A Modified Soho Quilt – It is a 2019 Flimsy Finish

Earlier this year Jacelyn made a Purl Soho Prism Quit.  I really liked the pattern and thought that I would make one before the end of the year and I did! EXCEPT, after cutting out numerous (too many) HSTs and the smaller blocks, I decided that I would use the remainder of the year to prepare applique and embroidery blocks that I was behind on.  SO with that I present my simplified version of a Purl Soho Prism Quilt!

If you are interested in making A Soho quilt click on the link above for the free pattern!  It is a very very easy pattern to make.  I made my HSTs 4” unfinished and 3 1/2” finished.

I must admit, I became bored with it, but am glad I made it and for once I just zipped through the process – something I usually do not do!  Only 1 boo boo but I caught it in time to correct it!

I will quilt it and Clay suggested that I use it cover my new iMac computer that I am THINKING of purchasing in January.  I use my Desktop PC for all of my quilting software and they will no longer support Windows 7 and I am NOT going to move to a new PC with Windows 10!  I will set my Desktop PC in the old computer room in the house and if I need to access something it will still be there!  I would order one this week, but that means there will be no stitching when it arrives – takes a few days to get one set up and learn it!  So Glad I am proficient in Windows and Apple!  BUT there is still a learning curve!

As you can see from my 2020 Goals Post, I have a busy schedule to work from in order to catch up from the “C” delay the last 3 months!

It feels good to have about 6 days to do some prepping work and start the New Year off with a BANG!

Happy Stitching


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21 Replies to “A Modified Soho Quilt – It is a 2019 Flimsy Finish”

  1. I bought a PC desktop 5 years ago and got the free Windows 10 upgrade and glad I did. I spend so much time here on it with school work and writing. I am so spoiled with my 19-inch touch screen. I have had 2 glorious days with no visitors or little people so I have been prepping for RSC blocks and organizing a few projects that I can pick up and stitch on anytime. Little people arrive tomorrow for a week.


  2. Hi again, Nanette! I love your Prism quilt – thanks for sharing the link. I have worked on Macs for the last 30 years and one of the best things is no viruses. I look forward to seeing how your purpose this quilt top! ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Thank you! It was some mindless sewing that I needed to do! Not worrying about perfection! Just sewed! No wonder quilters like the Modern quilts! They are so much easier. But I know me – I need a challenge! Hugs


    1. We have iPads (too many) iPhones, Apple watches and MacBookPro’s – It is time to get off the PC! I will be able to transfer files (I have an external hard drive backing up all documents all the time) I am happy with the one I am going to get! It is a powerhouse – and I upgraded to EQ8 which was on sale yesterday! I decided I needed to spoil myself!

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    1. Thank you Sharon – yes color if used well really can make the quilt have great movement. I learned that in 2010 when I realized that a 2 color quilt has little movement and started studying colors! Hugs and Happy New Year!


    1. Thank you! It will be awhile before I have anymore finishes! Hubby hurt his hand on New Years Eve and had to have surgery – one more in February – Hopefully their will be some finishes before May! LOL


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