HQAL and A Great Day!

Welcome to the old folks at home day!  Football games have been Number 1 here yesterday and today!  I love football (yes weird for a quilter) and will enjoy the remaining games.  I am already looking forward to the Olympics in June and then football in August.  This year I will be more in tune with the teams and players!  I think the Dallas Cowgirls are off my list if they do not learn how to play consistently!

Clay is doing great!  He has such a good attitude – and mine has improved 150%!  I do believe that the last half of this year will be our time!

I have been able to complete a couple of blocks for Mary Brown. I decided to do 16 blocks first – the 4 corners each have 4 blocks that are connected together with the vines for the flowers.  I have the left top section completed.


I have finished 3 blocks of the right corner now.  Today I will be working on the 2 Sunflower blocks and one more pineapple block for the bottom 2 corners!  If you look closely you might see where the pencil marking is for the vines that will be placed on the bird and leaf blocks!

I do not know what happened, but for some reason it took me almost an hour to get this picture (above) inserted in the post!   Somehow the picture was corrupted.

I wish all have a great week and lots of quilting in your week!  I am getting back to normal and it feels great!

Hugs and thanks to all who were praying and rooting for Clay to do well!


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22 Replies to “HQAL and A Great Day!”

  1. Glad the weekend has been a good one, Ned that Clay is doing so well! DH just came upstairs to tell me that the Chiefs are in the playoffs no if they do happen to get further he might like to watch! But I think they are playing your team!😳 Enjoy your football stitching, Nanette, looking forward to a first glimpse of those sunflowers!


  2. Great blocks! I’m so pleased that you are feeling better today. Are you saving the embroidery (presuming that’s what the vines are?) for when your eye is better? I always liked football. I haven’t watched much in recent years, not at all since I bought this house, actually, and that’s 7.5 years. I don’t get TV channels, just Roku. I could watch BYU football, but I just never have the TV on. I do miss watching the Olympics, though. I always loved watching everything from cross country skiing to water polo and whatever is in between at 2 am. LOL


    1. Thx Susan! The vines are applique. I want to get both corners done and then will probably trim and sew the groups of 4 together. I have not really decided on the fabric for the vine but it will be green! We are spoiled TV’s everywhere. I like to have noise going when I am sewing. I used to love to listen to music, but now I keep the TV going or listen to Rush or Bill! Have a great week – Hugs!


  3. So glad to read your feeling more yourself, upbeat and positive and it shows 🙂 no your work always radiates perfection. This is really gorgeous- the colors so subtle and soothing and that pineapple 🙂 Have a great week!


    1. Thank you Sharon – at least there is an answer for the problems with the swelling/drooping eyelids,. I can always tape them so I can see better I guess – LOL. But it is good to feel me again. We are so encouraged about the progress the surgeon made with Clay’s hand! Hugs


  4. Hi Nanette! I adore football! The Chief’s game – holy moly it was exciting. And, well, need I say more about the Wisconsin team who won?!?! Yippee and Go Packers. I totally agree about the Olympics and then August . . . but I’m still happy this season isn’t over yet. {{Hugs}} for you both. I can just feel the happiness in your post. I’m so glad you’re back. ~smile~ Roseanne


  5. Glad Clay is well and you are upbeat.. love the blocks you shared too… your applique is amazing Nanette… if we could only get together so you could teach me!!!!
    Have a great week… sorry your Texans lost… maybe you can find someone to root for in the superbowl this year though!


  6. Your applique work is beautiful; I particularly like the pineapple (I have a thing for pineapples)! I love, love, love football. College and NFL, though we watch more college because that’s my husband’s favorite. Looking forward to tonight’s championship game between LSU and Clemson! And wow — some great games (and a spectacular upset by the Titans) this weekend! 🙂


    1. Thank you so much. I changed the pattern for the pineapple so mine will be different. We watched the LSU game and when the team went to the White House Friday! Glad the Chief’s won wishing Green Bay would win – we are a little behind the game, but with 10 minutes left and 34 to 13 to looking good! Oh well! Hugs!


  7. You are moving along on Mary Brown. It is looking very good.
    I am glad to hear that Clay is doing good. I know you had quite a scare. Things have to look up from this point on. Wishing you a wonderful and peaceful year to come and lots of stitching being done.


    1. Thank you Karen. Clay is doing well, I am worn out and hoping to hold it together for the next 4 months. Hoping that your year is going well. This week should be more conducive to piecing and hand work! (Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone or it will not happen!). LOL


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