And The Fun Begins

Cataract Express is starting tomorrow. Not sure how much I will be doing with projects between now and the 1st when I get on the Express Train.

I have made progress with Christmas table runner. Almost through.

I have finished the 2nd place mat with exception of the wick.

Now for progress with Celebrating Mary Brown. I finally had time to work on preparing the blocks! These are Block’s 1 and 9.

I will be participating with a group of other Bloggers with this project. Next post I will list the group headed by Karen.

Have a great week. I will post as I progress with Mary Brown and Alexander Bean Pot.


8 Replies to “And The Fun Begins”

  1. They look great. Good luck tomorrow!. I know it’s in my future as well. Just not sure how far down the road.


  2. Best wishes, Nanette! I’ve been thinking about you and wondering how you two were doing. {{Hugs}} and healing prayers headed your way. ~smile~ Roseanne


  3. All good thoughts will be with you and your husband in these next few days. Keep the progress going on the projects ~ they are so cute and festive 🙂 Hugs and more hugs ~ Sharon


  4. Hi Nanette, Thinking about you and hoping all is well with the eyeballs!!
    Btw, congrats on that win of threads…I know what great use you will put them too. Also Bean Pot blocks are wonderful.


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