Back Home Again!

It is so nice to go away for 7 days, but think the sweetness is coming back home and enjoying our home and routine. I wonder if this is how it is when one ages. Of course, I do not feel old! Isn’t the new 74 the old 50? LOL.

Our weather is so wonderful 100+ with high heat indexes. We have not had any rain for over 6 weeks and that is not good. While we were gone our babies (deer) held on but for the first time after arriving home from a trip, it was obvious we certainly have spoiled them because they were really looking for us and their corn. We returned late Saturday afternoon and today they are looking good again.

On this Casino trip we stayed at Win Star in Thackerville, OK about 6 miles north of Gainesville, Texas. I must say that it is not my favorite Casino, in fact, all Casinos seem to be phasing out Video Poker and that is our favorite video game to play. Slots are just not our bag – no thinking in that process. But I must say I did win some bucks on one that I really liked and then the next day lost on the same machines.

We stayed in the Inn which was about 1/2 mile from the Casino which is owned by the Chickasaw Indians. We took the Shuttle each day and that was not the most pleasant experience because they do things different than other Casinos. They have a route to follow and you get the pleasure of doing that lovely 2 mile route before you get to the Casino, plus the time you have to wait for them. I do believe this procedure needs to be improved! But we have no plans on returning there. I prefer the Choctaw Casino in Durant, OK, mostly because Clay is a member of the Choctaw tribe!

I must bore you with this little ditty regarding the challenges I have when traveling in finding a Restaurant who provides ‘shell’ eggs and real potatoes. Chicken was off my menu because Restaurants only serve meat with tons of preservatives including MSG in all frozen potatoes! So I ate a lot of eggs because Restaurants no longer know how to cook backed potatoes OR how to cook real French fries.

The Grand Buffet had some ‘real’ Chef’s who knew how to take 5 eggs, crack them, put them in a dish, whip them and then soft scramble!!! The Casino Terrace Cafe that does not know how to provide good service, plus they cannot cook scrambled eggs – even at a cost of $3.00 per egg! YIKES!

The last little escapade was to take a little short trip to Gainesville, Texas on Tuesday morning to go to Walmart and iHOP to have breakfast – you know the iHOP that serves great eggs? The egg story for iHOP is funny, but not funny for them. I ordered my eggs – 5 shell eggs scrambled – told the waitress how I wanted them fixed. Out came 5 eggs that had been cracked on the skillet and stirred around – not for me thank you. They were sent back and the came back totally brown. Those went back and the 3rd try they really messed up! Clay tried to explain how to cook scrambled eggs – this time I received 5 scrambled egg yolks. Needless to say I did not eat their egg disasters! I let them take the loss for 15 messed up eggs!

We stayed from Sunday until Thursday morning. On Wednesday evening I contacted Cracker Barrel to see if they had real potatoes and real shell eggs. We told them about the time we would be there for breakfast early Thursday morning on our way to Salesville, Texas and was advised all would be available. We arrived about 7:30 and they had a REAL baked potato ready and fixed me the best scrambled eggs – I was back in heaven! After 4 days of nothing but eggs and chips, it was a wonderful meal!

I will say that everyone we came in contact with in Gainesville were the most sincere sweet people I have dealt with in a long time so that was a joy!

Now it may sound like we had a rotten time, but other than the egg story, it was a fun trip and restful.

We visited with our friends Bobby and Belinda from Thursday through Saturday morning. Bobby had smoked a chicken for me and I almost devoured it in one meal! Very good and did not upset my tummy! YEA! Belinda is a love to be around as is Bobby.

On Friday afternoon we kept watching the weather and I told them I think you will see rain by 3:30 or so. About that time I headed out the door and the temperature had dropped, cloudy, wind blowing and then some sprinkles. We figured that would be all there would be, but then the sky opened up for 3 hours and they received 3 1/4″ of rain! It was so nice to be in cooler weather with rain!

We now are enjoying being home and not sure what type of trip we might take in late Fall. Probably NONE!


10 Replies to “Back Home Again!”

  1. I totally get it, I won’t eat chicken out either for the same reason. You could call this trip ‘The Disaster of the Scrambled Chicken Egg Casino’ quite an adventure you have been on. Glad you’re home safe and ready to get back in the groove. Hope your temps cool down a bit too – still to high


    1. Even Clay said that eating out is horrible and that says a lot for a retired firefighter who had to eat a lot of cold meals during his tenure! LOL. Our food supply in this country is horrible – especially if families do not cook from scratch! Have a good one Sharon! Hugs


  2. Hi Nanette! I was thinking about you all week, wondering how your casino adventure was going. We really don’t like to eat out anymore. Everything tastes so much better at home, and it is so much easier to control ingredients. But sometimes it’s just nice to eat out because we don’t feel like cooking! Almost every time though we say it’s not as good as at home. I’m glad you’re home safely. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. It is nice to eat out and if we do a repeat it will be a Cracker Barrel – hopefully the San Antonio one is just as good as Gainsville! Thx we are always grateful for a safe an uneventful trip! One trip to Arizona Clay had emergency appendectomy – no fun on that one! Hugs


  3. It sounds relaxing. A good time away from things before the eye surgeries. The only similar experience we had was parking the 5th wheel at Lake of the Cherokee. We had a spot right on the lake, and it was absolutely beautiful. What was to be an overnight thing turned into 3 days. =) There was a small casino about 20 minutes away where we had a delicious steak dinner for almost nothing, and then we each took $5 and played until it was gone. You can tell we weren’t big gamblers. LOL Otherwise, we stayed right on the lake and enjoyed the beautiful fall weather.


  4. I love lakes and water! We are hoping that this winter we will make a trip to the Gulf Coast and hopefully they have recovered 100% from Hurricane Harvey! The food used to be cheap at a Casino – it is now averaging from $19.00 to $29.00 – Lunch and Dinner, respectively!


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