Post Number 400!!!!

I would have never in my Blogging life thought that Number 400 would NOT be about quilting!

Excellent Stress relief going on here!  Clay will have his Transcather Aorta Valve Replacement (TAVR) procedure one week from today!  2 Jun at 7 AM.   We have to be at the hospital at 5:00AM – I am wondering how it will feel to set the alarm for 2:30….. LOL…. Guess we will find out.   We are about 50 miles from the hospital so it means a target leave time of 3:45!

We will begin life again on 3 June as he should be released to come home.  It was rather funny when we saw the Thorasic Surgeon (the guy who cuts your chest to fix the valve) when he told Clay – “you are healthy and it is your choice” – well that was a no brainer for us!   TAVR – that is the procedure where they go through the groin to replace the Valve – similar to stint a blockage!  We have a wonderful doctor and Clay will be fine – not sure if they will let me see him after his procedure.  Sleeping in the car is the other option!

Today we are going to BAMC this morning for his last therapy at BAMC.  He has decided to not go the remainder of the week.  So if all goes well we have 5 days of relaxation before he has to go on Monday for Pre-Op and then Tuesday is FIX THE VALVE DAY!

We are not stress free, but to have received a date last Thursday was a HUGE stress relief.  We went through 5 months of personal health stress PLUS the delays from the Chinese Virus!   Life is getting better.

Have a great week – Texas is open and we will be glad to see the remaining states open up!  I have kept my mouth shut on this subject, so here are my only thoughts about this Virus.

This country needs to be OPEN for business not closed.  Now it is up to all businesses to keep their facilities clean (which they quit doing) AND the responsibility of all Americans to wear masks, keep hands clean and off your face!  My personal opinion is that Americans were forced to close the Country too long by Doctors who based their decisions and guidance on ‘pie in the sky’ data!  We must be responsible for our own health and hygiene and businesses to CLEAN THEIR FACILITIES!    Governors who continue to arrest people who want to open their business and acting like Dictators taking away freedoms will have to face Election Day!  I hope the people of their states realize that their Leaders want to control them for political reasons!   Personally I am tired of paying for States that did not prepare for a situation like this!  Remember this when voting in November!  It just did not have to be this way!

My sister had polio in 1952 and I did not get it.  They tried all the things that are going on now especially “social distancing” and it did not work!  The virus was in the water (dirty swimming pools).  Check this out 1952 Polio Epidemic in San Antonio Texas

PROOF of what works – Clay and I went through all we did and never got sick – but we used masks, sanitizer, washed our hands often, kept our hands off our faces, changed clothes after being in a doctor’s office/hospital, and stayed out of the grocery store (curbside).  We took responsibility!   I understand that it is different when families have elderly parents and young children.  But it is possible to not catch the flu or the virus.  Businesses and Americans must take personal responsibility to rid the country of horrible flu seasons and viruses brought in from other countries.   KAGA2020 AND MAGA 2020!  GO TRUMP!

Stay healthy and hope you come back again!

14 Replies to “Post Number 400!!!!”

  1. Glad that things are getting started with Clay appts. I agree with you on keeping things clean and following the rules. Cancer and the flu has taken more lives then the virus. People need to keep their brains/head up where it belongs.


  2. Nanette ~ You and Clay are in my thoughts and prayers. I am happy you and Clay will have that short down time to reflect, relax and prepare for your big long awaited day … hugs


  3. Hi Nanette! Wonderful news about the surgery and I’ll bet you won’t have much traffic heading to the hospital at that hour. I hope all goes well and the healing begins. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  4. Hi, Nanette! I know you are anxious to get this procedure done. I will be thinking of you next week. Be sure and keep us posted. (I sure hope you don’t have to sleep in the car.)


  5. Things are moving along good for you! I’ve slept out in a vehicle in a hospital parking lot so to be closer to my girl when they wouldn’t let me sleep inside near the NICU , wasn’t the nicest route but it worked! I keep y’all in my prayers.


  6. I know you and Clay are both ready to have this behind you. Glad to hear that therapy is now just on the home front, that is a big step forward too. Take care, rest up, and enjoy the easy drive in with no traffic next week! I’ll be praying!


  7. You hit the nail on the head. Totally agree with all of what you said. We have a tyrannical Gov. here in Washington. Soon to go into phase 2 and he is digging his heels in at that.
    Other than that we quilters keep piecing and quilting and keeping busy. Quorum guilds are closed, shops are curb side…who can shop with that?thsnk goodness for stashes. Have a good day. Prayers for Clays surgery too.


  8. Congratulations on your 400th post, Nanette! That’s quite a milestone. You and Clay will be in my prayers next week. It is no fun in the waiting room when your husband is in a long surgery, and it can’t possibly be better in your car — unless, of course, they have obnoxious televisions in the waiting rooms of your hospital. I finally turned the waiting room TV off when the receptionist wasn’t looking and hid the remote control in the magazine rack so I wouldn’t have to listen to the talking heads anymore… ;-). I’m just a troublemaker wherever I go.

    I’m not a Trump supporter, but I do agree with the gist of your assessment on the shutdown. Unemployment is now comparable to what it was during the worst of the Depression, and for all of FDR’s New Deal initiatives, the only thing that finally pulled America out of that depression was WWII. Meanwhile, this is not the Bubonic Plague. I know one person whose 92-year-old mother has COVID-19 right now, a few people who remember being sick in late Jan/early Feb who think they MAY have had it, and that’s it. The bodies are not piling up in our neighborhoods like the Plague. I worry that a lot of these businesses will be permanently closed and a lot of people’s jobs will be gone for good. And I worry that it’s all well and good for wealthy and upper middle class people to have a staycation, work from home, and complain that they can’t get their hair cut if they have a financial cushion and they can still put food on the table. But unemployment is hitting poor Americans the hardest, people who work in the service industry who are paid low wages to begin with and who do not have the savings reserves to go for months without pay. One hospital in California has reported more suicides in the last 6 weeks of the shutdown than in all of 2019. Is all of this human suffering really going to be worth it when historians look back on this 20 years from now? I suppose the experts could say that it would have been so much worse if they HADN’T closed the country, and it’s so hard to say in the thick of things what’s really going on — especially with our country so polarized right now.

    So, prayers for a smooth, successful surgery for Clay, and prayers for our country and for our leaders!


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