April Blessings and OMIGOSH

Greetings from South Texas!  It appears that I have lost my desire to work on quilts since Clay’s accident on  New Years Eve.  I do understand that this is only a bump in the road and things will return to normal later in the year!   My focus has been 100% on Clay and getting him back to where he will feel better and his hand will be working much better!   He has always supported me when I went through surgeries and health issues, so I do not mind taking a break from quilting in fact, I am learning how to day each day as it comes – Good or Bad!  I began helping him with his therapy yesterday  – we work on his hand every 2 hours and our goal is to do it 4 to 5 times a day.  Since yesterday, his wrist seems to be doing a little better as far as movement.  YEA! A Blessing.

Blessing 2 – I found a great person to take over the yard work!  He and his wife came by last week to give me an estimate and he ended up taking the time to mow the grass in the yard (not the outside acreage since the ‘weeds’ were not high enough!   I was overcome with relief!  I also found a great company to come and exterminate at a later date.

Blessing 3 – I was able to obtain enough chicken to cover me for the entire month and all other essentials and food that we needed.  It took me 3 weeks to get all the groceries that I usually buy at one time at the first of each month.  I ordered from Walmart, who delivers to the house, and went to the local store and pick it up at Curbside.  I had to wait 9 days to get the first order – unbelievable!

Blessing 4 – 7 inches of RAIN in the last week!!!  YEA

But enough of this boring stuff!  Now having said all I have to say about life, here is what I have accomplished in a month – A MONTH!  Would you call this a record for me?  LOL

These are 2 blocks for OMIGOSH!  I am using reproduction fabrics from Barbara Brackman’s Lady In Red an Richmond Reds.  To make a ‘block’ it takes 2 each 5 inch (unfinished) 9 patches and 2 shoofly blocks.

Monday morning I woke up with a creative idea as what to do with old bath towels that we usually lay at the doorway to clean our shoes whenever we get rain!

This is what I started with (old towel)

I had a total of 4 towels to retrofit to inside door mats that do not slip or slide!

Well, this is all I have for the month so far!  I am now relaxing and just enjoying life with no issues at this time.  With all the madness in the world, we are at peace.


17 Replies to “April Blessings and OMIGOSH”

  1. “I am now relaxing and just enjoying life with no issues at this time. With all the madness in the world, we are at peace.”

    Wow, Nanette! Beautiful words! 🙂


  2. I think you have found your happy place for this particular stage in your life. Your list of blessings are exactly that, and those quilt blocks are lovely. Give each other a hug for me! Glad to hear about Clay’s progress!


  3. Thank you Kathy. We cannot change anything. But we should realize that God is holding us up at this time. We have to give up the control at this time but you and I both know that is very difficult for we Humans. Hugs.


  4. Thanks for the timely reminder to look for and rejoice in our blessings, even and especially “at a time like this.” I’m so glad that your Clay continues to heal, and that you are allowing your creative projects to serve YOUR needs right now rather than feeling as though you need to be working harder to serve your projects. Those fussy-cut shoo-fly centers are such a nice detail, and the blocks look great all together. Not sure what you did with that towel, though. Did you just cut it down and maybe serge the edges so you can lay it over an existing nonslip carpeted floor mat, or did you somehow sew the towel to the mat? Inquiring minds (who have muddy puppy paw prints on her floor) are dying to learn more about this! :-).


    1. Thank you Rebecca! Some blessings (trials and tribulations) we do not want but boy when the good ones come – YEA!
      I cut off the borders where they were pulling together and the towel would not lay flat and cut them off and then just turned the edges over about 1/4” and sewed a seam (do not have a serger any more) I do not know why I did not think of that before but it is a good use for towels that do that flaring.

      I do believe it was a mistake to put his procedure off since San Antonio only has about 500 cases and we have about 10 hospitals – it was a mistake…..But what will be will be.

      Hugs and have a great day!


  5. Such blessings are never “boring” … Wishing you and yours Easter Blessings during this difficult time. Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. 🙂


    1. Have a blessed Easter this year and stay healthy! Glad you enjoyed reading my post about my blessings. Hopefully by May we will be through the next hill and on the down hill slide to normalcy! Hugs


  6. Hi Nanette! I can’t think of two people more deserving of all the blessings that come your way. It sounds like the therapy you and Clay are doing for his hand is really working. He will reap those benefits the rest of his life. {{Hugs}} Yay to finding people to support you with the yard work, etc. It is a huge blessing and relief to have someone you can depend on. Quilting would be really low on my list, as well. You’re new door mats looks perfect. Good job. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Hey Roseanne! How in the heck are you doing? I am coming out of the funk and am doing hand work. Through with the anxiety of not having food and essentials! Settling in for the next 3 weeks as we think May will be the month for Clay’s surgery procedures. Maybe by June life will begin for 2020 for us other than healing.

      I am looking forward with high hopes for Easter Sunday and for all to be able to return to work.

      Maybe now I will be able to read blog posts! Hugs and stay healthy!


  7. Positive update from a loving person!❤️ like the idea on using up old towels,one would be handy to had just to wipe off the dogs feet when she comes !


    1. Why thank you Deb. They are so much nicer than having the ends flaring and easier to handle.
      Have a wonderful Good Friday and a Happy Easter in this time of trials and tribulations! We will all come out of this mess healthier! Hugs

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  8. Hi Nanette,
    It sounds like you are spending your time wisely; Clay must be very grateful for your devotion to his welfare…all that therapy will pay off.
    I must say how much I love those two blocks together and those reds are splendid.
    You two stay safe in these very unusual times.


    1. I am trying to – lesson learned this year – make not plans and take each day as it comes!
      I am working on Mary Brown now – trying to catch up before they allow Clay’s heart surgery to go forward. When that time comes, all will stop again and I will become the caretaker with no sewing time. I am hoping that this will all happen within the next 2 weeks and we can get going on this and start our 2020 in June! Have a great day!


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