One Monthly Goal (OMG) Week 25 – 30 November 2019

I need something to get me kick started on catching up on UFOs and current projects, so I am going to do the OMG Weekly Goal!  I had designated November OMG to complete or catch up on 3 projects.  Celebrating Mary Brown (applique), Sweet Stitches (embroidery), and finish 24 blocks for Alexander Bean Pot quilt!  Current progress is:

1.  Celebrating Mary Brown.  Corner Blocks Top and Bottom

Order additional fabrics – done

Wash, Iron, and Organize all fabric – done

Prepare 16 blocks for applique – done

Complete 8 blocks – Only 2 completed

2.  Sweet Stitches

Complete Block 7 – done

Block 8 – Almost done – 10.5 leaves and 3 Cherries to do!

3.  Alexander Bean Pot 

Cut out 24 additional blocks to have a total of 64 blocks – done

Sew 24 blocks – Only 14 left to sew – I had originally made 4 blocks of each colorway, then when I picked up the project again I only made 2 of each colorway.  Decision made to make the 24 blocks to have 4 blocks of each colorway (make sense – LOL).

The blocks are 4 1/2″ finished – the pesky 2″ Square in a Square corners can be tricky!  So it takes a little more time to sew the blocks – about an hour or so to make 2 blocks.  This does not count the time to cut them out!  Just sewing time.

I am hoping that documenting my goals for each week will help challenge me to make the most of the time I do have to work on projects.  It is the Unforeseen Requirements that drive me nuts – Interruptions!

Have a great day and will see how I do by Saturday!


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30 Replies to “One Monthly Goal (OMG) Week 25 – 30 November 2019”

  1. I seem to do a lot better when I have goals–keeps me focused–lol! I love those little bean pot blocks but could never make them myself–square in a square units are my nemesis! Good luck with your goals.


  2. What a wonderfully organized way to get’er done! I waste so much time when I wander into my sewing room saying, “Now WHAT was I working on and where am I??”
    I’m taking your example and changing my ways!
    I love all your projects!


  3. Hi Nanette! I just adore the fabrics you are using in the Bean Pot quilt. I am amazed that you can still make the extra blocks you need – that you have the same fabrics available and unused. I also LOVE the idea of making a weekly OMG or OWG goal. That sounds like it could be another name for To-Do Tuesdays! HAHA! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Thanks for linking up today. ~smile~ Roseanne


      1. No worries! Good grief, if I shared every dumb thing I’ve done . . . well, no one would read that post as it would be WAY too long. I still think it’s a fun idea of OWG – just one goal for the week. Don’t you think?! Just about everyone can set one goal for the week and achieve it. ~smile~ Roseanne


  4. Love your little bird with her nest. Your bean pot blocks are growing – I agree that the square within a square corners would be tricky. Yours look great!


  5. These are all so beautiful, Nanette! I’m especially excited about your appliqué and your little bean pot blocks. There is something really charming about that very old block style, so precisely pieced, and I love the impact of each row done in a different colorway. What is the OMG Week Goal? Is it hosted by the same blogger as the One Monthly Goal linky or is it separate? I go back and forth with goal setting. Sometimes I feel like it helps me stay on track, and other times I feel like the goals and “deadlines” work against me by making me feel so far behind. I am cheering for you with all of these projects, though — I don’t know if it’s worth cutting your phone lines and dropping all contact with your friends and family over the holiday, but I know I’m rooting for you to make great progress (so I can see it all take shape through your blog posts!).


    1. is the web site for OMG .
      Also Roseanne has To Do Tuesdays – which I think would coincide nicely with the OMG
      Here is her web site.

      I was going great guns until Sep/Oct and cataract surgeries (Clay and I both) Yesterday I finished the remaining blocks for Alexander Bean Pot – YEA – 64 finished. Now I am headed into the Studio to make the sashings –

      She used 20 blocks – mine will of course be larger so I am hoping I can get all the sashings done by tonight and tomorrow I will put it together – providing I get the blocks set like I want!

      Of course I am a dreamer and will be happy to have it done by Sunday –

      I made a 2019-2020 quilt list in January – I am hoping to continue on with that list and finish by next December OR before! Thx for the support



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