Slow Sunday Stitching

August is definitely here!  We are in the 105-110 heat index and now the temp’s are 102-105!  I have given up walking – even at 6:30 AM it is horrible.  Now doing the exercise bike.  This is so much easier on me since I lost my weight and I am in the Studio much earlier and I no longer have to take two showers a day!  I am back to myself again and it feels good – getting some good sleep – and not dealing with the heat when exercising!

I started working on Kevin’s Mystery Quilt, but became just toooo bored with making 4 patches (Sorry Kevin).   I do not know why, but it is just not my bag to just sit and make 4 patches or a lot of 9 patches!

I have moved on to making some 3″ Stars and Churn Dashes with my reproduction fabrics.  Yesterday I made 5 more stars.  I have a great stash of shirting’s, but wouldn’t you know as I cut out the star backgrounds I ran out of the black and white background fabric.  I looked in all of my hidden stash boxes and the obvious stash, but nope – all gone!  So I switched to another one.


I am almost finished with my Butterflies for Section 6 of Stonefields – hoping to be finished by Wednesday!  Now that I look at the picture, I am not happy with my work!  (I need to get an attitude adjustment!)  I will embroidery the antenna when I complete all 4 blocks!

Then I pulled fabrics for my Alexander’s Bean Pot quilt.  This is one I made in 2015 for Darryl.  A little late in getting mine done!

Darryl’s Alexander Bean Pot

Next I pulled the fabrics for the blocks.  I always pull the predominate fabric and then select a contrasting color that is in the focus piece!  I have not decided how large I will make mine, but it will be more than 20 blocks and of course I will probably change the border.  So far I have selected enough for 12 blocks and must decide if I am going to make 2 of each color, or make them all different colors!  Decisions Decisions Decisions!

Selected but not pressed when I took the picture – they are now!  The red piece is what is left from making the sashings in Darryl’s quilt.  I do not think I have anymore of it.  It made the prettiest sashing’s.
Not pressed when I took the picture – now they are!
Pressed and ready for cutting!
Pressed and ready for cutting

This morning I started quilting on Enduring Legacy!  I selected a Copper Thread Color thinking I could see it better BUT I still had a difficult time quilting.  I had to put my face in the quilt to see where I was in the process to prevent crossing over the meandering!  Clay is working on some LED lights that he put on the machine for me – we think that they are too bright and causing issues.  If this is the problem, I am going to rip the stitches out and start over!  Won’t that be fun??????????  I had thought I could have it completed by Wednesday, but not looking that way!  Fun times ahead because I will not let cross overs stay on my quilt!  Another issue is the crummy fabric!  I made this darn quilt once and then remade it again to complete it.  Lots of hours in it so why let it look like @@@@@ after all the hard work I did!

Well, this non-positive person is going to go cut out blocks – something that I have fun doing.  I will say one thing, I am glad that I love the entire process of making a quilt.  I will never understand purchasing pre-made blocks and just putting them together, or better yet buying laser cut applique pieces.  Just call me an old traditional quilter who enjoys the entire process (except when I am quilting and have problems!)  LOL

Where is that Casino when I need one?  (Coming Soon)  Have a wonderful week!

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE:  Spent 2 hours quilting – now I am ripping!  Anyone want to come over tomorrow and help pick out the threads – I rip fast with my rotary cutter.  This puppy is 80 inches wide and I did 2 rows.  I may be back to where I was by Tuesday, maybe tomorrow afternoon.  BUT I am going to use white thread so I can see what I am doing!  I just cannot see the beige or copper.  Not sure if the dark brown would be any better!  Any suggestions?


30 Replies to “Slow Sunday Stitching”

  1. I really enjoy the ‘process’ too Nanette.You have a lot on your plate with so many wonderful projects. Love them all. I am no stranger to that heat and I know I couldn’t do it now. Stay cool and indoors 🙂 I can remember years ago laying by the front door, open, 3am praying for a breeze, the darn swamp cooler no help at all. (desert hot springs , ca)


    1. I remember those swamp coolers when I was young and dumb! LOL.
      In the process of ripping the 2 rows I quilted on that stupid Enduring Legacy quilt! It was the lighting that has been giving me issues. I am glad that I finally figured out the problem. Thinking I will quilt this puppy with white thread so I can see what I am doing! Have a great week!


  2. We have had high temps here, too, Nanette. 100 degrees, but not humid. Stormy weather moved in, cooled us off, and we finally have much needed rain…it sure helps the firefighters, too! However, the winds that have come with it have been treacherous!

    Enjoy every step of your quilting…do it for fun and not perfection! I see nothing wrong with your applique! 🙂


  3. Thank you Laura, I have just had a month of not feeling myself – over with that now and of course back to the Type A perfectionist! Like what idiot would sew two lengths (long arm) 80″ wide and then start ripping it! ME – and I will finish ripping tomorrow and start over with white thread – forget the copper = Clay fixed the light issue – so tomorrow will be a good Monday!



  4. Love the Bean Pot quilt. That is my favorite sashing with the 9-patch as the cornerstone. I’ve only done it once and regrettably gave the quilt away. Every time I see a picture of that quilt I sigh. My sister owns it now and loves it so that’s some compensation. I agree with you about the pre-cut applique pieces. What’s the fun in that?


  5. Since you’ve used civil war fabrics in Enduring Love, I suggest you use a light cream quilting thread instead of white. Your weather sounds terrible, stay inside and ride the bike. Happy Stitching!


  6. In agreement with Gretchen, use an ivory or cream thread. Hope you have a good lint roller for removing the brown threads. Since you were not satisfied, you won’t regret the time spent ripping. Ask me how I know.

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  7. I had a hard time sewing the copper thread. I do not have a computerized long arm. I use tweezers to get the threads out but I am sure it will be fun. Done it before too.

    We think adjusting the front lights that Clay installed will help too. They were too bright

    I knew I had made 2 crossovers and I hate that.

    Hugs 🤗


  8. It is definitely time for you to sit inside an sew! Sorry about the ripping, but sounds like you have the light situation sorted now, and the lighter thread will make a difference for you. XXOO


    1. Thx Kathy! Ripping all done with the help of Clay yesterday afternoon and he reduced the voltage on the lights he had put on that put more light under the needle. Hoping when I get back to the quilt that things will be better! I am using a light beige!

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  9. Hi Nanette! Oh, I hate crossovers too. I would be happy to help you rip but it a) sounds too hot for me to visit, and b) you have it all under control. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Ripping done – I was not a nice person to be around yesterday, but my sweet Clay helped me in the afternoon ripping the last little section and the we picked the threads with tweezers and hand held vacuum cleaner, and brush! What a mess when we finished, but all is back and quilt will be done in late August! Hugs

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  10. Clay put the little LEDs on the front end of the long arm and I knew that I was having issues with 5 quilts in seeing the threads… Never did we realize that they were too bright. He is a great fixer of all things. He had put LED’s in the throat area (HQ doesn’t give good lighting) and tied the new ones into them. He reduced the voltage on the new LED’s and that is solving the problem. Too bright a light really makes it difficult to see where you have sewn and seeing the thread! Thx for the comment!


  11. Yes, I made one last year and gave it away! This time I stopped before I went nuts! LOL
    Check out my latest post – finished all 4 butterflies and I am happy with them! I am curious to see what setting he has!


  12. Oh my goodness, Nanette — you are having a rough time of it! One idea — does your machine have a black light option that you could try? That’s supposed to make it easier to see white quilting thread on a white background; don’t know if it would help your situation. But I do feel your pain. I think your little butterfly block is darling and don’t see anything to not be pleased about there. And I just adore those little red sawtooth stars.


  13. Thank you Rebecca, no it does not have that capability! The machine was purchased in 2005 and runs great, but lights were horrible. not computerized.
    I redid the one wing that I did not like and happy with them. See my latest post for all 4. I love making those small reproduction blocks – so much fun!
    Hugs and have a great day!


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