

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  1. Nanette, that is quite the stash you have there! I think you might be able to make 6 3030 quilts!! 😉 I saw you tried to catch me on FaceTime; I’m teaching most afternoons now, the schedule is still fluxing, but it’s getting closer. XXOO


  2. I just took a peek at the 3030 quilt on Sentimental Stitches and it’s so pretty, and your fabrics look perfect for it. Is the center block supposed to be plain, or is it something they send later in the year? I totally understand buying fabric as a newbie. I was going to make a quilt for my daughter as a first project, had not taken classes yet, and had no clue about how much fabric was required, so I bought 4 yards of each fabric!!
    Hope your uninvited guests don’t stay long!
    We are right on the edge of the front. Twenty miles to the west it is 69 and falling, and here it is 76 at 7am. Ugh.


    1. Well, morning, we got the front and over 3 inches of rain during the night! I feel great – which I usually do after a weather change!

      The quilt has an applique medallion center. Gay mails the pattern out which was great. I figured for $30 it was a good deal.

      I have all of Judy’s together and about 3 years ago – heck maybe 5 she put another line out. I remembered that late yesterday afternoon (in my brain fog). So I will separate them and only use Aunt Grace line for the 3030. I hope FQ ships today – then I would have it by Saturday.

      I can at least go through the fabrics and pull for each of the blocks that I can start on and cut the pieces out. I do not do paper piecing so it will take me longer to do each block!

      I walked at 6 in the rain – started with umbrella and it wasn’t that bad so I just put that down and walked in the rain – my favorite. Wonder when I hit 80 if I can still do it! LOL

      Have a great day – have you moved yet?


    1. Oh Sharon – they started leaving the minute the cool front moved in! I will make sure that my fabric line is the right one for me to get the effect I want (whatever that is-LOL). I pull fabrics for a quilt and then let it sit over night and then make a block. If I am happy and it looks good I stick with that fabric – if not, I move to something different.

      Hugs – and hope all is well! We are doing fine here in CVV!


  3. It’s such a good feeling when you can find exactly the fabrics you need for a project. It’s always fun starting something new. Hope you are feeling better and your unwanted visitors left quickly.


  4. Nanette… Just how many yards of fabric IS that?!?! During that time period, a couple of my good friends were “into” 30’s prints. One of them shopped like you and even bought an ENTIRE BOLT of her favorite!


    1. I think that they are 1/2 yards of each! I do have the backing fabric for a Sun Bonnet Sue. Think this was one of the first buying sprees I made using Quilt quality fabrics. I do buy bolts also. It is called SPOILED. I will never use all the fabrics I have, but the Estate sale will be great for some other quilter! LOL!!! I buy a lot on sale! Hugs


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