Life’s Little Things

Greetings all who take the time to follow me!

How about some good news – Clay is doing very well with his home therapy on his hand.  He is dedicated and does all that is required.

Here is some bad news – Last Wednesday we had another ER run to the Emergency at the hospital – Clay had some symptoms that we thought could be his heart!   We did not have to stay as the issue calmed down, and were referred to a Cardiologist and had an appointment this last Monday.

We also discussed the episode with our BAMC Orthopedic doctor who advised Clay that this could have been a side effect of the block on his arm on the surgery on 13 Feb.

Good news for Clay –  we have the most wonderful new Cardiologist now and tomorrow Clay will get an updated Echo Cardiogram and will wear a heart monitor for 2 weeks.  He is a wonderful doctor and we are so blessed to have him.  We will see him on 24 March for a follow up. Clay is doing fine just needs to move around more and I have to quit feeding him so good!  LOL

Good news for Nanette – I have found a surgeon who will do the repair to the loose skin on my eyelids.  Found him on the internet and he is a full time Military guy and works 2 days a week with a well known Eye Group and specializes in this type of surgery.  YEA

Bad news for Nanette –  I thought that I had cataract regeneration cells on my right eye as my vision was becoming cloudy!   Today I saw my wonderful Dr Young whom I love dearly.  She did the cataract surgery but does not do the eye lid surgery.  I do not have cataract regeneration cells in the right eye – it is a swollen Retina!  Lovely – I will be on Steroid drops for 2 weeks, go back for a checkup and will be on them until the swelling has gone down.  Cannot tell me how long it will take, but I know there will be NO quilting or hand work for a longer period of time.  My left eye is tired as it has been taking over for the right eye so I have to rest it!  BUMMER

So will be the last post for awhile!  I can not tell all how much I miss my quilting life, but I have to accept the fact now that it is so far on the back burner that it might be another month!  So in case you missed me – I am here in the Cook Hospital Ward in South Texas for people who are getting all the health issues finished with together!

BOTTOM LINE!  Not a lot of time on the computer and for those who follow me and whom I follow I will be quietly reading but not commenting – keep on quilting and having a wonderful week.  We, of course are working on our Social Calendar which is full of nothing but doctor appointments!

Stay safe and well!




24 Replies to “Life’s Little Things”

  1. So glad you both found great doctors, but the news is less than stellar. Praying these medical issues get settled quickly and easily. You will be missed, but we’ll all wait for you until you are able to come back to quilting and posting.


  2. Thank you for the update. Nothing worse for a quilter/crafter ‘eye problems’ But most important ~ take the time and heal! The way time flies it will seem like a blink and you’ll be back. Hugs ❤ Sharon


  3. Hi Nanette! {{Hugs}} I am sorry for the bad news but so glad you found someone you like to do the eyelid surgery. Rest your eyes . . . follow what the doctors say to do just like your hubby does . . . and come back all the better for it. ~smile~ Roseanne


  4. Wow. Sorry about all the medical issues but it sounds like you have some wonderful doctors available to you both. Hope you are both able to relax and heal quickly.


    1. I go with my gut feeling when I see a new Doctor. After going to one on the 20th for my eyes I should have walked out the door and never looked back, but the exam did start the brain thinking I had a problem and went to my Dr Young! She is wonderful

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  5. Oh dear, us stitchers and our eyes and hands. I know my eyes have been feeling sore lately and a checkup is overdue. I guess rest is very important so you must do that…in the meantime, time for you and exploring other hobbies maybe…audiobooks.
    Thankfully, you both have found the right doctors and it sounds like a whole lot of healing is happening under your roof! Take care.


    1. I wish someone were living closer – LOL – I did enough that we can wait for another month when we feel Clay will be back on his Fastrac blowing leaves and finishing up the winter work – with no rain, probably no grass anytime soon. Hugs – Love your ironing board set up – you will enjoy!


  6. It seems all the medical stuff happens at once. Glad that Clay’s hand is getting better. Fingers crossed they can get a quick handle on any heart issues. So sorry about the problems with your eye. Get lots of rest. Hopefully it won’t take as long as the doctor thinks. Take care.


    1. Yup – it always seems to. We have not stopped since the beginning of Cataract surgeries in Sep/Oct! Maybe in June we can start our 2020 with our normal life! Clay’s hand is progressing so well – Looks better each day! Trying not to do a lot on the computer and reading!


    2. They did the Echo cardiogram Thursday and put the monitor on his chest for 2 weeks – which has caused us to adjust the bath issue – cannot get the chest wet for 2 weeks – we are counting down – down to 10 days after today – LOL


  7. Take care of both of your health. I pray for your family to be blessed with good health. I would be missing your quilting projects. I started my quilting journey with your projects. Glad that you have met the best doctors for your treatments. Will eagerly wait for more of your posts on quilting.


    1. check out my post today – Success!

      Nanette Chopin Cook
      Check out my Blog –

      If you focus on your inadequacies, you will be plagued by fear, doubt, and failure, but when you focus on your strengths, you will find courage, confidence, and success. Make no mistake between my personality and my attitude … my personality is who I am, and my attitude depends on how you treat me.


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