Progress Progress!

I had the greatest day on Wednesday with my September goals so do you think I could have 2 productive days back to back? NO! I had one of those lovely Ocular Migraines. I did some research on them this time and I have found out that if I close my eyes and see the jagged black and white jumping line that I will be OK. So if it happens again, I know what to take immediately. This time it fired up all issues along with the most horrible Meniere’s Brain Fog! This one was different that the other 3 I have had. This one was a classic Meniere’s Ocular Migraine!

No worries because I am fine today – just some allergies! So to show you what a great day I did have here are some pictures. I was checking my blocks for Stonefields and look what I found! 20 blocks for Alexander Bean Pot (ABP) that I had made a year or so ago when I started working on this quilt. I evidently had decided to make 4 of each instead of 2 each. ,.


I have 16 blocks ready to sew and will then cut out another set of 2 of each of these fabrics. Wednesday evening I marked all of the 1” squares to make the Square in a Square corners.

Next I traced 10 of the 13 Bitty Blooms by Jacquelynne Steves for a modified Happy Little Things BOM. Check it out as it is a cute quilt with many possibilities. She is selling the Bitty Blooms for $6.00 and it is downloadable.

Next, I washed and ironed the background fabric for Celebrating Mary Brown. I have 9 background blocks cut, marked and ready to complete the prepping process – and that will hopefully be today for the first 4 blocks!

This is the fabric that I purchased for Mary Brown in 2016. It is the same fabric that Corliss used in her quilt! Thanks to Jan, it was one of the great pieces of fabric I purchased on that day – along with some of Di Ford’s fabric line from 2016! I cut and then mark my blocks in order to keep each block on the same grain! Sometimes I forget but with this quilt I am marking each as I go along!

I am glad to be back to ‘almost normal’ today and hoping to produce even more! Time will tell! Have a great week-end and happy stitching!


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Please check out my quilting buddies for this Sunday’s HQAL. They do some fabulous hand work!

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13 Replies to “Progress Progress!”

      1. No it was something wrong with WP! I will certainly watch for that to happen again. Those flower pots are so cute and will make great 4″ center blocks, or just a 4″ with a border and alternating blocks! Fun times with them. Don’t forget today – HQAL!


    1. I am better but rather slow and tired today! guess that is what happens after that much fun! LOL. Yes ABP did get a boost – now can I have one? I have 3 more blocks to do and I will be doing them. Hugs


  1. What a bonus to find all those other blocks. You are going to be done in no time. The background fabric for Mary Brown is quite cute. It’s hard to tell exactly what it looks like from the pattern.


    1. I was great although I had made 4 in pink and they did not look so good – they will be re-purposed! I is called Paula Barnes Tavern Collection – Tiny Black Floral Triangles on Cream! Looking at the label!


  2. Fortunately, I have never had a migraine headache, but they must be excruciating. I’m glad you are feeling better. I love the projects you have planned and prepped. They will be fun following as you work through your monthly goals.


    1. They scare me Jayne. I think I have a better understanding now and know that the flashing in the eyes only lasts about 30 minutes – with or without a headache. I am enjoying preparing these little projects. Beginning preparation on Celebrating Mary Brown. Hugs


    1. Well, let me see. I think there are 4 applique waiting – some very easy, and the only pieced one is Alexander’s. I am going to do a QAL/SAL for Celebrating Mary Brown. other than that, think I am mostly caught up. Just a lot of hand work that I can work on when Clay gets his Cataract surgery. Hugs


  3. Sorry for your migraines, hope you are doing better. I’ve had 2 this week too. I want to do Mary Brown too but I need to finish up some of my projects first


    1. This one was no fun- but as long as I can close my eyes and still see the lights and flashing it is OK – I can treat it immediately and wait 30 minutes for things to settle.
      I have all of my sewing projects caught up – it is the hand projects that I am behind on…. When I get my cataracts fixed next month I bet I can catch up a lot faster because I will be able to SEE! LOL Hugs Sorry that you have migraines – hope they are not Ocular!


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