What to Do During a Long Vacation at Home

WOW – 2 posts in one day, but I thought that everyone would enjoy seeing some of the “goodies” I purchased lately to keep my sanity and to have inspiration to get back to making quilts!!!

The first thing is a new Item that Quilt In A Day (Eleanor Burns) is selling.  It is basically a roll of plastic that is 1 1/4” wide on a spool and cut in strips to wrap around your thread spools to keep the thread from making a mess.

I am sure that every quilter (especially those that hand applique) will love this product and it works!  I use this type of plastic that I purchase from JoAnns, etc in long sheets to cover my fabric stash in the Studio.  Here is how it looks on some thread that would drive me nuts when I could not keep them from raveling project bag.

Next  good is a great fat quart bundle of French General’s Le Beau Papillon.  I am usually late in collecting certain fabrics and this is one.  This is my 2nd French General bundles.

Now lets go to Sashiko Projects!  Sylvia Pippen has great pre-printed projects and I really liked the two that I ordered.  One is for Nordic Christmas Panel for  20XX and the other is a panel with Sashiko Sea Reef.  Love them both!

Next is a preprinted block for hand quilting.  I purchased 2 different ones from The Stencil Company.  They had a great sale and I participated!  They are both preprinted on a black back ground.  Should be good practice for my hand quilting in 20XX!

And if the above wasn’t enough goodies that I did not need….Here are 2 books that were on sale with Connecting Threads.  I also purchased Book 4 for EQ8 software and hopefully by 20XX I can design my own quilts!  LOL

Now for the one that I had drooled over since Lynn from Sew’n Wild Oaks began working on the quilt.  I found the fabric at Shabby Fabrics (and purchased 3 fat quarter bundles of 14 fat quarters each). I believe this will be adequate fabric to make this quilt.  I normally do not use the same fabrics for quilt patterns, but this quilt screamed for the same fabric.  You be the judge.

My list of ‘quilts to make’ has grown and I realize that at my age I may never get them all made, but I am going to give it Hell when I am finished recouping from eyelid correction by the end of July.  Clay is doing well, but could the African’s keep their dust?  It is interfering with our morning walk!

Hugs and have a great day!

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24 Replies to “What to Do During a Long Vacation at Home”

  1. 😍 I am in love with that Christmas Ribbons quilt too. That fabric is just perfect isn’t it? I am just a teeny bit jealous, but I have my big splurge sitting in a box….I got a 1/2 yard of Edyta Sita’s Super Bloom. Just waiting for the last two to come in. I have never bought a bundle before, so it was an agonizing decision, but I still love it. This will first be a quilt for me, and then we’ll see.

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  2. You have been busy with ‘the card’. Lots of fabulous purchases. I didn’t know about the plastic….looks good. So many pretties to drool over here. The sashiko kits are lovely.


  3. Wow ~ you’ve been busy online shopping and I love it! The Christmas fabric took my breath away and I better get cracking on something ‘Christmas’ like that cause if the next 6months goes as fast as the last, I am in real trouble. And who doesn’t;t love a French General – that is Papillon 🙂 Hugs


    1. Well, guess what – Stress can kill brain cells – I now have 2 of the same fat quarter bundles for the French General. Grrr hate it when I do that – I also bought a book that I already had! OH well, Gift time for someone! (not the FQ’s). Hugs


  4. Love everything you got. I took a class on Sashiko and want to do more. Also the Stencil co. Need to check that out also.


    1. OH Cathie – I accidentally bought 2 of the same La Beau Papillion fat quarters – I was so PO’d with myself when I took the 2nd one into my “extra fabric stash room” and found out I had done that – guess it will be a big quilt coming down the road! Hugs


  5. Oh it’s like Christmas at your house! Seeing the sashiko has inspired me to order a book on Sashiko, however it doen’t come out till October but I did preorder! Can’t wait to see some of the progress on these great projects


    1. Pippin is great on Sashiko. There are a couple of other ones that I have but hers are great. The panels are pricy, but fun to do pre-printed! Hugs. Now to just get through the eye lid fixing’ and I will be a quilter again! YEA. Hugs


  6. Really fun, interesting purchases, Nanette! Different from what I would’ve purchases, but I really enjoyed seeing them. Our LQS is really into everything Kim Diehl and Jo Morton. They do have pretty fabrics. Pippen’s sashiko has really taken on a half and half, Japanese/non-Japanese flavor!


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