Pukeko Swamp aka Easy Breezy Quilt

Cooler today – in the lower 90’s and that is due to cloud cover.  I seem to be moving along with my goals quicker than I thought I would. Yesterday I was able to put my Blue and Black Pukeko Swamp Quilt setting on the Design Wall! I love it! I have now give the quilt a new name! Pukeko Swamp. This is the name that is on the selvage of the fabric.

Linda in UK provided me the following information about the New Zealand fabric that I had chosen to use Easy Breezy  The birds with red beaks are pukeko, a marsh duck, and the red flowers are on the pohutukawa tree (known in NZ as the Christmas tree as they flower at Christmas and look like a tree dressed with red fairy lights). The birds on the pohutukawa are tuis. The tui is also called the Parson Bird because the white feather tab at his neck is like a Vicar’s white tabs.

This was great information so as soon as I had the setting on my design wall I knew that the name would be changed!  So here is Pukeko Swamp Quilt!

I still have to cut the corner blocks and side setting blocks before I will begin to sew the rows together.

I am now working on the last of the red fabric blocks so they will be ready to be put on the design board by Friday!

This will be the first quilt for 2020!  Stay tuned for the finish!

Hugs, Nanette 

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    1. Well, stupid Amazon return problem and Medicare and BCBS got me side tracked yesterday – lost a day – but today is going to be a banner sewing day – we walked – hot but cooler and maybe it will be in the 60’s in the morning next week but I am back on the walking off that stupid going no where bike! It doesn’t help me lose any weight!!!! Hugs

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