HQAL and Slow Sunday Stitching!

Greetings from great weather in South Texas! Looks like we just might have a very nice winter and it is welcomed after 4 months of 100 degrees plus!

This has been a great week for me – totally over all ill effects, and energy level back to 100%! What a blessing.

I have finished Block 6 of Sweet Stitches! Yea I finished something.

This is the first time that I worked with the chain stitch and it really made the “Liberty” stand out!

Status on Celebrating Mary Brown: I spent a couple of days washing and ironing fabrics and yesterday I spent the day working on Mary Brown. I have a great Reproduction stash now to pull from for this quilt. Corliss Searcy used so many greens in this quilt and I am trying to spread the colors out and incorporate some light and darks in the same family colors, but just not as dark! It will be fun to work with the fabrics and see if I can do scrappy. I tend to look at the color and design and most scrappy quilters look only at the color! Maybe this will help me look at both but color first!

Today will be to finish “re-preparing” the pieces for all 16 blocks that I will be doing first. Each of the 4 corners of this quilt are connected with the vines and I want to be able to tie other blocks with the colors in each corner. Now this may not work out that way, but at least I will not be having to wrestle with matching things when sewing on the vines!

After I finish the 4 corners, I will probably go back to Block 3 and do a couple of blocks a month! Will also be working on Block 7 with Sweet Stitches. I would like to have this quilt finished by the end of the year.

Status on Alexander Bean Pot Quilt: Poor Alexander – he is currently being ignored! Those 24 blocks that are waiting to be sewn together are still sitting there. I will start working on them as soon as Mary Brown preparation is completed.

Enduring Legacy – Revisited: OK – Remember this Fiasco with Enduring Legacy? Interesting it was the day before we found out that we needed Cataract Surgery! Well, I plan on incorporating quilting this puppy this month. Any bets???

A quick note on my visit to the monthly Friday UFO sew day at a quilt store in San Antonio. All I have to say is that I prefer being with Clay and being in my Studio and will give up on the idea that there are sister quilters for me in San Antonio! Enough said.

Please take time to visit the HQAL quilters’ links below. We have 3 new additions – Bella, Daisey, and Connie is back again! Yea!

Happy Veterans Day week-end and please thank a Veteran for their service to our Country! I am looking forward to a highly productive week catching up from the last 90 days!


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This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

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35 Replies to “HQAL and Slow Sunday Stitching!”

  1. Your Sweet Land of Liberty stitchery is darling … and you’re right, the chain stitching really does make “Liberty” pop! Great finish and pretty good timing! 🙂


  2. Your Sweet Liberty block is gorgeous. Love the chain stitch on the word Liberty. Such a pity you didn’t enjoy your stitching time with the other ladies. I so agree with you about the peacefulness of stitching at home. =)


    1. Thank you Kim. I was so happy that I picked it up as quick as I did, but did make a few boo boo’s but easily corrected! Whew! Yes it would have been nice if it would have worked out.


  3. Love the Sweet Liberty embroidered block, Nanette!

    I am sorry to hear that meeting up with other quilters on Friday did not work out! I know I miss fellowship.


    1. Thank you on the Sweet Stitches Liberty block! I love the way she provides the little flag (each block has something to add) which is fused on and I will do a button hole stitch before I put the quilt together. Hugs


    1. I thought about confusion yesterday trying to finish up all the preparing for the 16 blocks, but I got them done and they are awaiting me!!! Evening work. Long arm quilting and sewing blocks are daytime fun! Hugs


  4. I sure like Sweet Land of Liberty… especially the mix of hand embroidery and fabric… was it wool? Or cotton or ?? Nice job. Sounds like you have a lot of projects in the works….some being worked on and others taking a rest.


  5. Oh dear, Nanette – now I’m wondering what those other quilters DID to you!! ☹️ Well, your embroidery looks fabulous and I’m rooting for you to finish that quilt, too.


    1. Well, let’s say that they had their own clique and were not interested in any new people coming in! Oh well did not hurt my feelings – just think that quilters should be more open and friendly in those type of enviornments – they can go huddle somewhere else. Their problem. LOL
      You will see an update on that quilt today!!!! Too funny! Hugs


  6. I LOVE Sweet Stitches #6! That would be perfect in my Sweet Land of Liberty quilt when I come across a block I don’t want to use. I have to go find it. I feel the same way about the guild here. It’s huge, there are some lovely people, and quite a few famous quilters and historians, but it wasn’t the group for me. However, I invited a few friends to come stitch with me every Thursday, starting with just one, and it provides the face-to-face enjoyment, as we all work on our own projects, there are no dues, no costs, no business, and nothing that isn’t just working and chatting. =)


    1. Agree Susan — If only I had some quilters in the area that were interested I have plenty of room but you know how small towns are – if you were not born here or your grandparents did not settle LV then you are a non-person – Learned this when Clay and I married in 1996! We do better as we both tend to be loners. I tried having a quilting buddy and did for 7 years, but she continually used me for her benefit and finally I ended that! It is OK. I have more time to catch up and finish my 2019 goals (maybe). Hugs Have a great day!


  7. I love the block you finished this last week! Is the quilt called Sweet Stitches? I’m sold on it by just the first block :0 It is great to have a plan, and I hope you are successful in making progress on your Celebrating Mary Brown!


    1. Poor Mary Brown and Alexander Bean Pot… They are dragging up the rear on UFOs for the month! But I still have about 15 days to finish my goals. You can find the patterns on Kathy Schmitz’s web site – she sells them individually now. Hugs and thx for commenting!


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