A Thank You

Thank you to everyone again who has offered a prayer for Clay during the last 5 months.  I apologize for not responding to comments lately.  That will change from now on.

Clay came out of the procedure with anesthesia psychosis which was very scary for me and him.  It lasted over 30 hours.  He went 48 hours with no sleep (wired and hallucinating).  I made it with 30 hours of no sleep before I gave up and came home and slept 3 hours on Wednesday.  I went back to the hospital that afternoon and by then Clay was 100% better.  I do wish the Nurses would have told us that what he was experiencing was from the anesthesia but they did not – only when we left did the hospital doctor tell Clay that was what had happened.  It would have been the decent thing to do and helped us understand.

Clay never had a problem with the heart valve replacement, his vital signs were back to normal with 8 hours of the procedure!  He is a tough guy for his age and that wonderful immune system of his really helped.

We were grateful that they let me stay with him in the CVICU both nights.  The Doctor would not release him until the anesthesia had worn off.  By Wednesday afternoon he was my Clay again and he was released on Thursday morning.  By Saturday we had recouped some of the lost sleep and have been back to our little routine of life.

Friday I get to go see my eye surgeon and am so ready to get the eyelids fixed from Cataract surgery.  The next 2 months will have some doctor appoints (mostly mine that I had to put off).

Today I am trying to work on my Mary Brown blocks and get back to my quilting.  But I have a feeling that it will take me a bit to get over what we have been through.  With my personality I expect to bounce back at 100% quickly, but guess I will have some good days and bad days as the stress level is reduced.  Clay always does better than me in situations like this and probably due to his years as a Lt in the SA Fire Department.  The Government only made me more nuts!  LOL!

I am so grateful to both heart doctors who cared for Clay.  Dr Palomino saved his life with his aggressive testing of Clay’s heart and Dr Alverez gave him a new Aorta Valve!  Together they saved his life and we will be ever grateful.

We are through the rough times and trying to get back to normal life which is getting up each day and spending the day in the Studio.  My goals are to get a good nights sleep, walk in the morning, and today the third goal is to start quilting again!

Have a great week and down here in the South we have already hit over 100 degrees.  I will say that I really have to push myself to want to do that early morning walk when it is 75+ degrees and 90+ humidity.  But it is worth it because it clears my mind and I have a better day from doing it!

I promise the next post will only be on QUILTING!!!!!


16 Replies to “A Thank You”

  1. Oh, they should have explained to you! My dad had both knees done decades ago, and for at least 12 hours afterward, he saw ants and spiders climbing the walls around him. It’s very scary, because it seems so real. I’m sorry no one mentioned that – maybe if you are giving feedback, they should know that. It sounds like, overall, Clay did great, and things are so much better! I hope for a perfect resolution for your eye problems, too. Looking forward to seeing your Mary Brown progress.

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    1. Thank you Susan, we did call the Anesthesiologist yesterday and had a long talk with him on the cocktail that he gave Clay. Powerful! He had some of that with Morphine when he had neck surgery, but nothing like this. The young nurse told me during the night that she was glad that I was there so I could confirm to the Doctor what was going on….. still no one said what caused it. We made it through all the mess and that is good.

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  2. My! 48 hrs without sleep that is stressful! Good to hear that things are looking up. Thanks for the post,was wondering how things were going.


  3. So glad you have that terrifying experience behind you!! They really should have told you what was going on…would have at least helped you!! Keeping up the prayers for you both!!


  4. Things are settling down for you at last! Tomorrow make sure you put in just a minute of stitching and before you know it, you’ll be playing with fabric by the hour!


  5. Each day a stitch more and like Kathy said, you’ll be playing with fabric by the hour. I remember those 100 t degree days from living in the desert and those 5/6 am walks were the only way …. thank you for the update, that anesthesia can really play havoc – sorry you had to go through that – but its over – thankfully 🙂


  6. That’s total scary to have that happen and not know what was going on. Glad you are home and back in a good routine. Not to put a damper on your return to normal, but pay really close attention to the healing incisions over the next couple of months. If one feels puffy or really warm or looks red, especially if Clay has a fever, call the doctor. One of My Guys incisions wasn’t closed properly and it got infected two months after the vale repair, he ended up back in the hospital for 3 days so they could treat the infection and do some special wound care for him.


    1. One thing Clay does has is a fantastic immune system! He is already healed – did that in 7 days. He is doing fine – walking every morning at 6 with me – walks at a great pace for 30 minutes. Doing more things so he is not just sitting. Working on therapy for the hand! No yard work yet!


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