Slow Sunday Stitching

Greetings from South Texas or in other words the “New Desert”.  I had a week from Hell but finished lovely paperwork yesterday and forwarding my problems to the Doctors Billing Office, my Senator my Representative, and Amazon.  Sounds like fun doesn’t it!!!!

Let’s get to fun and quilting projects   I only have some Snowflakes to finish.

Have a wonderful week!


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20 Replies to “Slow Sunday Stitching”

  1. Perfect stitching 🙂 Always love solid black stitching. You go girl – keep your records straight and advocate!!!! (hate dealing with VA or any billing issues)


    1. Thank you Sharon. I tell you what I went through Friday afternoon with Medicare – someone’s ears are burning now because they tape all calls, and I told them I was going to NOT file appeals for that package and that the problem was going to my Senator and Representative and their Staffers will get involved! BAMC won’t bill Part B and now Medicare says that they have to bill! I could absolutely scream (or I did that in the phone late Friday afternoon!). LOL

      The Doctor’s office is doing something funny….. but of course the problem falls in my lap. I would be drowning in this mess if I did not have the 33 years experience with the stupid Government Agencies. Wish some of them could be fired like the VA can do!

      To top it off, problems when we got our Nordic Trak treadmill – no one to help with the 200 pound thing to set up! Of course that turned into an Amazon problem. After intervening in the pick up of the item for return to Amazon, they picked it up 4 days late but it is gone.

      THEN we ordered a lighter one and this is a HELL of a nightmare – has problems, and found out the seller is in China and I was able to turn that over to A-Z Guarantee Investigation team. All in all I think Amazon will be cleared up first – It is packaged up and sitting in the garage. Never want to see that box again and I hope the Seller is barred from Amazon. In fact all the treadmills other than Nordic Track are from fake front companies from China. So beware!

      This has been never ending since Clay got hurt – never mind the stress of the whole 8 months!

      Hugs to you and you have a great week Sharon, Hugs!


  2. So sorry your hassles with paperwork are continuing. Sounds so complicated; it’d definitely be over my head.
    Meanwhile, hope it is soothing to be stitching your wonderful Santa…he’s a beaut!


    1. I guess I am thankful that I know what to do, but this was a monster package. Only because he was treated at a Military hospital for trauma. We have 3 insurances and so we never have to file, etc with our civilian doctors. But that is done for now and hopefully today will be a free and sewing day! Have a great day! Hugs


  3. Hopefully all your form filling and phone calling is starting to show results. We only have one insurance to deal with, it was still a nightmare figuring out what had and hadn’t been charged and paid properly. Hope you’ve got plans for your next project as it looks like your fun snowguy is just about done.


    1. We have the 3 and never have to file anything. But when Clay hurt his hand the military trauma hospital does not Bill Part B (outpatient bills). That is what caused the problems. Medicare is our primary and we both have insurance from pensions. Mine pays all outstanding bills. But the Senator and Representative will have it corrected within 31 days. Medicare now has to answer to them regarding the issues with my package. Hugs.


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