Information on Leaving a Post on Blogger

I started having issues when I visited my favorite Bloggers when I tried to leave a comment.

IF you are using Safari (iPhone, iPad) do the following:

Go to your Safari -> Settings -> Privacy -> uncheck “Prevent cross-site tracking.”

It has to do with how the new “Blogger” works.  I googled the problem and this is what they said needed to be done for Apple users!

AND yesterday I worked on a block for Mary Brown, should have it finished today – so I am on the quilting road again!  Now looking forward to this afternoon which will give us the beginning of 10 days before we have 2 doctor appointments for Clay!  We are really going to enjoy this time.  I plan on working on my hand projects and OMG, or if bored with it after I complete one more block I will start on another pieced quilt!

Quick update – I am heading to my Eye Surgeon today – I am going to try to get a surgery date around the 20th of July.

Clay had his 7 day check up – he walks 30 minutes each morning and is becoming a dedicated walker.  The Nurse Practitioner told us that he was at Critical Mass with his valve and that he would have died instantly if he had not shot himself in the hand, which of course led us to where we are today.  His valve was opened about 1/4 of an inch!  She believes it was Devine Intervention.  The walking will help repair the damage done to the heart (not real bad) due to the valve problem.   How about those apples for the day!  He is doing great only 10 days after this procedure – Only has to be on Plavix for 3 months (YEA).  AND his hand is improving quicker – guess it needed some blood to heal!   He has the greatest immune system – wish I had some of it!  LOL

I just had to tell the great news.  Life is really beginning for us again!  HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020!

Hugs,  Nanette

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  1. 😊, wonderful news this morning! God does look out for us , although at times we can’t see it until we are farther down the road looking back. A Faith building lesson.

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    1. Had a walking partner (he does the circle I do the ‘go to the gate and back 9 times’) at 6:15 AM – could not believe it – He. has now converted to a water drinker (about a year ago) and now a dedicated walker – he wants his heart to remold! Just like getting that hand working – about 75% now. Hugs

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  2. My goodness — your Clay is one lucky man, in more ways than one! What kind of eye surgery do you need? Between the two of you, it’s too bad the hospital doesn’t have a Frequent Shopper Rewards program like the grocery stores do! :-). We have had some years like that as well. Glad you are both doing well. I am looking forward to seeing your hand stitching projects again soon.


    1. Well. When I had my cataract surgery in October I was the blessed one between us to have the excess eyelid problem and ptosis. I have had to put it off because if Clay’s issues. So I am hoping in Mid July they can do it. Gives Clay 6 weeks to be cleared by heart doctor.


  3. Nanette, I’m out of the loop on what all has been going on in your lives. But I’m glad to read that God has sustained you and given you a hope and a future. And some fun quilting projects!


    1. Well, in a nutshell, We each had cataract surgery in Sep/Oct last year! Thought 2020 would be our year! New Years Eve Clay accidentally shot himself in the left hand while changing grips on a small hand gun – ouch! That began 5 months of unbelievable blessings and tons of stress! He had 2 hand surgeries (had is doing great). During that process Brook Army Medical Center (BAMC) SATX kept telling us about his heart Murmur! Five Days after the 2nd surgery on the hand he had a “heart” event – EMS to hospital. Out of that EMS run we found a new Heart doctor who saved his life by doing an Echocardiogram and heart monitor. Within a week he was told to start on a Beta Blocker and do nothing! He needed a Heart Cath to make sure that there were no main artery blockages (there were none) BUT due to the Virus it was 1 May before he had that procedure. We were also told that he needed to have an Aorta Valve Replacement! Talk about more stress… They can do that now through the groin which makes it less invasive. That was done on 2 June. Clay is fine, but we were also told that if he had not shot his hand, BAMC had not warned us about the Murmur, the Doctor had not been so aggressive on testing, he would have died. His valve was only 1/4″ open! God really put us through some trials and tribulations, but it was all to save Clay!

      More info than you wanted, but that is it in a nutshell. He was walking 33 minutes each morning 4 days after the procedure and is now a dedicated walker with me!

      Have a blessed day and always remember “things happen for a reason”


  4. So glad you are both getting back to the new normal. It’s so incredible what they can do now to fix the heart. I should try to Google to see what’s causing my problems with commenting on WordPress blogs. If I don’t sign in via Google or Facebook, I can’t comment.


  5. Believe the cross tracking (see above) in safari is the problem for me to post on a blogger post.
    We are halfway there – I get my eye surgery on the 10th and about 2 weeks recoup and hopefully our year starts 1 August 2020


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