2020 Planning Party Goals!

I have made my plans for 2020!  I will be working projects within quarters (i.e., Jan-Mar; Apr-June; Jul-Sep; Oct-Dec).  I hope to have my 2019 UFO’s (mostly hand work )finished, or further advanced than they are today.  Here it is!  I know it is an aggressive schedule, but what the heck!

I will be preparing Sweet Stitches and Stonefields blocks for embroidery and applique before 31 Dec 2019.  I will be working on 3 pieced quilts during the day and in the evening I work on my handwork!  I would like to have my hand work completed by the end of June – may be dreaming though!

Quilt Projects for 2020

Pieced Projects (3 for January – March 2020)

Omigosh   Target date for completion – November 2020


Country Baskets or one of Lynn Wilder patterns 

Applique in (SAL) 2020

Celebrating Mary Brown (2020+ Project)
Applique 4 blocks (right corner)  (23-31 Dec 2019) I will be caught up with the group.  This is a continuing project probably past 2020

UFO’s – Applique

Jacobean Lights   –  4 blocks to be appliqued remaining  (23-31 Dec 2019) 
Prepare for applique  Sections 7-10 of  Stonefields. (23-31 Dec 2019)

Applique in January/February 2020

Dresden Heaven (2020)  – Prepare a grid to stitch the Dresden plates to. (23-31 Dec 2019)                                                                                                A Bountiful Life Border – Design and prepare border for this quilt!

UFO’s – Embroidery

Sweet Stitches – Prepare last 4 blocks for embroidery (23-31 Dec 2019)
Work on them in January 2020

New Embroidery Projects

Happy Little Things 13 Blocks (The Art of the Home) Ready for Embroidery (March 2020)

Aunt Bea’s Parlor Baskets – Ready for Embroidery (March 2020)

Lap Weaving Refresher – Work on projects through the year


Work on pre-printed panel in (January 2020) 

Well, this is my 2020 Plan.  I hope for everyone to have a healthy year for 2020 and complete all stated goals!  I know I am hoping for one!  At least there won’t be anymore cataract surgeries – only have 2 eyes!  LOL!



12 Replies to “2020 Planning Party Goals!”

  1. Hi Nanette! WOWEE! I am tired just reading your list. Ambitious . . . but that’s okay! Shoot high – you never know just how high you can go and with your eye surgeries behind you hopefully you’ll have no unplanned jaunts off the path. I’ll be here, cheering you on. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Well, we stay put for the next 2 months to stay away from the flu and now I hear that Strep throat is out there – So I have a lot of time and hopefully lots of energy! I have closed the gate for problems this coming year! LOL Hugs


    1. I know Laura, but I need to get rid of some of these old projects! tired of looking at them. I think OMIGOSH will give me a real challenge! I will be looking for 9 patch quilts when I finish that one! LOL.


    1. I started last year with a lot of UFO’s and it kept me on track – without the cataract surgery in Sep/Oct and recoup I would have finished them, If I make the goals this will be great – if not, well there is always another year! I am looking forward to having a great 2020 – glad to get out of this decade! LOL Hugs and have a Blessed New Year


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