A Light at the end of the Tunnel!

Greeting from South Texas where we are in a nice rain pattern that comes and goes.  It would be great if our summer continues on like this, but probably will be in the 100’s this summer.

Last week we were referred to the Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TVAR) Doctor in San Antonio.  TVAR is the technique where they go through the arteries to replace the Aortic Valve.  We had a phone meeting with the Nurse on Friday which was enlightening.  We were told about the process and the recovery time.  It is unbelievable that they can go through the groin with a catheter and go into the old Aorta Valve with a stint replacement using a pig/cow valve!

On Tuesday afternoon we visited with the Surgeon – Dr Jorge A. Alverez!   God gave us Major Wilson (BAMC) to take care of Clay’s hand, advise us about the Heart Murmur, and now Dr Alverez!  What a sweet, compassionate, and talented doctor he is.  Right away we felt like we were with a friend – not a stuff shirt doctor with zippo for personality.  He put us at ease immediately, thanked Clay for his service as a Firefighter, and advised that the time to prepare Clay for the procedure takes longer than the actual Valve replacement!  I picked another winner for Clay! At the end of the session with all questions answered, I got the greatest hug from him and he told me to relax now.  What a gift!  I will also be able to be with Clay in the ICU, etc as they are beginning to relax some of the Chinese Virus rules.  I was planning on sleeping in the Town Car due to the idiots telling me I could not even stay in the waiting room all night.  I do not plan on leaving my Clay in the hospital without me being close!  WON’T HAPPEN.

After the visit, Clay had a CT Scan which provides the doctor with a roadmap of Clay’s arteries.  Medical technology has come such a long way – great to be in this position at a time when these type of techniques are available to us.  Less invasive than open heart surgery.

Clay has passed all the criteria with flying colors so he is a candidate for this technique rather than open heart surgery.  We are just so blessed and Clay is so blessed with a great immune system.

Tuesday (next week) we will visit with a Cardiac Thoracic Surgeon (open heart surgeon).  The FDA protocol for doing a TVAR requires this visit.  Then there are a 6 doctor committee (3 TVAR and 3 thoracic Surgeons) meet to discuss the different patients and come to a consensus that Clay will be a TVAR candidate – Now you know more than you wanted to know about what happens if you experience someone that has a requirement to have an Aorta Heart Valve replaced.  Dr Alverez already advised us that it will be TVAR!

The best of the best news is that surgery will be the week of 25 May!  Clay is relieved and I am but now my mind and body are really feeling all the stress from the last (almost) 5 months.  The end of our journey is near and we know that Clay will do well.  I just need to hold it together another 3 weeks!  Then I may be able to really relax!

I keep telling him that when this is over and my eye lids are corrected that we need to purchase a nice used Minnie Winnie and go traveling in our own bed again – no more hotels!  I hope that this dream can come true for us.  We have both had such a rough 5 months.

I am not asking for a pity party, because we are truly blessed, but today I am having my own little pity party today and praying that tomorrow will be better!

I miss my quilting and Clay misses his ability to get outside and do some work that he wants to do, along with his other hobbies.  I guess for 75 and 76 year olds, we have held up well, but I will tell you for both of us it has been difficult.  I am so glad that we have stayed so active in the 20 years of retirement – looks like it is paying off.

I do hope that all of you are healthy and well and looking forward to our Country to completely open up again.


11 Replies to “A Light at the end of the Tunnel!”

  1. You are so sweet. You can’t even complain without it sounding hopeful. I don’t know what a Minnie Winnie is but it sounds like fun. What a blessing to have a great doctor.


  2. Hi Nanette! Hang on . . . you can see the end of that longggggg tunnel. I suspect that had you two not been so active, etc. for the last 20 years the ending of this story would be gravely different. You are both models of inspiration! {{Hugs}} a bunch. Staring in June you have seven months to make 2020 and then 2021 to hold all the plans you had hoped for. You’ll do it!! ~smile~ Roseanne


  3. I am so glad I opened up my blog reader program and saw your blog post Nanette! Congrats on the good news and I am keeping y’all in my prayers that all will go according to the plans you have laid out! Clay is in good health otherwise and healed well from the hand injury…
    I am back to hand quilting… I hope there is a time in the future when you can get back to some creative endeavors using your hand and brain 🙂 Take care! Kathi

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  4. That is wonderful news. You get that RV of some kind and you go travel! I fully endorse that plan and think about doing it again myself sometime. Not as much fun, I’m sure, but I’m in need of a long period of privacy!


  5. It’s OK to have a pity party, yours never last long! Now go have a lovely soak in the bath tub or have a cup of tea, something that is good for your body and soul! Get that last appt. finished so they can make it official, and we will pray that the surgery stays on schedule and for all involved. God’s hand is so evident, what an encouragement!


  6. Will keep you and Clay in my prayers. Glad they have scheduled him, and you guys can move on! Hope you are feeling better.


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