Another Week Gone Bye Bye!

When I do not get to spend time sewing or hand appliqueing I always feel like I did not accomplish a lot.  But you know that is a stupid statement.  We all accomplish a lot during each day in retirement.  It is just that sometimes we cannot do what we want to do when we want to do it. I hope this is not another lesson for me from God in patience!  LOL

Anyway, I am so thankful that I did get the iMAC set up and running when I did even if I did push too much and it bit me in the bottom on Thursday.  Friday we went to BAMC for Clay’s hand.  They took out the stitches and then put him in a full cast.  Friday evening Clay realized that there were some issues with the cast and Saturday we went back to BAMC (this time to the ER) for them to trim off some very very rough edges.  It only took 20 minutes for that to happen – OH but YES – it took a 5 and one half hours wait time!  Needless to say the only thing I accomplished was to vacuum and mop the floors before we decided to take care of the cast problems yesterday rather than Tuesday.  That would have made Clay have some bad issues with being able to move his thumb and 2 fingers that are not restricted!  Whew!  Glad that is over with – needless supper was at 8:30PM!

There is one good thing – we do not go back until 7 Feb to BAMC for pre-op checkup and then on the 13th Clay will have the reconstructive surgery.  There are 2 other appts at the end of January, but nothing big so we are both looking forward to settling in and relaxing before it starts over again!

Today has been a gift from God!  Peace and quiet, worked on the iMAC with Apple support who was the best Technical guy I had found in the last 4 months!  Great help!  I now have both email accounts loaded on all Apple products!  There was one thing we did that caused me some time I had not accounted for – duplicate emails from the 2nd account, but they are all gone now

We have been watching the games and enjoying relaxing!  Clay is doing fine – no pain – he is really a great one to care for!  He just handles things!  Maybe I need to take lessons from by guy!  (Never happen to this Hyper Type A!)

Have a wonderful week and enjoy stitching – I am hoping to have something about quilting to blog about this next week!




17 Replies to “Another Week Gone Bye Bye!”

  1. I’m so glad Clay is doing well, at least after the cast adjustments. 5.5 hours??? Oh my gosh. I think I’d have gone nuts waiting that long! Girl, you do not complain enough. LOL Our EDs are really fast here, but it’s a very competitive market with at least four separate hospital groups. We usually go to the one connected to the university, but I’ve taken one son to another one. They were both pretty decent wait times. I hope that’s the last time you have to be in the ED for a very long time! Maybe never would be good. LOL


    1. Oh we complained, but when using a military facility there is only so much one can do. Not sure why we had to wait except there was only one Orthopedic Doctor available, It was worth it to me because we did not have to wait and have Clay miserable and fight the real crowd on Tuesday! Hopefully we will have a few years of calm. Hugs


  2. Hi Nanette! So glad you got those rough spots filed down. Those would have definitely caused unnecessary irritation, especially having to wait the whole weekend. We watched and enjoyed the games, too – well, not the Packer loss but definitely the Chief win! Here’s to a good week for both of you. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. We wanted the Packers and the Chiefs to win also. Clay wanted to trim it but I did think it would be good for him to mess with it and have another problem. No more problems please! LOL
      Have a great week! In the Studio again! Yea

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  3. Thanks for the update on both you and Clay. Always glad to read when things are falling into place. Is the BAMC a veterans hospital? I can’t remember. The surgery date is coming up quickly. It will be a relief to get it done and this over with….here’s to a great week ahead for you both 🙂 Sharon


    1. BAMC is the premier military hospital on the same level as Walter Reed. It is in San Antonio. Things are settling into a better routine for me now. We were in the Studio most of the day and going back today and work on OMIGOSH! Clay is doing fine. Just praying that the next surgery goes well with putting a screw into the remaining bone rather than pins. The technique the doctor is using is called “Masquelet” procedure. Very interesting. Clay has a wonderful a great Doctor.


  4. Retirement is a double edge sword isn’t it. Some weeks the calendar is full and not what I want to do. Glad Clay’s cast got fixed and doing good. I keep a little hand work in a baggie in my purse for the VA visits or when we have to go someplace unplanned. Enjoy your days.


    1. Agree with you. He is doing so much better now that the cast is not rubbing on his thumb and fingers. I know that he would love for this to not have happened – but it did and we are dealing with it.. Hugs


  5. Poor Clay, that must have been miserable until they smoothed it out. I did a 7 day freebie with cbs so DH could see his Chiefs in the playoffs. We don’t have tv, so seeing a game is a treat, and I was able to surprise him! He is on a new med that we hope will finally get him back to 100%, but the two months cost $600😳. I have to call the company tomorrow and ask for a coupon; evidently they hand them out at will if you ask. Enjoy this week, praying that you have a BORING one!


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