OMG For November, Mary Brown Update, and Alexander BP

Happy Sunday from South Texas where the weather has been absolutely perfect AND I got my hour back! Double Yea! This week we will warm up to the high 70’s but then later in the week it will cool off! Yea! I am back in the groove of walking and trying to lose the stupid 4 pounds that the steroids gave me!

My goal for November is to work on 2 projects this month and hopefully finish Alexander Bean Pot (ABP) and catch up with the other ladies on Celebrating Mary Brown. Here is where I am on ABP – 40 blocks completed!

Here is what I need to finish – making 2 more of the top 12 blocks. (Excuse the leaning tower of pizza on the right – I could not get them straight!) LOL

When I began this project (cannot remember when) I made 4 each of the same fabrics, a total of 16 blocks. But, alas, when I started to make more of the blocks I only made 2 of each fabric before I realized that I should have cut out 4 of each fabric color way. SO, I have now cut out 24 more blocks to have 4 of each color! They are ready to be sewn, but first I have to draw that diagonal line on 384 each on the 1 1/4″ squares for the square in a square 2″ corner blocks!

That will be done today. Hopefully the day will go quietly and I will have a few of the blocks completed. This is not a difficult block – 5″ unfinished, 4 1/2″ unfinished! It is a Carol Hopkins pattern.

Now to move to my evening project Celebrating Mary Brown. I am 2 months behind the group, but am sure by the end of November that I will be back on track! Check out the links below for our SAL.

Before the C surgery I had selected fabrics, traced all blocks (16 for the corner blocks of the quilt) and thought I was ready to appliqué. I appliquéd the red bird and flower for the first block, BUT with the new eyes I realized that there was some purple in the red bird and had a difficult time really matching the colors for my flowers. Plus this was not a reproduction fabric.

Moving along, I tried another fabric.

When I started working with this choice I ran into the same issue – it I not a reproduction fabric and I started having fabric selection issues.

So what does a quilter do when the reproduction stash does not have enough reds, greens, and yellows? YES! Go shopping on line or at a shop! I chose on-line. Jan and I got together on the phone and did some virtual shopping for those colors. Here are the results of this shopping spree (justification in doing this was “it is my 75th birthday present”).

This is a fat quarter bundle that I had on hand called Hope’s Journey.

Here are the fabrics that I found on-line.

I also purchased a French General fat quarter bundle called Chafarcani. I do not have any of the French General line in my stash, so this will be a held for a special project – UNLESS…

For my “pre-birthday gift” I purchased a couple of fat quarter bundles of Thankful. I did not realize that there was a Turkey panel included, I just love the Autumn colors and Quilt in a Day had a great sale on them – how could I resist?

My buddy Jaydee gave me a great gift certificate for my birthday and of course I found a sale on Hancocks of Paducah and am now waiting on that delivery – yup – more reproduction fabrics AND some beautiful blue and white fat quarter bundles! I am thinking I will use the blues for a star pattern that I want to make…. When you ask? Maybe 2020!

Hoping all have a wonderful day and great week. I know I will as I am back to my favorite things in life – enjoying time with Clay and making quilts and doing my daily routine of walking 1.5 miles each morning – Life is good – peaceful and quiet!


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This September Karen and Cathy selected Celebrating Mary Brown as their next project and invited anyone to join in the fun!  The following quilters are participating.  We will be showing completed blocks on the 30th of each month!  Take the time to visit them to see their completed monthly blocks!  If interested let Karen know you are interested in joining the group.

Karen – Log Cabin Quilter (Lead)
Cathy – Biglakequilter
Jennie  – Overthehillandrunning
Julie K –  Juliekquilts
Robin –   solsticestudio
Nanette – Doitrightquilter
Jan –  I will post her pictures with mine



20 Replies to “OMG For November, Mary Brown Update, and Alexander BP”

    1. Oh was that the problem? Glad you redid so I can say, I love all your new fabric’s. The reproduction fabrics are so gorgeous. I need to do some shopping online at all your great shopping sites. I need to go check them out. All my fabric comes mostly from Joann’s and Goodwill bundle finds. I am have not been so happing with the quality or choice, I should say also my ability to pair fabrics. On to more choosy and grown up fabric choices 🙂 I looked at Hopes Journey …a little confused can you send me (via email) the website I should be looking at to order fabric please 🙂 Thank you Nanette and a wonderful Happy Birthday to you!


  1. Hi Nanette! I think you picked out some fabulous pre-birthday and birthday present fabrics. All of them are sweet! Can’t wait to see where all of these show up! Just saying though – 384 diagonal lines! Holy moly. ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. What great additions to your stash — really yummy! I love both your birds, but I really loved the movement of the fabric with the first one … too bad the colors weren’t in keeping! You do beautiful applique work! 🙂


    1. Thank you so much! I love to needle turn applique. I do the traditional no starch! Turn it with the needle and use 1/8″ stitch – of which until the Cateracts were taken care of I was not getting them as small as I have always liked! Thank you for commenting! come back sometime!


  3. Good Morning Nanette….and belated Happy Birthday! Awesome age and blessed with good health. And talented too! Love seeing your blocks and am partial to the appliqued ones. I also enjoyed seeing that fabric and the Thankful caught my eye.
    We are steadily moving into late autumn with a threat of a snow flurry or two by the end of this week. Time for the flannels!


    1. I purchased 3 fat quarter bundles – they are washed and waiting in the big pile of fat quarters I bought to be ironed and cleaned up (strings). Birthdays justify buying more fabric! LOL Enjoy the snow. I just wishful think about snow – not in South Texas! Hugs


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