HQAL and Vacation Time

We are now halfway through August – about 30 days or so from Fall – don’t think Fall will be here until November!

I finished 4 blocks for Stonefields this week just in time for HQAL.

I will be taking the rest of the month off from quilting post due to a nice upcoming vacation getaway for us.  And it is coming at the right time.  Yesterday we had our annual eye exam.  I now know why I could not see the thread when I tried to quilt Enduring Legacy – Cataracts! I look back during February when I started catching up on UFO’s and realize that it was Cataracts.  I just did not realize it as I blamed it on my dry eye problem.

What is amusing to me is that Clay and I both are now scheduled for surgery.  Clay goes first in September and mine will be in October.  I am beginning to look forward to not having the blurred vision without my glasses.  I will still wear glasses and have the dry eye issues, but at least I won’t see double without my glasses!

Clay and I are together 24/7 so here we are having Cataract surgery back to back!  Too funny and will be fun!  I wear corrective glasses so I will be fine until October and then I think it is only a 2 week down time.  We are very happy with our eye doctor, so no worries there.

We are hoping for a big change in the weather (maybe in December – LOL) soon, or at least get back to the low 90’s and out of the 102 plus with the horrible heat index hitting 108-110.


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28 Replies to “HQAL and Vacation Time”

  1. Enjoy your vacation! We have a couple of trips planned but not until Sept and Oct. Head to the coast so Galen can hopefully get some of the migratory birds. It’s funny, in Texas we say coast. On the East coast where we both grew up we said shore! Anyway, enjoy your time away and good luck with those cataracts.


    1. Eastern Shores versus the Gulf Coast! I lived in the DC area in the mid-90’s I loved it there!
      We are looking forward to a change – then looks like a 2 month at home!!! Enjoy the birds


  2. I am having cataract surgery in a month and don’t know what to expect in better vision. But I can still see the thread………..


    1. Well, we need to have a Cataract Party! From what I hear, I will still need glasses because I have astigmatism on the cornea – which is fine with me. BUT the blurred vision will not be bad and the lights will not prevent me from seeing. When they put the light in my eyes I could not even see the BIGGEST E on the chart! Could have fooled me, but now I see why the bright lights bothered me! Hugs and good luck!


  3. Oh boy! I hear you will see things more vibrantly after. Wishing you a lovely vacation and successful surgeries with a speedy recovery. Would be happy to send you some rain….. 6 inches forecast for today and tomorrow! At least it is not hot today! Finding the positive.


    1. I am glad that I have used corrective glasses as I can still do my sewing and hand work, but no more long arming until November or December – Ripping that quilt made me a believer! Although I had no idea it was time for surgery! Have a great week-end. Hugs


  4. Safe travels and best wishes for the surgery for both you and Clay. When my dad had surgery, he had immediate improvement in his sight, he saw all sorts of “new ” things in the way home!


    1. Thx Kathy – I did my HQAL yesterday! I am glad to be on the schedule after the quilt mess! Also, I have thought it more my dry eye and now I am really paying attention and seeing that I really need this surgery! Wish we could do the surgeries at the same time, but our live in maid will be on vacation !!!!! LOL LOL LOL . After vacation time we will be either at home or in SA at the doctor’s office – 18 appts in 2 months – then I am planning another mini-vacation at Thanksgiving! Maybe my handwork and quilting will now get back to normal! Hugs

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  5. Those butterflies are gorgeous! I love the pattern. I don’t know if the weather will be a big change, but I DO know the cataract surgery will be! Paul had it done the year before he died, and he kept exclaiming about all the colors and everything he could see. =)


  6. Well I can only say I wish I could stitch like you even with your cataracts! Hubby had both his eyes done and it went so well…has reading glasses now. But this made me wonder…I too have dry eyes and have been having difficulty with the cross stitching. I wonder do I need to be checked for cataracts.
    That’s too funny how entwined you two are…matching surgeries.
    Anyway, enjoy that vacation…stay safe and have fun.


  7. Hi Jocelyn, sorry I am late in responding. We will be home tomorrow or Sunday. The casino was OK, but first time to than one and not a favorite for me.

    I kept thinking it was the dry eye, but now am told that one an rock along for a long time then all of a sudden they go South. It would be best to get an eye exam each year. Ours started getting worse the last 4 or 5 months. More later. Hugs


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