Success and Back to Normal Life!

I want to take a minute to thank my quilting friends who kept me in their thoughts and prayers while Clay and I did double duty on Cataract surgery!  Clay has completed his and doing fine, and today I went for my post operative checkup on my left eye and am off restrictions, have 20/20 vision for Distance, and pressure at 14 – and the eyes are healing fast, all of which Dr Young says is excellent!

I am so glad that we did this, but we are so worn out from all the surgeries (4 weeks in a row) and office visits for post operative checkups.  Clay will go next Monday for his 3 week and final check up and I will go back on 4 Nov for my final and then will be able to get my glasses ordered for my close up, mid-range, and astigmatism!  We are so blessed.  As you all know I had HIGH anxiety before my surgeries.  The surgery is nothing, but because I am claustrophobic it caused me to be so stressed.  I am happy to say that the 2nd surgery went so smoothly!  All worked out great!  In the meantime, I will use the peep over glasses to sew and read!  YEA!

I have been trying to sew a little each day but because of the astigmatism in my left eye, it does start to bother me (eye strain) if I do too much, so I have been slowly trying to get back into the swing of my life.  I started walking Friday and today I had a great walk – I did my usual 20 minute mile and did a total of 30 minutes and a mile and a half.  And my lungs did not bother me today!  I am happy!

Now to be able to lose the 5 pounds that somehow came back – I guess there is something to say about stress – it raises the Cortisol levels and that did not help me with trying to maintain the weight I had lost (without my walking for 2 weeks) and I have no idea about the Glucose and furthermore not going to worry about it.  I am working on increasing my protein and limiting any carbohydrates.  Getting back to my strict routine will eliminate any of those problems.

Next post will only be on my quilting projects, I promise!  We have 6 whole days to stay home and away from San Antonio!  Staying home is Happiness!

Have a great week, and hopefully I will have made some progress on Mary Brown and Alexander Bean Pot blocks!



14 Replies to “Success and Back to Normal Life!”

  1. Great to get this report with all the positive news. I can imagine the stress attached to the build up for this surgery but now its uphill or is down hill? What ever hill you got this 🙂 Sharon


  2. Hi Nanette! {{Hugs}} This is just the best post. I’m so happy for both of you, with the eyes, and especially you for the walking. I know you feel SO much better just getting back into your routine again. ~smile~ Roseanne


  3. Sorry I have not had a chance to comment, Nannette though I did check in and knew you had survived your surgeries. Wonderful and I’m so happy you are so pleased with it all. For both of you. And I can understand you feeling a bit knackered as that was a lot of toing and froing for the two of you. I understand as we have a fair amount with Hubby’s medical check ups.
    Meanwhile, rest and get those cortisol levels reduced…the walking is wonderful.


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