Celebrating Mary Brown for May

Her is Jan’s block for May.

Here is the bottom right section of mine – I did finish the Pineapple this month – 3 more and I will have 16 blocks done – more later in the month – maybe!

Tomorrow is Clay’s TAVR procedure.  Sharon sent us this sweet picture to give us peace!  Have a blessed week and until next time!

Thank you Sharon for caring!



4 Replies to “Celebrating Mary Brown for May”

  1. I have been praying that you both have peaceful rest this week and a lovely drive in tomorrow. Asking the Lord to guide your medical staff tomorrow and a great outcome. Pack yourself something to work on, and a book you love.😊 If you don’t touch it, no worries, but it might be just the ticket during part of the wait. (I embroidered an entire set of pillowcases when my mom had open heart surgery! I didn’t think I would want to, but it was just what I needed)

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  2. Oh, beautiful block. The circles are so smooth and well divided. Hope all goes well tomorrow. Wonderful pineapple, and the basket is going to great, too. I like the brown print for it.


  3. Your blocks are both beautiful. I’ve been thinking of you and Clay and you’ll both be in my prayers tomorrow. Sleep well!


  4. Jaan’s block is lovely, so is your applique. I’m hoping your life calms down enough that you can enjoy your applique again. Praying for a great outcome of the surgery!


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