Slow Sunday Stitching and OMIGOSH AGAIN!

Happy Valentines (belated) to everyone.  Clay gave me Red Roses and I gave him two Vermont Teddy Bears that we both love.  We just love our President Trump and now we have the cutest Vermont Trump Teddy Bear!  The Koala Bear was just too cute to pass up!  The Roses are artificial and so pretty!  They will last a LONG time!

Now on to where I am in my quilting projects – Should I just say ZERO?  LOL.  I have progressed very little on Mary Brown but as always hoping to produce something this week.

On one of my post I believe I discussed the issues about me doing scrappy quilts!   OMIGOSH is extremely scrappy and I tried 2 different fabrics to make this quilt last month with no success.  I decided that I would just work on a couple of on-line BOMs until Clay was up and running again.  Well, that did not work out too well.

I made one block from one of the 4 selected BOMs and after spending the time and effort in doing that, the block has a problem, but I don’t anymore – it is called TRASH CAN FIX!  The block and the other projects I had printed out to work on are also visiting the TRASH CAN FIX!  I hope I have learned that I have plenty of beautiful patterns and do not need to participate in the on-line BOMs!  OMIGOSH is a quilt that I have been wanting to make for years!

After the TRASH CAN FIX, I decided to go back to OMIGOSH – especially when Gretchen posted her finished quilt.  She made a smaller version, but I love the way the 9 patches show the diagonal lines!  We were going to start this quilt together in January, but of course, I am behind.  My biggest problem was fabric selection.  When I first started my OMIGOSH you can see what I ended up with.  I really like the little top that I made and the 9 patches really did provide the effect I wanted.  For the 2nd fabric start, I selected some Jenny Beyer fabrics BUT that did not work out either.

Gretchen used a white background for her quilt which really allows her Shoofly Block fabrics to pop in this quilt.  When I saw her finished top I realized that I could use my original Reproduction Fabric selections but change the background to a Bella Solid beige background.  Yesterday I started working with them and I am very pleased with the first 9 patch block.  All blocks are 5″ unfinished and 4 1/2″ finished –  I really do enjoy working with the small blocks and the positive out of this story is that I have practiced enough that all blocks are coming out perfect!  YEA.

This is the first row of the Shoofly block and I really think that I will be happy now with this quilt.

This is the stack of fat quarters that I will use.  They are from Barbara Brackman’s Union Blues, Lady Albums, and Richmond Reds.  I do hope that this turns out like I want it to.  It will be “scrappy” but very controlled!

OMIGOSH is a quilt that I can pick up at anytime (with current time constraints) and not have to revisit the pattern to refresh the memory (what memory I have left these days)LOL.

UPDATE on Clay:  Clay had a highly successful reconstructive surgery on Thursday morning.  He is doing very well and his Orthopedic Doctor is very pleased that the Masquelet Technique** used in repairing his hand.  The gunshot had shattered almost an inch of the 5th medial bone in the middle below his little finger.  By the grace of God there was solid bone at the top and bottom of the bone remaining and Major Wilson was able to put a screw into the top portion of the bone and the bottom portion and grafted bone from the wrist in the middle!  Major Wilson was praying that this would be possible as he did not want to have to use pins. We are so indebted to BAMC and the Excellent Orthopedic Team that has been caring for Clay!  They have performed a miracle.

The Masquelet Technique**of repairing trauma incidents like this and those on the battlefield is absolutely amazing.   We go in for a checkup on Friday!  We are about half way through the toughest part in this process.  He most likely will be put in another cast in two weeks or so.  Right now he has a splint on his hand and will find out Friday about the next phase.

UPDATE:  I forgot to post about the neat Smart Cart that Clay also bought for me on Amazon.  I used it for the first time Thursday morning and talk about saving my back from carrying a snack, purse, and water – great little cart!  Love it! This time I had two Mophie’s (extended batteries for iPhones)stuck in the outside pocket – this way I would not run out of battery time if we had to stay overnight!  This little cart will get a lot of workouts in the future!


**Masquelet technique, which is the use of a temporary cement spacer in the first surgery followed by staged bone grafting in the second surgery and is a recent treatment strategy to manage a posttraumatic bone defect.  This procedure was developed by the French and used in combat injuries.

This week will be busy and probably very little time for the Studio but it is OK as after Friday I do believe things just MIGHT slow down and I can get into my quilting rhythm again.  Less stress means more quilting!

Nanette – have a wonderful week

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25 Replies to “Slow Sunday Stitching and OMIGOSH AGAIN!”

  1. Nanette, I’m so glad the technique seems to have worked so well for Clay!! Love your bears – the koala looks so squishy and cuddly!! Cool that they make President Trump bears as well! Your Smart Cart will definitely be easier to transport things in and save your arms and back. Have a wonderful week and get some sewing it!


  2. So glad that Clay’s surgery went well and that things are looking good with his hand. I’m also glad you found a solution that worked for you (trash bin). Have you put a sticky with the words – no on-line BOM or quilt alongs onto the computer yet? =)Good luck and happy sewing.


  3. Love the teddy bear, he has a Trump hair do for sure, Roses are pretty too. I think your blocks are lovely,and looking forward to seeing your top. Are you going to do a smaller version like Gretchen?


    1. Clay really liked the bears, especially Little Donald! LOL. I will probably do the regular size since Clay will be needing care for a couple of more months and this quilt is one that is just repetitious sewing of 2 blocks! Hugs.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. That bone procedure sounds miraculous! Regan got titanium in his ankle and leg. Still some screws, though! Staying in for a lifetime. Are you saying the double 9-patch is 4.5″ finished? I’ve struggled with the tiny bits to make a 4.5″ 16-patch, and I swear after the two blocks I have to do, this will NOT be happening in my house again. LOL I can’t imagine working with pieces as tiny as yours.


    1. Major Wilson is our hero. There will be letters going out in the next month or so for the entire team and I am sure a letter will be going to President Trump on how excellent BAMC is! Model hospital for civilian world also.

      Yup the block is 5” unfinished. The 9 patches are 2” unfinished! I am nutty anyway and love the challenge. Hugs


    1. It is a Smart Cart from Amazon! It is good enough for carrying things that we all tend to lug around! Miss hearing from you – hopefully after this week things will go slower! Full day of paperwork, but all is done so maybe Wednesday I can get some work done on OMIGOSH! Hugs


    1. I am definitely not a Bonnie Hunter scrappy girl, nor am I one that can do a mystery quilt, and now it is questionable on the on-line BOMs. Maybe next year! LOL. Better day today! All paperwork completed – YEA. Long day and very productive – just no sewing! Hugs

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  5. Will Clay have full use of his hand and fingers when all is over and healed? I do hope so.
    I like your stack of reproduction fabrics you plan on using. Barbara Brackman fabrics are always a hit with me.


  6. Yes. The little finger is fine it is the bone in the hand below the little finger. We will find out what is next tomorrow. The surgery last Thursday was a successful bone graft with a screw that’s will hold the partially shattered bone together rather than pins. Knowing Clay he will have full use but of course he will be having to really work at the therapy.

    Thx on the fabric. I broke down and ordered Charleston from Jo Morton from Hancocks of Paducah with a savings on tax, shipping, and a 10%. Off! Lucky me!

    Hugs, I really miss my quilting.


  7. So glad the surgery went well and that the new technique is allowing for a good repair. It’s amazing what they can do now. My Guy had surgery in October and rather than the full procedure they did a minimally invasive one, so rather then being off work for 8 to 10 weeks he was back in four weeks. Hope all continues to go smoothly and you can both start getting back into a more normal groove.


  8. He is now doing daily therapy on his hand – about 5 or 6 times a day. Now I have a problem with my right eye – blurred vision – guess some of those cataract cells came back. They hit them with Laser treatment – hopefully I can get in and see my doctor early this week as I cannot do much with hand work! Thx for commenting. Hugs


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