Alexander Bean Pot Upate (Really?)

OK – Things were going good until Monday morning!  This is thanks to BCBS screwing up on Monday (cost me more time to get it cleaned up). Tuesday it was our Credit Union who screwed up our IRA RMD (another couple of days to get that fixed) and by then I was screaming at them!  Then by Thursday I did not feel good (Hum wonder why)  Is it me or am I having another bad month???? What am I doing wrong – breathing?????

Thursday I had interruptions most of the day and did not feel well due to having to deal with the 2 companies listed above – think it was a little left over STRESS? But I was determined to sew on Alexander!

But then I had problems with my eyes and could no longer stand it!  My eyes have been giving me fits ever since the surgery with swelling of the eye lids and bags under my eyes which I had never had before!  I hit the brick wall!  I called the eye doctor and got an appointment for yesterday – Problem Resolved – she put plugs in my eye ducts which has helped immensely.  My eyes are not near as puffy from the dry eye.  These are temporary plugs and I have to go back in January to get check to see how I am doing.  Oh Yea!  I will now have her put in permanent silicone plugs as soon as she can!

Additionally, those pesky eye lashes were growing back into the eye – and that is really fun!  She took care of them but I will probably have to go in every 6 weeks or so to make sure they are not doing it again!

I am done with this mess – why didn’t I go in sooner – well because I listened to them telling me it was dry eye and it would settle down.  Why do I listen to anyone? No sewing for 2 days – can you hear the frustration??????????????

Then this morning I was going to be on a roll UNTIL I realized that I was not receiving email from my Gmail account into my MSN account. I could not figure out why this was happening and I have been around computers since 1966!!!

Here it is 4:15 and I have found the problem after numb nuts from Microsoft drove me nuts for over an hour trying to figure out the problem, and of course there are no humans that work for Google, so I finally figured out what was happening because of ME!  We have been receiving so much Junk Mail that I guess I just blocked the wrong people.  I have now corrected that.  That was not fun either!  But before I did I manually sent all emails from the last 2 days to myself so now I have 63 emails to go through!

It wasn’t bad enough that I had this type of day, Clay called Home Depot to see if they had a 5′ gate to add to our chain link fence so he could get his mower and leaf vacuum machine in and out easier in the front yard.  Poor guy – the lady told him that she would hold the gate for him ##### BUT did not tell him that he needed to pay for it over the phone in order to hold it!  I was immersed with my Karma Saturday so he wasted over 3 hours at HD.  They could not find the gate that the lady was holding for him and wanted him to buy a double gate – he stood his ground and they finally found it!  What a ZOO!  If she would have given him the right information as to where it was being held AND that it would be better to give her a credit card to hold it!  Another company employee who doesn’t know their job! This was a 60 mile round trip – standing on cement for 3 hours for someone who has Neuropathy in his feet!  You know he is HAPPY with his Karma Saturday!

I think if we were drinkers we would be drunk and smoking a pack of cigarettes OR if I did not want to be sick tomorrow I would eat a whole pizza!

Thank you for listening – I feel better – do you!

Here is were I was on Wednesday afternoon and so happy because I had changed the way I was cutting my strips thank you to the Blogger who suggested that I cut a 10 1/2″ strip WOF and then cut the 1 1/4″ strips lengthwise – she was saving my bacon!

Clay and I know that we need to be thankful for our health at 75, financially sound, and have all the toys in the world, but this week was another week from Hell for both of us.  It is no wonder that I am not meeting my goals with my quilting.  I wish that the younger generation were not so ill informed about how to do their jobs – it is costing me precious time that I do not have at my age!

Does anyone else ever feel this way???????????  Where is Pizza Hut when you need a FIX?

I will make no promises to when this quilt due to stupid people who cause me problems, and tomorrow at 10 we have someone coming to give an estimate to do some clearing of dead trees – there goes my spending spree which usually gets me out of my depraved state of mind!  That is another issue that is not worth talking about!

Hoping that everyone comes back tomorrow for Slow Stitching Sunday – I MAY have something to show, but do not hold your breath! I promise to be nice!  I guess I should call my Blog – The Complaining Quilter!



It does pay to vent!!!  Unless everyone quits following me!  LOL

19 Replies to “Alexander Bean Pot Upate (Really?)”

    1. I know it will, but it seems like it never ends. I am not one to stop and start and sew for 30 minutes. Once my train of thought is interrupted, I do not want to continue anymore that day.


  1. 😁 feel some of that pain myself as Leona has been sick this week .. well it’s like taking care of a baby ..up in the middle of the night giving meds., feeding takes longer, and nose needs attention…. so not much sewing here either. Hopeful next week goes better for ya!


    1. I know things will get better, I am just worn out and putting up with the eyes for 2 months did not help my attitude. I wish she would have put the plugs in before surgery! I hope Leona feels better soon and you can get back to sewing!


    1. Oh Laura thank you! I know others go through the same thing, it has just been a long 5 years of nothing but stress for me. I really need a long vacation in our RV (which is gone) to Arizona for a month! Hugs – I know that you are limited in time due to working! Hugs


  2. It sounds like you need a relaxing day, a day of peace, perhaps a spa day. Or at least a mani-pedi. You can talk non stop to someone who only hears every 10th word, and get it all out. LOL How about lunch with a friend and a walk around the park – or the mall inside, if it’s too cold to be outside. Exercise helps! Maybe it’s time to sit down with some calming scriptures – try 1 John. A lot of it is about love. Or Paul’s Ephesians might do nicely. Read and ponder and let the world go. Tomorrow is also a day.


    1. You are so wise Susan! I know that it is trip time for me. I agree – you can talk to a stranger and get it all out and laugh! Then we do tend to feel better. The Scripture is where I need to have my head! I would pray for a peaceful year for me, or for patience, but I found out years ago that it only gives me more tests of patience! So I just pray for strength to make each day!
      Hugs and maybe I can catch up with the Advent project!


      1. Oh yes Sharon – my days start with a 30 minute, 20 minute mile every morning first thing – total of 1.5 miles. Maybe I should do 2 miles and I would be so worn out I would not get upset! Can you imagine how I would handle stress without my daily walk? LOL Have a wonderful peaceful Sunday and thank you for all your encouragement! Hugs


  3. Oh Nanette!!!! I hope tomorrow is much better. Put on some Christmas music, try Paul Baloche on YouTube. I think it will provide the adjustment you are looking for! Hugs to you my dear!!


  4. Oh Nanette you are having such a bad time. I hope the coming week is calm and you can sew and play some. I wish you calm waters and no pizza. Give Clay a big too for I think he needs one too.


    1. Thank you so much Jaydee – I just had to write it down and try to make a joke about it, but that was the week that was. I made it without pizza! YEA! Clay feels better this morning – he is running back to Home Depot to pick up the 2 parts he forgot with all the mess he went through! Football is always another way to relax for me – of course if I think I had a bad month – The Cowboys need a real attitude adjustment! Love ya


  5. It’s crazy how some things all hit at once sending us into a tailspin. I feel that ‘urge’ to get things done too as the time is approaching 🙂 I have so many baby blankets to make for future great grands lol …. on a brighter note your Bean Pot looks awesome!


    1. I know I am not the only one to have weeks, months, or years like I have had the past 5, but I think I have reached my limit to have them. I think I will have to re-adjust the finish time for poor Alexander! Thank you for the nice cudo on Alexander! Hugs have a great stitching day.


  6. You certainly have “had it” for sure!! I don’t blame you for venting…I would have eaten at least 1 quart of my Holiday favorite peppermint ice cream by now!!lol
    Your beanpot quilt is so lovely–just pet it for a bit and that should make you feel better–I often “pet” fabric..very soothing hugs, Julierose


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