September Goals!

I do believe that we can forget Fall for the month of September in South Texas.  Weather forcast – Hot and Hotter!  I am getting used to riding the exercise bike in the morning and it is so much better than walking in the horrible humidity and heat at 6:30 in the morning!

I have approximately 27 days before I will be having a vacation from all quilting projects (cataract surgery), so I am trying desperately attempting to get some projects either finished or prepped for applique for my on-going projects.  I am hoping that setting this schedule will get me back on track from the summer time blahs with all the heat.  I do believe that I have had Heat Fever (opposite of Spring Fever).  I have just not been disciplined with my projects!  So here goes – a One Monthly Goal for September.  Clay will have his cataracts done this month, so there will be time to do a lot of hand work and I want to have things prepared

1. Happy Little Things BOM – Just need to do it!

2.  Celebrating Mary Brown – Karen is leading a group of us in starting this beautiful quilt.  I have had the background fabric and a huge stash of reproduction fabrics sitting around since 2016 (along with the pattern in the ‘do me next’ drawer!) so it is time!   I would like to get 8 blocks prepared for applique.  This will at least help me keep up with them if at all possible after surgery!  (being optimistic now).  This will be a long project as there are 56 + blocks to applique!  The quilt is 90″ x 90″.

3.  Holiday Lights table runner – This is doable as long as I continue to work on it in the evenings!

4.  A Bountiful Life – I really need to get the border going on this oldie but goodie!  A decision on size and setting is needed!

5.  Alexander Bean Pot – Continue making blocks for this fun quilt!

Remember the blocks that I posted about on Sunday?  The name of the quilt will be Texas Deer Crossing!  I will work on this quilt starting in December.  I love the blocks and have a setting already ready to go.  Tune in after October for more information.  NO I am not going into the design business, nor am I going to do patterns! This is just for fun!  

Yesterday Clay and I were talking and I told him how much fun I have had in August just doing whatever I felt like doing.  I think I am beginning to enjoy Retirement Relaxation after 20 years of it!   But this fun attitude did not help me get more projects accomplished, but it sure was enjoyable!  Now to get serious again!  Summertime is over with and time to produce!

Have a great week.  I will see how I do the next 16 days.  I am hoping for success in my goals!  We need to get these surgeries done and over with.  It will be eye drop fun and games, but the outcome will be great – no more double vision and I will be able to read street signs!


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15 Replies to “September Goals!”

    1. I figured that doing them within a week apart it will take me time to remember who I am after they give me the Verstad (that is why they call it Twilight – you are there, but your mind is not – LOL) Hugs


  1. Hi Nanette! I love seeing your list of goals for the month. Rather lengthy but doable since you won’t be doing any traveling other than for Clay’s surgery. I right back here, cheering you on! ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. HI Nanette, your latest post has lost its comment option! I am wondering if you will do four of each block now that you founds these or just use them as extras? Do you think the migraine is related to the cataract situation? It would be lovely if they left along with the cataracts!!!😘


  3. I fixed the problem (temporarily) I had to go back to my PC and then copy and repaste it into a new post and delete the one that I had done on my iPad this morning. Will get guidance from WP as to why this happened! It should mirror my software!
    Yes I am going to do 4 each of the new ones I am working on as soon as I get the next 16 sewn.
    I tend to have anxiety and more than most, but I also have so many issues with binders in medications and had been trying the new eye drops for dry eye that the doctor recommended. That might have done it! Either way – I will have 3 different drops to put in my eyes after surgery (Clay will have his put in one container – lucky guy). The anti inflammatory one is not as strong. Maybe I will not have a reaction. I have high tolerance for pain, but low threshold for medication. Steroids is another one I cannot do but will have to have them in the drops.

    The first Ocular Migraine I ever had was caused by ONE probiotic pill! .



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