HQAL? Slow Sunday Stitching = ZIPPO

This was not the week for quilting!  Won’t bore anyone with details of having no life.  Clay is now in a splint that is removable and he is in therapy.  All can be done at home and he has improved with moving the hand after 7 weeks in casts.  The recovery really does start now the doctor performed a miracle with his hand and Clay will do all he can to make the hand work like it used to.

I have nothing to show this month for HQAL nor Slow Sunday!  Now I have problems with my right eye.  I kept thinking that the glasses were dirty – WRONG,  I think that the cataract cells that were not totally removed are now giving me cloudy vision in that eye!  They can zap them with a Laser beam!   Hoping to get into the Doctors this week.

Wonder when life will finally get back to normal.  Hopefully I an find a surgeon I trust to do the surgery on my eye lids.  So far that has not happened 2 down many to find.

Have a great week.  Please check out the other ladies who participate in HQAL!

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

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16 Replies to “HQAL? Slow Sunday Stitching = ZIPPO”

  1. oh my … sorry to read about your eyes again giving you trouble. Hoping you’ll get in to the Dr too this week and get some peace of mind back. Happy to read about Clay and the progress he is making. That in itself must be a huge relief … hugs back to you!


  2. So glad Clay is making such good progress. Quilters with eye problems…really stops progress on just about everything! I hope you can get in to see your doctor quickly and get it sorted.


    1. Thank you so much! He has been out of the cast and now in a splint and doing therapy each day! So much improvement in 5 days! ME – Now I realized that the cataract cells have regenerated in the right eye and going in tomorrow to get them zapped! Life goes on!!!


    1. Well, forget the doctor for surgery for lid problem. I figured out Thursday at the other idiot eye doc that my right eye has cataract cells that have regenerated because everything is cloudy – Aren’t I just the luckiest person? Hugs


  3. I wish you were closer, we have a world class eye clinic here in Rapid! Glad to hear that Clay is progressing well. I do hope you are able to find the right doctor soon! XXOO


    1. Well, it was good I went to the idiot – I figured out the right eye has a problem with cataract cells regenerating. Now tomorrow I go in and my EXCELLENT eye doctor will zap them with a laser and maybe my site will get much better and at least I can see to read and appliqué.

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  4. Yeah, me, too. For totally different reasons. Good news on Clay’s progress, though. Keep looking for that doctor you trust.


    1. Clay is doing therapy at home on hand and it is going very well – he is so dedicated and determined! My right eye has cataract cell regeneration. Going in to my favorite doc to get them zapped tomorrow. Maybe that issue will resolve some of the problems – still need a surgeon.


  5. Clay is doing great on the therapy! Have cataract regeneration cells in the right eye – figured it out after seeing the idiot surgeon on Thursday – going to get them zapped tomorrow with my favorite eye doctor – love her! But she does not do the lid surgery! Hugs
    Remember I told you that I could not participate in you invitation -so glad I withdrew.


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