Hello Ms MAC and Goodbye Ms PC!

Life is getting better these days Clay is doing great and  I am slowly getting things done that were put on hold.  One of the most important things I had to do was to set up my new iMAC before Windows would no long be supported.  Somehow I thought I had until the 20th of January to make the transition, but alas when I turned on my PC it was yesterday that Windows 7 support stopped!  Whew!  Talk about cutting it close!

So this morning I rushed to shut off the Internet on the Dell laptop and the 2 desktops before we had any problems with uninvited guests – like hackers or unwanted viruses on our network!

I started Monday with setting up the iMAC, backing up all documents for the last time, transferring them to the iMAC, switching 2 laptops, and now aI will be getting rid of the 2 each 10 year old desktops.

You ask about my quilting projects?  Well, they have been on hold until tomorrow or Saturday!  I had allowed 4 days this week Tomorrow will be downloading EQ8 and getting familiar with some of the software and settings.  I now am totally Apple and am 95% finished with the transition.  Here is my new work station!

There was one problem with the transition, I have 3 external hard drives that I use to continually back up my documents and pictures that are on the PC.  One of them was accidentally hit and fell on the floor – goodbye Seagate External Drive!  Thank God I had already transferred files to the iMAC, because later when we moved the PC that had all the files went belly up also (at least I think it did) !  I had another one that evidently had died also so I was left with the one that I backed up my MacBookPro laptop.  In the end, it all worked out great, if I lost any data or documents they were things I can do without!

Tomorrow will be short trip to HEB and playing with Ms MAC and Friday we will be going to BAMC for a checkup and probably a full cast will be put on his hand after they remove stitches and the temporary splint.

I am ‘planning’ on selecting fabrics for OMIGOSH if all goes well.  I am still leaning toward Reproductions.  But as we quilters know – we have the option to change our minds.

Have a great week and week-end!  Enjoy the Holiday on Monday if you are still working


20 Replies to “Hello Ms MAC and Goodbye Ms PC!”

  1. Yay! All Mac, all the time! I would love to have a new MacBook, but it isn’t in the budget. It looks like you have transferred everything just in time, and quickly. That’s a heck of a screen size, too! HEB! I haven’t thought of that store in ages. Not since I left Texas in 2010, probably. LOL


    1. I am pleased with now having all apple products. A little upset with Apple on the IOS 13 for the iPad and iPhone and Apple Watch, maybe someday they will get it fixed!
      It is a great computer and I will love it and it will be the last one I purchase.
      HEB has run all the competition (exception Costco, Whole Foods, and Walmart) but no other grocery chains are left in South Texas! Greedy HEB. Hugs


  2. So you are saying Windows98 is no longer supported?? That’s the operating system on my mom’s computer. I think my dad’s is Windows 7. The 98 never went online so it was never updated. I don’t remember the last time my dad’s computer was online. I’ll muddle through with my Windows 10, but I may need to look at a Mac when this laptop dies. Sure glad you didn’t lose anything! That’s the worst part of all digital photos and programs…they disappear when the computers die.


    1. They will only be support Windows 10. I am happy that I did this now. For the life of me I cannot figure out how one can move a computer from one place to another and the screen won’t stay on! Then the one that was in the house had a mouse that died and could not motivate the system. Think I will call Altex and ask them – we purchased them in 2011 when we were hit by a lightening strike. OH WELL. I know one thing, I am worn out! Eyes are really bothering me, but it will be awhile before I can get them fixed due to Clay’s situation! Life is just a bowl of cherries. Hugs


  3. That seems like a pretty speedy roll over for you! My laptop has Windows 7, but DH runs Unix. I won’t go to Windows 10, but not sure what I’ll do with this one. We have a secure server, and its only on when I’m using it. I’ll have to watch it carefully until I decide. Glad to hear that Clay is continuing to heal and that you are not over stressing so you can soon enjoy your studio time. 🙂


    1. Well, I just do not trust operating systems where the developer is not updating and supporting. This means if they experience a virus problem or a vulnerability problem with Windows 7 they will to put out a patch to protect users. The anti-virus software would not have protected us and I did not want my other devices impacted through our Network.. That would be a total wipe out!
      Today is a rest day the old people are tired! Hugs

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  4. I have a mac and know nothing about windows and what you have just experienced – thankfully all turned out well 🙂 including Clay and his on going healing! Great work station and loved the coo coo clock. I had that same clock years back, hmmm where did it end up? I always loved that clock 🙂 Here’s to getting back in the grove with some gorgeous quilting!


    1. I grew up on PC’s and only when in 2009 we bought our first ipads did I learn Apple! I love them and I think the iMAC is going to be so much more fun to do my updated EQ to EQ8 – Tomorrow will be computer day and I want to get back to the Studio and sew. Hugs


  5. Hubby just finished transitioning too Windows 10 for the same reason. I hear great things about Mac, but have never made the switch. The Omigosh pattern is on my hit list.


    1. I felt that it was finally time to jus be an Apple person, BUT I do have the 2015 Dell laptop up and running in the slide out under the MAC as a backup! So I am good to go! I had heard Windows 10 was not good – now I do not know if they were as heavy into computers as I am.
      Hugs Hope all is well!


  6. Hi Nanette! That is the kind of computer I use at work – same size, etc. I know you will love it. I hope the EQ8 install goes well. Have you used the software before? Enjoy the weekend – I hope the casting goes well for Clay. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Yes, I have EQ 5,6,7, and now will download EQ8 tomorrow. But it is getting time for us to go to the Studio – I want to start quilting again! Having issues with stupid sciatica on left leg and it has kept me from walking – need to get that settled down. Hugs


  7. After all the issues with Microsoft and updates you can’t control, My Guy has threatened to transition to a Mac. I hope at some point you’ll share if you like the change and any issues that pop up. Congrats on getting most of the transition of files and programs completed. It’s a pain setting up a new system.


  8. I have always loved Math and Logic and wanted to be a programmer, but went in a different direction for my career. I have been around them since 1966. Big advantage. At 75, I am still blessed with a good mind and have always kept up with the changes through the years.

    Have a great week! Hugs


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