Sweet Stitches and Etc.!

Greetings from now Spring South Texas (at least for 2 days). We have 2 cold fronts heading our way on Thursday and then a big one on Monday! My kind of weather!

There is a quilt store in San Antonio that has a UFO sit and sew on Tuesdays and then on Fridays once a month in which you pay $5.00 to sew with a group of quilters. I am going to attend the Friday group as it will provide me an opportunity to be around others with the same interest. I love blogging, but I miss the interaction with other humans. I love living in the country where it is so peaceful, but will enjoy being around quilters for a change.

In the meantime, I am trying to get back in the groove with my projects and having a difficult time thanks to the Steroid eye drops.

I am also waiting for additional fabrics to arrive for Celebrating Mary Brown so I can continue on with fabric selection. In the meantime for my evening project I picked up Block 7 of Sweet Stitches by Kathy Schmitz to work on.

I started this project in the 2015 timeframe but have only completed 6 blocks – there are 12 total in the BOM. The blocks are embroidered in black thread and with each month block fabric was provided to frame it with. This will make a neat quilt when I get with the program and work harder to pick up where I was in September on my UFO’s. Additionally I am hoping that being around other quilters with the same interest in quilting that my desire to quilt again will come back!

The Etc.! After 2 months, all is finished with the Cataract game of life! The drops gave me a lot of issues the last month – especially the Steroids. Now I am just dealing with the withdrawals of the Steroid eye drops. Hopefully I will begin to feel better by Friday. But I am off of them (threw the bottle away yesterday – 2 days early). My vision is fine, just need reading glasses but the dry eye will need more time to get better! I was having issues with the right eye — burning when I used the Systane for dry eye. I had my last check up from surgeries yesterday and told Dr Young about the issue with the right eye – would you believe that 3 eye lashes (bottom) were turning in and rubbing my eye!!! She took care of that and things are really getting better now – just dealing with the aftermath of getting off the steroid drops.

I will snap back soon. Have a wonderful day and enjoy stitching!


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  1. Hi Nanette! That’s so great that the eye drop regime is behind you now. That Friday quilting group sounds like fun to me. I can’t wait to hear your first report. ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. Ouch ! Three eye lashes.. no wonder you had a problem! That’s a sweet block your working on,and do enjoy your Friday quilting. Sending a hug to help keep your spirits up!😊


    1. Oh Deb it did not hurt, but I do think the bottom lid is sore! LOL! I needed to get enthused again. Friday will help. I am finally feeling like the depression has lifted from those lovely drops and having 2 surgeries within 7 days – full of lovely Propofol and Verstad is not a good mix for me! (Twilight)

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    1. Looking forward to just being with people with the same hobby! I never thought about it, but 2 twilight surgeries within 7 days – not good for 75 year old ladies! Clay did not go through all the depression that I did due to the medications and Twilight! Lucky men! LOL

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  3. Fridays group will be fun and I know you will enjoy that. Hallelujah you’re done with the drops and wow on the eyelash discovery….Always love stitching in solid black – your looks awesome 🙂


  4. Have a good time with the Friday group. Sounds like fun. Wish I was close enough to go with. Love the block.


    1. Let’s hope they are like minded – right Jaydee???? LOL! I wish you were too….. We would have so much fun together getting in trouble shopping and quilting! I love the fabrics that your BD gift certificate bought me! I am going to do a post! Thank you so much for the friendship and hugs and love!


  5. Kathy publishes some good stitchery designs. Some have way too much detail but others just the right amount.


    1. Thank you Gretchen. Let’s hope someone shows up tomorrow with the weather prediction. I am going! I have some embroidery or applique to take. Cannot wait to get started on Mary Brown!


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