Enduring Legacy Showcased!

Ask me if I was shocked when Sharon left a comment on my last post and told me that my Enduring Legacy had been showcased on Barbara Brackmans Material Culture Blog.   I loaded the quilt in late July Enduring Legacy Ready to Quilt and started quilting it only to continue to have issues seeing the threads.  This is how that problem ended up –  An Oops!  I am Back on Track and ready to quilt.

Enduring Legacy

If you follow my Blog, you are aware that Clay and I both will be undergoing Cataract surgeries the next 2 months.  We do everything together, but to have this happen at the same time is just too funny!  He will have his done on 17th and 24th of September and mine will be on the 1st and 8th of October.  I am thinking I had better make good use of the next 30 days in getting some things finished, started, and accomplished as it may be that I am out of commission a couple of weeks!   I think the eye drop schedule will be a full time job!  Enduring Legacy will be quilted in November or December depending on getting my eyes fixed and new glasses!

Thursday I was playing around with some blocks that required 1″ HSTs.  I wanted to share my technique in making those tiny HSTs.  Maybe you can try it and save time if you are in to making small blocks.  I used this technique for my Star of Chamblie by Marsha McCloskey.  I started with a 12″ square of a light and dark fabric for the HSTs.

Then you sew the like strips together

Press all seams open

Starting from the right side cut out the HSTs all the way across the bottom of the strip set

I cut 32 HSTs and still have some fabric to make more – I think I could have cut out 50 HSTs from this process using a 12″ square of both fabrics.

Here is the link for the tutorial by Quilted Treasures

Today I will be working on Alexander Bean Pot Blocks.  I also want to start preparing my blocks for Celebrating Mary Brown that I will be working on with Karen and Cathy starting in September.  I am trying to get my friend Jan to join in the fun!  I also want to work on Happy Little Things BOM and Prism Quilt quilt.  They are not difficult and maybe I can get a head start on them before eye surgery!

Have a wonderful Labor Day Week-end and let’s pray for those in potential harm’s way in Florida with Hurricane Dorian!


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15 Replies to “Enduring Legacy Showcased!”

  1. Hi Nanette – I am glad you scheduled the two surgeries at different times, very smart planning 🙂 as for your quilting you are most certainly a ‘passionate quilter’, your projects are all awesome. I went over to Quilter Treasures and learned what HST’s stands for 🙂 …. love the education I am getting. Have a great weekend and coming week ~ Sharon


    1. I am sorry Sharon, I know better than to use acronyms! Yup QST = Quarter Square Triangles and FG = Flying Geese! We are going to enjoy the next 16 days that is for sure! Hugs Stay safe!


  2. Hi Nanette! That’s a lot of eye surgery going on with you two. I hope all goes well. I’m sure it will be a relief to see clearly again instead of having that fog or shadows. Thanks for sharing your tips on making small HSTs. I don’t enjoy sewing small blocks but I give huge kudos to you and anyone who does! How wonderful to be showcased on another friend’s website. Your piece is well-deserving of the attention. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. It was an honor for Barbara Brackman to pick up on my work and include it in her Blog! Yup hopefully both go smoothly and we are able to see things in focus again – they really went bad quickly this last 6 months!

      I love those small blocks! When I did the Capital T quilt it seemed so easy – no problems at all! Of course when making those big blocks it is less work! LOL Hugs

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  3. How fun to be featured on her blog! Thanks for sharing the HST technique. I’ve never seen that one before but I’ll bet it works great for little ones!


    1. Once you get the hag of it it is easy! Marsha McClosky also has a YouTube on it! I probably could have cut a 10″ square, but wanted to make sure I had enough to make the 32 pieces needed!


  4. How fun to have your quilt featured by Barbara! You will do fine with the eye surgery. My hubby and I had ours done a couple years ago and were seeing better by the second day. The worst part is keeping track of all the eye drops–good thing they give you a chart!


    1. I was shocked when they gave me that chart! I had always heard about eye drops – but for 6 weeks each person – UGH! I have extremely dry eye, so I am used to them, Hubby will get a reminder from Nurse Nanny on his! LOL


  5. Love that your quilt was chosen for a Barbara Brackman blog post! Way cool!

    That eye surgery is gonna help out a lot, I am sure! I hope that you and Clay have full and speedy recoveries! 🙂


  6. Your quilt is gorgeous–so many hours represented in that photo 🙂
    Cataract surgeries are being done on folks much older than you–we have patients in their early 90s going in for the procedure.
    Thanks for sharing that great HST method, very clever.


  7. Thank you Annie. The fabric gave me problems so excluding the Center Medallion it was made twice! Ms Perfection here! We were going over the drops and the schedule that we have to follow! So for the next 2 months it is called Eye Drop City. Thank you for commenting. The technique has been around a long time and I started using it when I made my Blue and White Feathered Star earlier this year.


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