Slow Sunday Stitching and 1 September 2019 Anniversary

Yesterday an animal decided to go on a shooting rampage in the Midland/Odessa area and shot up to 25 people with 5 dead.  That animal is no longer walking this earth but he has affected so many lives.  What makes someone do this is type of killing is beyond my capability to understand.  All the families will be in our prayers.

Today I have reached a milestone in my life – Clay and I have been married 23 years today!  A huge Milestone for me as I have never lived in the same place for 23 years my whole life.  Clay was a gift to me from God.  Such a sweet and wonderful man.  He loves me and worries about me and has me so spoiled.  We are celebrating a wonderful 23 years together and filled with of all types of good times and those pesky bad times,  but we would not trade them for anything because we are always together!

Where do I start for the quilting news?  The other day I made 2 blocks that I really love and want to make a quilt with them.  These are the blocks that I made using the Biased Half Square Triangle (HST) Method – Here.  Hopefully sometime before Christmas I can have a quilt made.

I will use Moda Marble Stars either in Red White and Blue blocks, or Blue and Beige!  I have enough of the fabric left over from my Log Cabin qilt to make 5 more quilts – it is called over-buying!!!!

Patriotic Log Cabin – Moda Stars – Flimsy

I have changed eye drops for my Dry Eye which improved my vision a little, so last night I finished appliquing the flames on a long ago UFO that was patiently waiting to be completed.  The pattern is one that I must have purchased in or around 2013 in Durant Oklahoma and was able to purchase the fabric that Kate used in making them at the local quilt store!  Kate has 3 kits available for sale in her Etsy shop.

I had the 2 place mats completed except for the candle flames, so I finished them last night!  I started the table runner after I made the place mats, but it is still in the UFO stage!  This is the project that I will work on and hopefully have it finished next week!  The Stonehenge fabric is perfect for this project –  Of course I need to add the borders, but that will be when the table runner is complete.

When we visited Bobby and Belinda last week, they had a portable evaporated cooler that sat on the porch and really kept us cool along with a portable air conditioner.  We ordered one from Amazon and it finally came Thursday.   Clay set it up Saturday morning and I love it.  It was so nice to have that cooler air blowing our way while we sat on the porch.  Nice place to sit and have a cup of java and enjoy the outdoors without burning up.  At least I can now go outside and enjoy fresh air during the heat in South Texas.  It has been known to reach 90 degrees plus in January so I am very pleased with this purchase as it will be used on and off during the year!   It looks like we will continue with the 100+ heat index temps and next week end back into the 100’s for the temperature – probably 105 for the heat index!  I am just so happy!

While sitting on the porch enjoying the cool air, 3 of the deer came up to feed.  I have given the Doe the name of Daisy and her fawn is Daisy Jr.  The young Buck is one of Daisy’s off springs from last year and I named him Blackie!  They definitely know who feeds them and we know they suffered while we were gone but after a week of eating corn they look great again.

I do believe this all that I have to share today for Slow Sunday Sunday!  Have a great Labor Day and if you are on the East Coast or in Florida, I do hope that you are safe and sound!


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33 Replies to “Slow Sunday Stitching and 1 September 2019 Anniversary”

  1. I love the HST squares/color and the one that looks like a “T” block jumped right out at me! As always a lot on your plate. Holiday Lights placemats are adorable. Happy Anniversary to you and Clay – lots of laughter and happiness to follow 🙂 Love the deer photo. This morning I woke to the very deep quiet bell I have hanging in the back chiming. I looked out and had a huge two point buck foraging for food. Love the wildlife 🙂


  2. Happy Anniversary to you and your groom! We celebrated 40 back at the end of June. I love your blue and white creation! It will be a real stunner! And now, about that “overbuying”. . . I can totally relate!!


    1. Why thank you Karen. I really like doing the bias HST method. Probably a little waste on the fabric, but so much precise than trying to sew them separate and I do not do thangles, etc. Have a great day


  3. Your work is lovely and I love the blocks too. Happy Anniversary to both of you. Been with my guy 54 yrs. when they are keepers happy is the word.


  4. Your blue and cream blocks are beautiful. Lots of half square triangles though! The log cabin is stunning. Will that be a QOV or ? Congratulations on your anniversary. I hear you on not living in one place — the longest I’ve lived anywhere is 14 years and we moved houses in that time! Hope you have a great week ahead.


    1. Thank you Bonnie! They are so much easier at 1″ using the bias HST method. I showed that technique on the previous post. Anniversary was nice. After selling the RV in Dec 2016 and staying home now during the winter is becoming more and more fun and relaxing – going to a hotel is not! LOL


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