To Do Tuesday – Alexander Bean Pot Update!

Can you believe it is already 3 December 2019?  I am joining in the fun To Do Tuesday linky party with Roseanne today!  I  had hoped to be further along with putting this project together, but you know that awful Ms Unforeseen Requirements Delays have again prevented that one!  Here is where I was the ultimate Optimist Here.   And if that isn’t bad enough Here is where things went South!

By Sunday afternoon I had corrected all issues and am now beginning to put the blocks on the Design Board so that all I will have to do is finish the 9 patches and the strip pieces between the blocks and on each row.  I have to have a total of 92 each 2 3/4″ 9 patches, and 150 of the Red/Light Strip pieces for the sashings!  I have 30 of the 9 patches completed and about 26 of the strip pieces finished!   NOW I am hoping to have the quilt put together by Friday or Saturday since I have the process down pat.

This is a repeat of other things I have completed this week.     Sweet Stitches Block 8 – September’s Block

I am working with a group of other quilters on Celebrating Mary Brown.  They started in September and Ms Cataract caused me to be late in meeting the goals.  So I have 16 blocks ready for applique an have finished 2 – WOW needed better eyesight to be current with this project, but now on a roll now!

Yesterday was a non-sewing day as we had errands to run and then lovely stupid phone calls to get BCBS straightened out – Think  by mid December I will receive my check for reimpursement of the $449 Vitamin D Sun Lamp I have to have to maintain my levels!  I am now headed for the sewing machine to make 9 patches and strip pieces for Alexander Bean Pot quilt!

I do hope to have a lot more done by next Tuesday – Happy Stitching and just know that all had a great Thanksgiving.

Goals for 3rd thru 9 December:


2.  Complete Alexander Bean Pot

3.  Continue on with Celebrating Mary Brown (Catch up time)

4.  I would like to do the Advent quilt with Sharon  but of course I am a day late and a dollar short – I can catch up but not until I finish with Alexander and put him on the “to be quilted” rack!

Have a great week – and happy stitching!




10 Replies to “To Do Tuesday – Alexander Bean Pot Update!”

  1. Hi Nanette! HAHA – don’t answer the phone, mail and lock the gate! I see no mention of the internet – that’s my big time waster – don’t even mention Pinterest or Instagram. Look – just LOOK how great Alexander Bean Pot is turning out. The sashing and little 9-patches really add something to the overall quilt design. I think that was an excellent decision. Thanks for linking up today! ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. I love your first item!😆 You are on a roll now I hope! Tomorrow morning I am going to sew and see how far I get on all my projects. I need to spend some time cleaning up in there too.


  3. Hi Nanette,
    I love your little bird with the nest full of polka-dot eggs. So cute. I need to lock the gate and turn off the internet and phone if I am ever going to get ready for Christmas here. Thanks for linking up with Design Wall Monday, Judy


  4. I love how your Alexander Bean Pot is turning out. The red and white sashing really tie it together. I understand the optimistic point of view as you always think you will accomplish more than you do. Thanks for sharing that I am not alone.


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