Good News and Ptosis!

Greetings from South Texas where at our house we are thinking of buying a table with a large umbrella and 2 chase lounge chairs and enjoy having our own sandy beach!  YUP – no rain here!

Yesterday we had an appointment at BAMC for a check up on Clay’s hand.  Talk about relief for me and Clay!  The Doctor (military) has done a miracle with his hand.  How he ever put things back together is amazing.  Clay heals well so all looks great!  He is scheduled for his Reconstruction surgery on 13 February.  Next week he will have stitches removed from his finger and then he will have a cast on his hand until the surgery.

Prognosis is fairly good that the little finger will be OK, with a ‘wait and see’ on mobility, etc.  But knowing Clay – it will all work out in the end!  He is such a trooper!

As most know, we had concurrent Cataract surgeries in September and October.  Clay did great – ME, well we know how that damn black cat always follows me around, I have Ptosis (pronounced Totis).  It happens sometimes with this type of surgery and can be hereditary – THANK YOU SMITH-HARRISON LINE!

Ptosis can be caused by Cataract surgery (whoopee) or genetic (another whoopee), so I really have a problem now, and have been referred to a Plastic Surgeon for corrective surgery.  I also have issues with the bottom eyelashes growing inward which aggregate my right eye and have to go back to the Eye Doctor whenever that happens (which is about once a month).  Apparently the surgeon will zap the folicals with a laser  and permanently cease that issue!  I was just so damn happy yesterday afternoon when I realized that I now have another ‘minor’ surgery ahead which will resolve this issue!  Doesn’t this just sound like fun and games?

Especially since 2020 was to be such a quiet, peaceful and ‘a lot of quilting’ getting accomplished!  I guess that looking like I am 60 is better than having drooping eyelids!  LOL.

If it had not have been for how great Clay’s hand is looking and the positive outlook, I think that the trauma I have experienced (NOT TAKING AWAY FROM THE PAIN THAT CLAY HAS SUFFERED) on New Years Eve that I might have just come home and sat in a chair forever!  (Not really).  Anyway, this is on the horizon, in the meantime I am determined to put issues behind me and go forward as backwards is not the place to stay!

This week-end will be football week-end!  Yea!  I am thinking that starting Monday I will start setting up my new iMAC.  I will need some time to get it set up and will have 4 days to do so as Friday we go back to BAMC.  I am not ready to start working on OMIGOSH until Clay gets his hand in a cast that will give him more freedom.

All in all, WE ARE SO BLESSED.  We have each other and it is such a very special gift that God gave us!  Who else has grown up with someone from age 9, never dated, but at the age of 51 Clay called me in DC and I married him in 2 months and that was almost 24 years ago!

Others that I know are going through much more severe illnesses and I constantly pray that they are healed.

I am hoping to have some hand work ready for HQAL tomorrow!  If I can maintain only positive thoughts, things will improve even more.

Have a wonderful Saturday and count your blessings!

Hugs, Nanette


27 Replies to “Good News and Ptosis!”

  1. “For I know the plans I have for you, ” declares the Lord, “plans for welfare and not calamity, to give you a future and a hope.” This one always helps me through! It was a shocking start, but you are remembering how fortunate you are, and that will make the difference! XXOO

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  2. Super encouraging news…Clay’s hand! You will have victory, too, Nanette! Attitude is most of the battle, and it sounds like you are in a good place there! 🙂


  3. I always wonder what lesson I am to learn when life throws curve balls like the ones you have been dealing with. I used to be thick-headed and needed to have the lesson taught a few times before I caught on, now I try to make it one and done! I’m so glad to hear the positive news on Clay’s hand and I’ll be looking forward to hearing the same kind of news with your eye problems. Praying!!


  4. Oh I had the pity party already! It ranged from Anger, Crying, Sadness, and any other emotion that a human can experience, but yesterday when they changed splints, my spirits lifted and happiness came back in our lives! So blessed with BAMC military doctors! Hugs


  5. Really, you are very blessed. In multiple ways. I’m glad that Clay is healing well and everything looks good for his hand. Your eyes … well, maybe another surgery, but if it helps, it’s worth it. Maybe it would have been easier if everything just worked the first time, but where’s the learning in that? =)


    1. Yes we are blessed, The cataract surgery brought on the drooping eye problem (got worse) so I have to have it! I figured it is just another thing that needs to be done! But I need my eyes to work better! Hugs


  6. Hi again, Nanette! You really are sounding more like you. That iMac project that you allowed four days for will help you get back into you and your projects. I know several people who have had that Ptosis very successfully – one was Sue’s mom. I suspect I will need it someday – but we know how you react to a minor procedure. It’ll be a major one somehow! HAHA! How great that they’ll take care of the eyelashes, too. No more monthly visits to the eye doctor – however will you deal with all that extra time you’ll gain back?! ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Well, we shall see – I am starting to lose the weight from the stupid steroids so as long as they do not make me take stupid steroids I will be OK. I can get away with Tylenol for any pain. But it doesn’t mean that if something can go wrong it will! LOL! I did do a post on HQAL – finally after either my internet was acting up or WordPress! Who knows! Hugs!


  7. Thanks for sharing , the hard things and the good things .. keep that chin up … here’s a hug and a prayer to help hold it up!🥰 yes, counting blessings is so important,I am more than blessed!


  8. So glad for Clay’s hand healing so well. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for both of your issues. I am hoping to get cataract surgery one of these days. I didn’t know that ptosis was a side-effect. Hang in there. So glad you have each other.


    1. THANK YOU KARRIN! Well, if you have a slight problem with it then it is full blown after surgery, BUT, I always seem to be the 1 out of 1,000,000,000 that will have a problem with anything. My 4 back surgeries were easier that this eye stuff! (Just took a little more work to get over them but I did not have problems)! I want my eyes to work, soooooo! Hugs


    1. Thx Robin – I try! Takes me a few days after negative things hit me, but I try to let them go – not worth it at this age to give in to just sitting in a chair and crying! Not for me! Hugs


  9. Health issues have a way of helping you see the blessings in spite of the trauma and it’s much easier to do that when you have a great partner in life. Glad that Clay is healing well and sorry you have another surgery to endure, but hopefully that will be end of it for a bit. Happy stitching this weekend.


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