Slow Sunday Stitching

Not a lot of slow stitching going on today!  BUT, I did get the last 4 blocks traced for Sweet Stitches!l. YEA

The blocks are for September, October, November and December – when finished I will be able to put the quilt together!  It was a BOM from Kathy Schmitz in the 2015 timeframe.


My goal was to have this accomplished before today then prepare Section 7 of Stonefields yesterday, but that did not happen.  I am ready to have Stonefields prepared by tomorrow.  My overall goal was to have Sweet Stitches and Stonefields prepared for applique and Mary Brown blocks (4) and Jacobean remaining blocks finished by New Years Eve.  I can finish with Stonefields but doubt if I will get the hand work finished that I wanted to by New Years Eve because I am still having problems with my phone and they are sending another one tomorrow – that will take time to re-populate the new one.

Another reason for the delay is due to the fact that on Friday I spent time doing my research as to which computer system I would up upgrade to before 20 January when Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7!  I have heard too many negatives on Windows 10 and my existing Desktop will not be able to handle the upgrade.

This situation would not have happened if Windows 7 were still being supported.  I knew I had to make the decision to either upgrade to a new Desktop PC with Windows 10 OR purchase an iMac.  I was hoping to hang on to 7 but it is just too risky with the idiot Hackers out there in cyber space!

After reviewing PC Desktops, I decided against going with another PC.   My biggest concern was my EQ7 software.  When I contacted Electric Quilt support team I found out that I could upgrade to EQ8 with a 25% savings if I ordered it Friday! Great Deal BUT the 25% was only good for Friday and I would have to make a decision as to which system I wanted.   Bottom line, I ordered the EQ8 download for iMac and then spent time researching the iMac configuration that I wanted.  I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted, but wanted to think on it overnight because of the cost!

Saturday morning I was blessed to talk with 2 technical support individuals about the iMac configurations and ordered a 27” iMac with a lot of bells and whistles!  I am looking forward to loading my EQ8 and then load myj document files that currently reside on my PC!  I will move the current PC that has a lot of software that I sill use into the Computer Room in the house and can use it off-line.

The only issue I am left with is a Dell 17” laptop and an Asus Desktop PC both running Windows 7 that have hardly been used.  I put them in the local paper for sale, as they would make great computers for school kids.  Of course, they would not want to get on-line with them.  Maybe someone would want them.

We will now be a 100% Apple Family – I never thought I would give up on Microsoft, but it is time!  This was my Christmas present for 2019.  It is a splurge, but as the younger generation says, “I deserve it”.  (Well Maybe)

Have a great stitching Sunday and a Happy New Year – I want to have the phone changed over Monday evening and the new iMac won’t bee here until the 10th of January, which is fine with me – more sewing time before I have to set it up!



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22 Replies to “Slow Sunday Stitching”

  1. you have a new mac to set up and I have to figure out where the dog is getting out of the yard….. 3rd world problems…… happy new year!


    1. I have had 6 years now of problems and am so glad to have this decade over with so setting the computer up will be fun, but also takes me away from my 2020 goals! I would love to have a dog, but….. I am spending my step son’s inheritance! LOL. The older one tells me to continue on! I hope that your problem with the dog is resolved soon! Have a Happy New Year and stay safe!


  2. I have Windows 10 and I haven’t had any problems with it…what are the negatives of Windows 10?? I’ve had this computer for over a year…I wonder what I missed??!! Enjoy your new Mac…I tried to learn Apple (way back in the day), but it wasn’t at all intuitive for me.


    1. Well, they probably have the problems resolved, but it is time to just get away from them. This PC was purchased in 2011 and is not capable of running Win 10. So either way it was a new computer. Apple has changed so much – in the 1990’s I would not have an apple either. We got on the Apple wagon starting in 2009! There is still a to learn with the iMac!


    1. Thank you Deb! I will enjoy it as it is going to be a wonderful computer. We have Apple watches, iphones, iPads, and laptops. The laptops are over 10 years old and can no longer be upgraded! The iMac will be upgradable for RAM. BUT I had to purchase the 27″ to get that… Happy New Year!

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  3. I have to admit I have absolutely no idea, clue or understanding of all this computer talk but knowing you know what your doing makes your choice perfect! … great blocks too 🙂


    1. I know I am a weird duck at the age of 75, but I have been around computers since 1966. I originally wanted to be a Computer Programmer, but went toward business! I love math and computers – as I said – Weird old lady who also has a great love affair with Clay and Quilting!
      Hugs! Thx on the blocks -now to finish them!


    1. Thx on Sweet Stitches! Right word! EVENTUALLY! I am looking forward to it after new roofs, leaf vacuum, land clearing, new carpet – time for a personal treat! Think all the large $$$ for the home are done for us! At 75 we are back to just enjoying things. I love the fact that 2020 is a new decade – I want the last gone! Hugs Happy New Year

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  4. Your designs look like a bunch of fun. I love her designs. I should do some of the ones I have now that I have a new tracing light. Hope all works out with the switch to all Apple items. Have a good week.


  5. Hope you were able to make lots of progress on your hand stitching this week. Congrats on getting a new computer, hope it doesn’t take you too long to get up to speed on the new system. Happy New year!


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