Bye Bye Enduring Legacy – A Lesson Learned – “KnowingWhen to Just Give Up on a Quilt”!

Greetings from South Texas – where we are having a wonderful cool November and I am back to 100% normal! OK – well just dry eye!!!

I had made this beautiful quilt – Enduring Legacy – in fact, I made it twice (exception – the medallion in the center)!! It was showcased by Barbara Brackman on her Blog!

Then I loaded it on the Long Arm in August only to end up with this mess the week I found out about Cataracts (15 Aug 2019) – No wonder I had issues seeing!

That did not go well did it! But never fear! I was not going to give up on this puppy! Fast forward to this last week when I felt that I could get this baby finally quilted! But ALAS, I ended up with this quilt on the floor half quilted! The quilt was lucky to not be in the burn pile!!! NEVER have I EVER wanted to rip a quilt off the frame before finishing, but I almost did this one.

This quilt was doomed from the beginning and I should have known to not even try to quilt it EVER! This quilt will be gifted to my cousin Susan. I offered to rip my mess out, but she said she would love to have the quilt and take care of it! Sweet Susan!

IF I ever start working on a quilt and have issues like I experienced with this one, it will NOT become an obsession to “not give up”. There are too many other quilts that may not cause issues waiting in the wings to be made!!! They offer more positive challenges!

OK – I have vented enough on this project and it is in a bag awaiting its’ new owner!

Once I decided to move forward from this heart break, I felt that I needed to start making some changes with my Handi Quilter and its frame. I am so happy that I did that, as I figured out why there were problems in loading the backing and as the left side did not load as well as the right side – PROBLEM: The top pole (which Clay changed to a one piece rather than the original break down pole) was not able to keep from bowing a slight little bit. The original poles were so much worse. I realized that the bow was causing me to have issues with the background not being as tight on that side! YEA – one problem resolved. I will now make adjustments when loading the quilt back.

The next issue was to have Clay lower the frame by 4 inches! With new eyes (without glasses now) I can see where I am going while quilting and where I have been. The lighting is perfect (he adjusted it to where I have more than enough light).

One thing I hate to do is ‘practice’ doing anything, but this time, since I have not quilted as much as I used to since 2014, it appeared be a good idea to do a muslin practice quilt! I practiced all the different free handed designs I used to use in my quilts prior to 2014! I do not use panto’s and my machine is not computerized. I purchased it in 2005 and it has been one of the best performing quilting machines for someone who does not want to spend $30K+ on a new long arm.

The ONLY reason it performs so perfectly is due to my Clay (and engineering genius) who has just re-engineered the original table, poles, lighting, and modifying how the electrical cord is positioned to prevent it from causing unexpected jerking while quilting.

I have made the right decision on this quilt and going back to the beginning on my Handi Quilter! I am certain that the next quilt loaded will be a success!

Here are some of my favorite free motion stitches that I am working on:

Here is the Sampler Quilt of Stitches that I ended up binding and now it will replace the Dresden Plate quilt that covered my machine! I prefer the Dresden, but this is a great way to review the patterns that I like when quilting!

Have a great stitching week!


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15 Replies to “Bye Bye Enduring Legacy – A Lesson Learned – “KnowingWhen to Just Give Up on a Quilt”!”

  1. Thought you said you weren’t going to post about Enduring Legacy? Glad the practice quilt turned out great. You be nice to Clay now since he keeps your machine tuned up, not all husbands are mechanically talented. Happy Stitching!


    1. Well, I thought that someone might learn the “know when to fold” lesson! Boy that was an expensive lesson! LOL Yes, he is something special! I think I drove him nutty with the eye fun and games but he still loves me! LOL


    1. I am going to think on that one because I may show it next year at Austin- there are 4 or 5 quilts that I want professionally done. I will continue to practice an play with other ones! Hugs


  2. I hate to give up too, but I have a quilt top that is just not coming together correctly and may just have to be scrapped. I don’t know it I could do that with such a pretty flimsy though. Sometimes though it is freeing to just say “enough”.


  3. hi ~ first of all I am totally impressed regardless of the problem which I am so upset happened to this beauty. I just can’t even imagine the set ups some of you quilters have that you work with. Always inspired seeing and reading about what’s going on in your quilting world 🙂 Sharon


  4. Thank you for sharing your problems. Some people only talk about good outcomes, but we all have quilts that cause us problems. It sounds like your sister will love this one anyway. Thank you for linking up to the Peacock Party.


    1. Yes most do not want to post about ‘giving up’ on a project, but I am learning that I have so many I want to do that it is best to just go on – as long as I have a person to gift to and Susan will love the quilt. Problems and all!


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