Cataracts and Quilting

Greetings! Weather is still hot, no rain! Same old story! One hates to wish for a Hurricane, but we would settle for a tropical depression in the Gulf and that we would be the receiving of 10 inches of rain! All our pretty green grass is now brown. But that is summer in South Texas. We are blessed that this horrible 100+ did not hit until August!

I wanted to work on my Alexander Bean Pot, but I knew that there was a lot of paperwork (on-line) that needed to be accomplished before we start on our Cataract surgeries in September and October. Calendars had to be updated and I would be required to enter our medical history into the hospital’s database! Other ‘little’ things also needed my attention so all in all, Monday and Tuesday were non sewing days, but all things are completed and I do not have to do anything else regarding the surgeries except show up!

Now to what I have accomplished on Alexander Bean Pot quilt and it isn’t much, but hopefully today will be much more productive! I am so happy to be home and the break did both of us worlds of good!

I only have 7 blocks completed but they go fast as long as I do not have a lot of unforeseen requirements come around!

I really enjoy making this block. It is a 5″ unfinished – 4 1/2″ finished block. I am making 2 of each of the color-ways that I have selected and of course as you can tell they will be in Reproduction fabrics.

I have so many things I want to work but will probably do mostly machine sewing, as hand work is not up to my expectation due to the eyes being a little ‘off’ for awhile. We shall see. I tried to work on the last block of Stonefields from Section 6, but am not happy with how it looks, so it will be redone.

The only QAL will be doing will be Happy Little Things BOM. I ordered her Bitty Blooms embroidery patterns to go along with this BOM for $6.00. You can download the patterns! They are so neat!

I am thinking that a good project for the evening would be some Sashiko or Embroidery since it is not as detailed as my applique projects. We shall see what I can get done before my surgery on 1 October.

Have a wonderful day and a good week – Happy Stitching!


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13 Replies to “Cataracts and Quilting”

  1. So good to know you are heading for normal eyesight. The bean pot blocks look great, and I’ll have to think about making that pattern. I was excited to see your Enduring Love on Barbara Brackman’s post!


  2. I was surprised at the number of tests and paperwork to be completed before my cataract surgeries. Took quite a bit of time.


    1. Today went for his Post Op. I went with him. Mine will be shorter. The did 4 machine test and then something to measure his eyes. The drops schedule is something else. Clays are all mixed together. I think I may have to do the drops single which means 3 different drops 4 times a day. For 5 weeks. Maybe 6. Yuk


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