Happy New Year 2020 – HQAL and Slow Sunday Stitching

Happy New Year 2020!  Today is 9 August 2020 and I am now beginning my New Year Quilting Life.   Yes, if you have been following me at all this year you are aware it has been a disaster!  So here is the bottom line!

Clay’s hand is doing extremely well for what happened on New Year’s Eve 2019, AND his Transcather Aorta Valve Replacement (TAVR) is a 100% success!  He is back to being Clay, working on getting over the “sit in a chair for 6 months” and “do nothing or die”.  AND thanks to our blessings I still have him with me – lucky guy – I can still drive him nuts!

I made it through my corrective eyelid surgery from the October 2019 Cataract surgery.  What fun!  I am glad that is over with.  The icing on the cake was the fact that BAMC does not bill Medicare (or our other 2 insurances) for Part B charges.  I got to do that one!  I will NOT go into detail on how much time and stress it caused me – just know it was the icing on the cake.  I mailed the package to Medicare on Friday – ALL 250 pages!   I fixed it so there is NO WAY they can come back for more backup information!  (It paid to work for the Government for 33 years). Hope this package drives someone to stress out processing it.  LOL  Hopefully by the time I submit all charges to the other 2 insurances we will have our money back by November!  (Hope I am not dreaming).  Life is getting back to our ‘normal’ quiet life – most people are calling it Quarantine Time, but we are calling it Happy Time and loving it.  All the time others were complaining, we were either at the Doctors Offices, Hospitals, or having Surgeries.  We took all precautions – even to the point of carrying around by Super cart with all the necessities required to prevent the possibility of a Virus looking to land on these two old souls!!! Did not happen on our watch during that time. THIS NOW ENDS THE DRAMA FOR THIS HOUSEHOLD!

Update on love South Texas Summer of 2020!  We tried to continue doing our walk early in the morning, but it is just too hot.  I ride the stationery bike while Clay is talking with his Ham Buddies, then he rides it while I enjoy my coffee in the Studio.  We have ordered a Nordic Trak treadmill from Amazon and having issues getting them to get it in their system and shipped.  I hope it comes this week.  Having the bike and the treadmill will allow us to continue our exercise without wearing ourselves out from the horrible 100+ temps we continue to have each summer.

How about some quilting talk?   Needless to say all I have to show today for HQAL and Slow Sunday Stitching is the beginning of Block 10 for Sweet Stitches – this one is for December – Santa Claus.  I started my hand work again yesterday and this is as far as I have gotten.

Now that I am back on track with life and quilting, I have set a few goals for this month.

  1.  Finish the 3 blocks for Sweet Stitches
  2.  Finish the 2 remaining blocks for Mary Brown (this gives me a total of 16 blocks finished)
  3.  Work on OMIGOSH quilt – I am doing this in Reproduction fabrics
  4.  Work on a Blue and White quilt that I started to play with a year ago… (time passes quickly!)

I also will be doing hand work at night again, sewing during the day, and just enjoy doing nothing – depending on my mood.  I want to do some knitting and working with my wooden lap weaving hoops.  Sew much to do and sew little time!  So many of my blogging buddies are so far ahead of me for the year I will never catch up, but at least I am now able to start on the many projects that I want to make.

Thank you all for supporting us in our time of crisis and I am praying that all stay safe and well, and take care when out and about!

Hugs to all,


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28 Replies to “Happy New Year 2020 – HQAL and Slow Sunday Stitching”

    1. You are so right Kathy! No visits until late September – I made sure of that one, Just check ups now. We are enjoying the quiet life again! Going to be a scorcher this week – 100 every day for the next 7….. Where is winter? Hugs

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      1. UFDA! That is hot. We’ve been without AC since July, but it hasn’t been too bad, we’ve been cooling down to 65 or lower most nights, and have had just enough thunder storm activity to help cool things down a little faster at night. That would NEVER work in your country! Fall is coming though, I’m feeling a hint of a nip in the air every once in awhile.


  1. Your time to enjoy your favorite hobbies is not a time for competition or racing. Life has enough of that already…as you well know, Nanette. So what if you are slower than others! You have a great list of projects…take your time and enjoy every minute that you play with them!

    I would also enjoy quarantine, if I could, but apparently the mail must keep moving…so I keep working. 🙂


    1. I know it must be so difficult to have to work in this environment. It is really difficult for everyone who loves to be around others. I have to find some humor in the experiences, so I choose blessings and humor. You stay safe and love your embroidery work. Hugs

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  2. So glad you are at the point of waiting on the treadmill, the money back from paying for medical procedures, and are planning things to accomplish this month in your quilting and embroidery life! You and Clay deserve Happy Times now .. I love the fabric you are embroidering on too ❤ Kathi


    1. The background that I love for background fabrics and especially embroidery this type of pattern is called Crackle. A basic.

      I did not mention the mess in trying to get a new back brace – had to put $1,000 up front (bad brace guy) – I could not take the brace – hurt my Fibro on the shoulders – took it back and got my money back (not without a big stand off and I won!). That will pay for the Nordi Trakk! I am just thankful after 3 tries, got an email saying it was shipped yesterday and arriving tomorrow. Heavy duty one.

      For the new brace, I am going to a DME company in SA that will take care of all the paperwork and not want $$$ up front. I was really should have waited to order a new one after the eye surgery – think my brain is working better now! LOL. If they want $$ my fall back plan will be to buy it on-line and file the paperwork myself, but do not think that will happen.

      BAMC reimbursement could pay for a Cruise! EXPENSIVE


  3. It’s been a long road to recovery for you and Clay and I am so happy to read things have settled down. I wish we had room for some exercise device, lol, we do have a one of those ‘pedal only bicycles’ that you ride while sitting down for George. Your goals sound real doable and your off to a great start with the Santa block your working on. I was so happy to read you posting, despite the paperwork fiasco ~ grrrrrr ~ if you can master that you can master anything 🙂 Hugs


    1. Thank you Sharon Now I just need to start sewing! Still have some time needed to relax and unwind. Treadmill coming tomorrow. Walking in Air Conditioning is going to be better than the horrible 80 degrees at 6AM with 95% humidity. Hugs


  4. I don’t understand why you had to file your own paperwork for the bills that you had and glad that never happened to me. Glad the treadmill is coming finally


    1. Well, Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) military hospital treats trauma patients. They will not file Part B claims for Civilian Trauma patients (even though Clay was a Vet). Go figure – I worked for the Govt 33 years and there is no reason for this! I have consulted with Senator Cruz’s Staffer this morning. They need to fix this. It was a beast to prepare! Hugs
      We have been spoiled since in the Civilian world we never get a bill and the doctors bill all 3 insurances without a problem, well maybe once every 5 years. Hugs


    1. Thank you Mary. Things are really looking up for us. Even through all the stress, I am so glad that Clay is well now. BUT could we somehow get rid of this heat? It hit 107 here in LV today! UGH.


  5. Santa looks great! I’m so happy that everything is getting back to the norm for you and Clay, and that you’ve both made it through everything this year!


  6. So glad that you and Clay are able to end the chapter of surgeries and health dramas. Good luck with your stitching for the rest of the year. Progress is progress, even thought it’s not what you had hoped for. Stay cool, stay well.


    1. Thank you Kathy! Great to be living a good life again and that Clay did not pass away suddenly from the bad valve that we did not know about! Yes, happy just to have the desire to quilt again! Hugs


  7. So glad to hear his valve surgery was a success. that has to be a huge relief. Thank you for reminding me with the Santa that Christmas is right around the corner, seriously, where has the summer gone? Where in S Texas are you? My father had a place he wintered in Mission. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down last week.


    1. Well, Denise, I really slipped on some replies! sorry! We are still in the throws of a horrible summer – I just wish we would have a Fall this year – yesterday (8/28/2020) was 110!!!
      We are 30 miles of San Antonio Texas. I really thought I answered this one. Maybe I sent you an email telling you exactly where we are! Hugs


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