Slow Sunday Stitching and a Computer Retreat!

Good morning!  I would like to apologize for not responding to all the lovely comments that I received on my last posts.  Want to know how the week went?  OK I know you did not ask, but you must hear this.

I started Sunday afternoon and Monday morning cleaning the house – the company I had hired decided to quit cleaning in my area so I am back to doing that!  I wanted to get my “to do” list done before Tuesday!

BUT being in an upbeat mood from gifting Enduring Legacy,  I just knew that Tuesday through Thursday life would allow me to do what I wanted to do – keep up with the idiots in DC and do hand work or sew on Alexander Bean Pot quilt and Celebrating Mary Brown.  What,  you say, how could I want to watch that mess?  I spent 33 years with some of those idiots (Federal Govt and in the intelligence world)  as to how nasty and dirty they can be to those individuals who against the grain of their rules.  This is the worst I have ever seen them and I wanted to evaluate the situation myself!  WHAT A DREAMER I WAS!

That goal was not in the cards for me this week – I chipped a tooth first thing Tuesday morning (got that fixed), had to go to the grocery store, and then received notification that Clay’s SSN had been hacked!   That took up a lot of time Tuesday and Wednesday and some Thursday morning.  By Thursday and Friday I was worn out!  I also was so upset that I had lost another week of doing what I wanted to do. I can add that to the last 3 months that I lost (but at least that was for a good reason)!

Getting back to the hacking!  If you have ever experienced someone stealing your identity I feel for you.  We subscribe to a theft prevention service who alerted us.  To protect Clay’s identify a fraud alert was attached to Clays SSN and to protect our credit, we had to contact all 3 Credit Bureau’s (Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax) and put a freeze on our credit and SS numbers.  This means that no one – not even Clay or I can just go in and apply for credit without a special code!  I also had to spend time checking on a few cards that we had but knew they were expired.  Then yesterday I spent the entire documenting all that happened, and all the information such as all the new accounts to sign in to and special codes to remember!  NO, the information is not stored on any device – Just paper copies are saved.

Today is the beginning of a new week.  Maybe the Cowboys will win today, no house work needs to be done, the MacBook Pro is up to date and being backed up every day in addition to my PC.  That will be another issue in January – what do I do about Windows 7 support going away and do I upgrade to Windows 10 operating system – which I have heard is an absolute nightmare!  Apple really screwed up with their lovely IOS 13 which shocked me – I am not a beta tester for either Microsoft or Apple and I am frustrated when these companies throw out an upgrade and wait for the User to complain before it is fixed!!!  At least I do not have to make an upgrade decision on my PC now!

I am so blessed that I have been around computers since 1966 and am computer literate, otherwise I would be out of luck as far as being able to take care of this mess.

But let me add some positive to this lovely post:  I did work on Sweet Stitches Block 8 (I believe) and Block 2 (I should be on Block 9) of Celebrating Mary Brown.  I DO PLAN on a very very quiet week of sewing on Alexander Bean Pot quilt.  We do not have family so there will be plenty of quiet time for both Clay and I.   I have a Gopher story to tell, but that is for another post!   Clay and I just want a peaceful and quiet Thanksgiving week – one where he is on a Gopher Trap Design, and I will be on my own personal Quilt Retreat in my Studio!  Karma is just not welcome anymore!  LOL

Here is what I have accomplished this week!  TA DA!

Just a few more leaves and this block will be one – I love to embroidery when I am so stressed out or when the stress is over with!

I only have 3 leaves and will move on to Block 3 and 4 and then I need to start on the other 4 blocks for the Blue Bird.  I would love to have them all done by the 30th – Any Bets?  Oops, I see a leaf that needs some adjusting!  Hummm!  Did anyone realize that stress affects our quilting – well it can!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving with their families and friends and enjoy your Thanksgiving Dinner.

Hugs to all, Nanette

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28 Replies to “Slow Sunday Stitching and a Computer Retreat!”

  1. You week was turned upside down! I like both projects, sweet and lovely. Have a restful Thanksgiving! I’ll have the rest ( crash will be more like it) the week after Thanksgiving as all the children and grand youngins will be home for the holiday. There will be lots of food ,and action for five days.. that spells good times.


  2. I hate it when you plan your week around your sewing and then it all falls apart. It makes me stressful and grumpy!! I have been told not to hand quilt while angry or upset…it shows in the stitches…really!! Here’s hoping you get the quiet week you are wishing for!!


    1. OH I thought I was the only woman who got stressful and grumpy – this makes me feel more normal! I am planning nothing this (or at least just thinking) and maybe Karma will stay away!!!! You have a great week also! Hugs


    1. Thx Kathy! I think I will go for a Patent license on this Gopher Gun he is designing and making! LOL He has designed and made so many things his whole life ! He always sees how to make anything work better than the original! One of a kind. Now if I can get my email cleaned out and go forward! Hugs

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    1. Thank you so much Sheryl! This will make a cute quilt when I finish – think I have 3 or 4 more blocks! You also enjoy Thanksgiviing. I went to the store this morning in our little town an school is out for the week – Time to close the gate on our 5 acres and venture out next week! LOL


  3. I had to change to Windows 10 when my old computer bit the dirt, I had to take it in to get it out of the mess I got it in. Like the hand stitching.


  4. Oh Nanette, I’m SO sorry you all have had to deal with SSN theft. That’s such a raunchy, invasive feeling. We have Lifelock to monitor our cards and such; I hate that we have to do it, but in the end, it’s worth it. Your stitchery is so pretty! That’s a Kathy Schmitz pattern, right? If not, it sure looks like it! I hope this is a much quieter, easier week and you’re able to enjoy it as you’d like. Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂


    1. We thought about Lifelock, but maybe I will check into it. So far ID TheftSmart has been good about the monitering.

      Yes it is Kathy Schmitz – a few years back it was a BOM Kit that I ordered – the patterns are on her website now for sale. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Hugs


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