More Eye Candy and I am Back!

Evening! We in South Texas are now getting a cold front that will bring cooler temperatures and the ‘promise’ of some rain (will believe it when I see it here). Tomorrow it will be in the 40’s. My kind of weather! The colder the better!

The depression from the lovely steroid eye drops is G-O-N-E! I am back 100% and today was the 2nd day of happy! I am behind 2 months in my UFOs and new projects, but I now have high hopes that I will be caught up in the next week or something and back on schedule!

I have clocked 18 days straight walking my 1.5 miles each morning. Boy those first 3 days were hard after the Cataract vacation, but I just kept pushing. Before the “C” mess, I had just achieved my 20 minute mile goal, and finally I am getting there again! As you can tell, I am back to normal!

I have achieved over 13,000 steps the last 2 days – ironing really adds to those steps along with going back and forth from the House to the Studio and washing all the fabrics that I purchased for my Reproduction stash!

The fabrics below are from the Temecula fabric line. They are absolutely what I needed for Mary Brown and other quilts in the que!

This is a beautiful yellow that I found and will be using in Mary Brown. I did not have a lot of yellows.

I purchased fat quarters of Abigail Blues that are absolute beautiful. I ordered 3 sets of the fat quarters and then ordered some more of the light fabric (2nd one from the left). I will wait and hand wash these because even though all the other fat quarters were washed in a laundry bag in the machine, I have never seen so many threads!

Today I finished the majority of the ironing after a marathon day of 6 hours of pressing fat quarters and yardage! I will finish it all tomorrow after going to the “get together group” at the Mesquite Bean Quilt Shop in San Antonio.

Sharon asked me to provide her the links to the shops where I purchase my fabrics on-line and then thought that maybe others would be interested. I did a search for fabrics on Etsy and found great fabrics from the following 3 shops:

Bellatique Fabrics

This Old Fabric Store

Boston Fabric Stash.

Web Fabrics. I have been dealing with Carly since 2003 when she started her business or at least it was when I found her. Sign up for her newsletter as she has a weekly special each week. I have almost every color of Moda Marbles and all were purchased from Carly. If you purchase a certain amount of fabrics you will always get a discount

Hancock’s of Paducah – Sign up for their newsletter for daily specials and good sales.

I will admit that I do comparison shopping. If I find a fabric line I like, I will check all of my sources or google the fabric line. Amazon is beginning to sell fabrics but sometimes the price is too high and I can find it cheaper on other on-line quilt sites.

Hopefully by Sunday I will have some progress on Mary Brown and Sweet Stitches to show for our HQAL!

Have a great week-end and holiday on Monday if you still are in the working world.


28 Replies to “More Eye Candy and I am Back!”

    1. Day late and dollar short here – so busy trying to catch up! You are most welcome, I can add to the list as I find more stores. This is day 4 and I am really getting a lot done! Yea! You have a great one too Sharon!


    1. I know you……You are welcome! I usually compare shopping on line by googling the fabric that I am looking for – sometimes I can get it cheaper. You and me both – It is so good to be back – day 4 and I am me all over again!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya Ms Jaydee!


    1. I think I will call you Ms A! Thx Jaydee – we are both among the living again doing our favorite thing – QUILTING! Now if I could only learn how to knit as well as you and Kathy in SD. Hugs


    1. Oh Robin – I am usually this way all the time, I guess it takes the ole’ lady longer to get over things when they make me take medication that my body doesn’t like and Twilight procedures! I stay away from them! Life is good, but don’t tell anyone, someone will probably try to ruin it! Not really Hugs


  1. Hi Nanette! So glad to hear you are back to normal. 13,000+ steps sound great and back to your 20-minute mile – I know you will just continue to improve. Thanks for the links to the online shops you visit. All of your fabrics look so pretty. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. I have now 21 days straight of making my walk goal again! Boy the month of September really messed me up with walking goals. Feels good to be back into my little routine! Enjoy looking at all the pretty fabrics! Hugs

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  2. Hi Kerry! Thank you and I agree those Abigail Blues are a beautiful line! Yes I am back to myself! Now on the quilting tread mill trying to catch up on Celebrating Mary Brown group! I may make it by the end of the month! Have a wonderful week-end and great Veteran’s Day! I love our military! Some of the greatest people I worked with were Military! Hugs


  3. I have had my eye on the Temecula fabrics more than once but never purchased any. I think they will work well for Mary Brown.


    1. I love the fabrics from that line! I think that they will really add to my collection and especially for MB. I am trying to catch up with all! Hope all is well with you! I have had my nose to the grindstone! Hugs


    1. Hi Karen! thank you for fabrics and walking comments! I would like to do the indoor bike sometimes, but for some reason that is harder on my knees than the walking! Winter time is my favorite time – it has to be in the ’30’s before I break out the coat! LOL (well maybe sometimes in the ’40’s if the wind is blowing). But I love winter time! Hope your knee is better and that you can get out and exercise!


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