One Down 2 to Go!

Shall I say greetings AGAIN?  I am trying so hard to get over the “hump” of life and back into my quilting.  I think that I am getting there, but it is slow.  I have finished Santa and only 2 more blocks to go and this project will be ready for a setting.  I thought that everyone would like to see what the other blocks look like since it has been sooooo long when I started this project. The neat thing about Kathy Schmitz for this project is that she provides the little things like the leaves and berries on Santa’s hat that you press on and then button hole stitch around each one.  I will need to do the satin stitches for Santa’s eyes, but that will come later when I do the button hole stitches on the leaves and cherries.

Here are the last two blocks that I need to do, they are for October and November.

I am not sure how the setting will end up.  This was my first (and probably my last) BOM with fabrics that I had purchased.  Each block has fabric included to frame them as they can be done separately instead of a quilt.  I am opting for a quilt!

Next week Gretchen and I are going to start on the 3030 quilt project.  Today is the first day of peace and quiet and now I have so many projects that are in different stages, I have no idea what to do next.  I really need to take some sit down time and make some sewing decisions.  I looked at my “list to do and quilts I want to make” fro 22 December 2019.   Somehow I was overwhelmed – wonder why.  I will take stock of my projects and get busy and try to put a dent in them in the next week.  They are:

1.  OMIGOSH Blocks – This will not be a fast quilt to make so it will be a “what am I in the mood for today” type of sewing.

2.  Easy Breezy – This one is exactly what the names indicates EASY and fast!  I just need to settle into it.

3.  2 blocks for Mary Brown – Night work (Applique)

4.  2 blocks for Sweet Stitches – Night work (Embroidery)

5.  Blue and White Reproduction Quilt – (Started a year ago)

OK, I am already worn out just looking at the above.  Think for this week it is going to be Easy Breezy.  I believe the best thing is to try to finish something!  It has been too long since I made a quilt.

Have a great week, and shout out to East Texas and Western Louisiana.  We were hoping to get some rain from the storm or at least a cool down from the 100’s.  Time will tell.


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24 Replies to “One Down 2 to Go!”

  1. Welcome to the 3030 Quilt. I love working on it with the nice fresh 30’s fabrics. They are a nice change form the other reproduction fabrics I have been using in the past few years.


    1. I have a good stash for 3030. I was going to do the Farmer’s Wife – think in 2015/2016 and purchased the fabrics, only to find out there 17 problems with the patterns. I stopped and so now I have something I can use the fabric with. Hugs


  2. The Santa tuned out so nice. The blocks look great all together. Such interesting designs. I’ve kind of given up on Mary Brown. I need to get my enthusiasm back for that project. Looks like you’ve got a lot of projects plans and now you can concentrate on them. You’ll finish a quilt in no time.


    1. You know, I too have stopped being interested in it! I just need to do 2 more and then I will go to one block a month in September. I have really missed quilting and after 7 months, it takes some time to get going again! Darn! How many blocks have you finished on MB? I will have 16 (all of the corners top and bottom) when I finish the 2. I am going to work on Easy Breezy to just get myself in the mood. Ordinarily if the China Virus had not hit we would have been on a trip which would have gotten us away from the memory of the last 7 months of @@@@!
      Maybe you will feel like doing just one block a month.

      I love Reproductions, so OMG will be that one as I feel like working with small blocks.

      Have a great week. Hugs


  3. TY for showing all the blocks. I had totally forgotten them. It’s really a fun quilt and I know when you’re finished you’ll love it. It’s that damn ‘hump’ lol. Sound like you have a plan in place. It’s been a tough year Nanette for you. Go easy in yourself 🙂 and ease into it again 🙂 Hugs


    1. Oh Sharon thank you for the kind words. Yes it has been tough – doctors are telling us it will take 6 months – we are just now beginning to relax, so hopefully 2021 will start off better.
      I so appreciate the support and thoughts! Hugs


  4. I went back to read your posts regarding your’s and Clay’s medical adventures and was amazed! Wow! This year has been a year for you both! I praise God for your joyful attitude and I realized that His joy has given you strength! Prayers up for the both of you! Hugs and more hugs!


  5. I think your list is long enough! You’ve chosen your first project to work on, but if you get tired of it, fine! Pick up so ring else and work in it for a while. I have not been very motivated the past two weeks, but I am walking myself to the sewing room and trying to do one step, which usually turns into two or three. If you do something everyday, even for five minutes it will begin to add up, and over time that five mi ite will turn I to an hour, then a half day…you’ll get there, just be kind to yourself!


    1. I think that everyone is getting tired of not being able to have a normal life anymore. Even quilters appear to be getting where they need to get out and socialize with their friends, guilds, church, heck – just to go to a Mall. I am doing what you have advised. Stick to what I can get done, work on an easy project, and I am not in the mood – go sit on the porch with the portable water cooler blowing on us. Today heat index will be up to 110! Horrible, Not sure what will break this horrible summer. It would not be so bad if we could get outside during the day – I miss my morning walk, that exercise bike just does not go anywhere! LOL

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  6. Your Santa blocks is very cute, all those embroidered blocks are cute. I’m not planning on using 30’s fabrics for my 3030. I had bought 30’s fabrics special for my floral triangles then used most of the leftover fabric in a scrappy quilt. I think the fabrics I have pulled will be perfectly fine. If Gay doesn’t like it, that’s her problem. Just take a day at a time and don’t try to do everything on your list in one day! Happy stitching!


  7. Your Floral Triangles was absolutely beautiful! I am hoping that my 30’s fabric will be what I want. I still have problems with white backgrounds. So time will tell. I am sure that your fabric selection will be great! Hugs.


  8. Santa turned out so cute. Seeing the rest of your blocks make me wish I had the desire to embroidery. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down and I look forward to watching the progress on the next two blocks, or which ever project you choose.


  9. I am pretty sure I will. It was a BOM that came with fabric for borders – I will use that fabric to make individual borders (different) for each block. Should be interesting! LOL. Hugs


  10. The BOM is looking good. You are close to finishing that one up. Dealing with the rest of WIP is always hard. Seems like you’ve got a strategy to at least start. Sometimes that’s the best you can do, just pick someplace and go from there. Good luck.


    1. Well, thought I had responded to you on this one – guess not! Thank you Kathy! Yes and I have now established goals for September – hoping I can stay on track now – at least there are 3 months for 2020 got catch up! Thx


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