Back on Track and Progress!

Morning from the new Desert in South Texas.  Yesterday it reached 104 – heat index about 109!  We probably have another week or so of the high temperatures then it may start going down to the 90’s – YUP a cold wave!  The Casino is going to be so nice – hope it is 50 degrees in there!  I am doing great on riding the indoor bike each morning.  Last night I did another 15 minutes after supper and did a total of 10 miles on the bike for the day!  In addition, I have lost a pound – of the 3 pounds that, for some reason, I had gained back and that is a NO-NO for me!

After my lovely mess up with my Enduring Legacy quilt escapade I am back to where I was on Sunday morning!  It took me about 12 hours to clean up the mess and without Clay it would have taken longer.  I have now put it to bed for the next 2 weeks.

Through this mess we figured out that the LED lights that Clay had added in February above the needle were too bright!  I wondered why I was having issues seeing the threads on the quilts I had quilted since then, as that was unusual, but I attributed it to my eyes!  WRONG.  He is just so smart – he had added a lot of LEDs under the throat plate that really helped me before the new group of lights were added and had then wired all together.  So to fix the problem, he reduced the voltage on the new group of lights and now it appears that I will not have that problem again.  I will start quilting on this puppy in September.  I need a little time away from that mess!

You can see how he added lights to the HQ he made the metal plate to put the LEDs on and used double sided tape to connect to the machine.  He amazes me with his ingenuity and abilities to make or do anyting to make something better.  He was that way with our 36′ Fifth Wheel – we had all florescent lighting, modified the kitchen table, and more!  I STILL miss not having it, but do not miss all the work in loading and unloading!

In the meantime I have completed my Butterfly blocks for Stonefield’s Section 6!  One more block to go and it is the Cat and Owl in a boat!  I want to finish tonight!

I have started making blocks for Alexander Bean Pot yesterday.  I love Carol Hopkins Reproduction quilt books and her directions!  This particular one provides the directions for one block which really makes it easy and fast when making a different fabric set for each block!  I selected 16 sets of light and dark for 16 blocks, then decided to make 2 of each colorway.  I will more than likely make another 16 group sets when I complete the first 32 blocks.  I enjoy cutting out 2 blocks, sewing them, and then start on the next 2.  This way I am not constantly standing, or sitting!  The blocks are 5″ unfinished, 4 1/2″ finished!  I love the way she did the sashings for this quilt and I will be looking for a nice red reproduction fabric in my stash when I finish all the blocks.

In case you are wondering about Kevin’s project, they have been gifted to a quilting buddy!  Now I plan on making more Alexander blocks the next couple of days and then vacation time!  Have a great rest of the week and happy stitching!


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15 Replies to “Back on Track and Progress!”

  1. Hi Nanette! Your mention of the casino in the last post had me dreaming about going last night. I think it’s time I head for a little throw-money-away therapy. I haven’t gone since the end of last year so it’s way past time to return! I would set aside that quilting project for a bit, too. Twelve hours is a lot of time to put into getting back to the starting point. I’m glad Clay could help you – he’s a gem. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Thx Roseanne – I wish Texas had Casinos – the only one is in Eagle Pass and too close to the border for me and it is a long drive there for a one day excursion! Maybe you are in a state that has more Casino’s close by! Hugs


  2. I hope you have a good time at the casino and when you return the temps are lower. We are enjoying cooler weather. I joined WW 2 months ago and have lost 12 pounds. Not great but not bad. I find the older I get the harder it is to loose weight. Hugs


    1. That is good that you joined WW and slow weight lost is good! It stays off! The humidity usually will make me swell in the summer. But I think when I increased my eggs in the morning and tried some new chicken tenders I started gaining. Reduced the eggs back to 4 and usually no snack in the afternoon and a light protein for supper. I am not a big eater! I just want to get down to the 175 and then 170 and I will be happy. I will be extremely limited on food for me on the trip so usually I come back a few pounds thinner. Hugs and you keep on losing with WW!


  3. Sounds like you have everything sorted out so that you can enjoy some piecing until you head out for your vacation. So you gifted Kevin’s Mystery quilt, ah well, it wasn’t in the cards! You’ll be glad to get out of the heat. We have cooled down this week, and it feels wonderful!


    1. Well, things did not go as I had planned, but that is done now. YUP at least I know now that 4 patches are not for me. I think it might be about 8 degrees cooler in OK but we have had 7 straight days of over 100 and close to 110 heat index. Looks like next week it will start going back to at least 98 and not such a high heat index. It will break and I am hoping by the end of August. Glad you are out of the heat highs! Take care and I will try to get a post off for HQAL

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  4. It is staying HOT in Az. Not as much rain in our area as in the past. I would like to get a few days away, but I don’t do the casinos, I have a hard time losing money since I was a single mom for awhile. Ha. I have been cleaning up some UFOs. Looking at Churn Dash to fussy cut some flowers for the middle. Have fun on your get away. Nancy


  5. You are such a busy lady! And I too, have one of those husbands that fixes and improves things – we get along so well. I love your little butterflies.


  6. It must be so hot where you are. We are at the other end of the scale and too cold in New Zealand. I do like those butterflies you’ve been working on. Thank you for linking up to the Peacock Party.


  7. Your hot weather sounds perfectly wonderful to me. =) Love those little butterflies. Your Clay does sound like a very clever, problem solving man.


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