And the Blessings Keep on Coming!

Great Saturday morning to all!  Clay came through the Heart Cath with only ONE artery 50% blocked!!!! Clay had to lay down on his back for 6 hours (of which he hated) and I sat in the waiting room from 6AM until 3:30PM.  But it was worth it.  I brought my guy back home with me!

The Doctor and his team decided to not put a stint in the artery yesterday as the next step is to see if Clay will qualify to have his Aorta Valve replacement done by TVAR procedure rather than by open heart surgery.  They go through the groin to replace the Aorta Valve – Isn’t Technology and Medicine wonderful?

When Dr Palomino came to talk with me after the procedure, I saw happiness in his blue eyes (remember he was wearing a mask)!  He was probably shocked when he found that only one artery was 50% blocked, as he just knew that Clay had more blockages.  We were both happy!  It was the first time since meeting with him that he had those blue eyes smiling!  I just know that doctors feel our pain and really share our joys!

The Doctor who will do the stint (not sure when) was a great Doctor also.  He told me that Dr Palomino had saved Clay’s life.  I agreed with that and the fact that Major Wilson and his team at BAMC really drove it home to us that Clay’s heart Murmur was a potential problem.  The very very mild indicator that he had on 19 Feb with another ride in the meat wagon to ER was probably going to be the last warning if we had not switched heart doctors.  AGAIN, if he had not shot himself accidentally in the hand on New Years Eve, I would be sitting here all alone in the world without a husband.

I am such a firm believer now with the saying “everything happens for a reason” and consider all things now blessings.

I feel so relieved.  Next step will be to go through the evaluation protocol for TVAR with Dr Palomino’s partners and then hopefully by the end of May all is done and Clay is on his way to living again!  I know he will feel 100% better!  His hand is progressing very well, he is working every day doing therapy trying to get the scar tissue to release the repaired tendons.  The Doctors have said it takes about a year to be able to have the hand working well, but I bet he beats that record!

I am now ready to do some sewing for OMG.  Maybe some hand work also.  Think I am almost finished with the 4th leaf block.  On to the other 4 of the bottom corners for Mary Brown.

Have a great day!


24 Replies to “And the Blessings Keep on Coming!”

  1. This is such wonderful news! I am so happy for you. I know sometimes we only see the blessings in retrospect, and the shooting was definitely one of those times, but how well it’s all worked out. And now you can sew again!


    1. Hoping to by July, but you know what? I have shifted my annual check ups for me all through July plus the eye surgery – Happy Dancing – Maybe September life will be as it was. He was very blessed – me also


  2. Oh this is fabulous! I was thinking of you guys on the 1st, wishing I had your number to text you some encouragement, but praying doesn’t require the ability to text. God is good!🎉💐👏🏻


  3. Hi Nanette! Thanks for checking in with us and giving us the fabulous news. WOWEE! That is really beyond fab. I sure hope the replacement surgery can be the less invasive type. Prayers and good vibes coming your way for both of you. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. TVAR is done through the groin – They basically put a new valve in through the arteries! Amazing technology. Along with how well his hand is doing (still has long way to go with therapy) but the hand looks quite normal but having issues moving the ring and little fingers. I takes about a year – he is 1/2 way through that! Where is 2021???? LOL


    1. thank you Jocelyn. Yes – we are heading downhill now – counting the days! He is so ready to quit sitting around all the time. The therapy he does on his hand is keeping him occupied until they replace the valve – thank God it will not be open heart surgery! Hugs


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