A little progress and a Copyright Discussion

Morning!  Weather report will be the same for the next 12 days!  100 plus Heat Index about 105 to 110!

DISCUSSION ON COPYRIGHT LAWS:  I want to state this without exception that if I have a book or pattern for sale there is no problem with doing so as far as Copyright Laws apply.  Designers take the time to create and design quilt patterns. The process is time consuming and requires the ability to be creative!  I could easily design my quilts because I have EQ software, but I do not want to take the time to design a quilt – not my bag.  So I purchase patterns and have paid dearly for them.  SO, if I offer a pattern for sale, it is the original pattern and in excellent shape.  What I WILL NOT DO  is copy the pattern and SELL THE COPY to ANYONE!  It is against the law!  There is a reason for me stating this and is based on an experience I have had with 2 individuals who wanted me to sell either a pattern or a copy of a pattern.

Now for some fun things that have been going on even with some unsettling time in the last 10 days.  I an glad to say I am getting my footing back and will continue to work on Kevin’s Mystery quilt (no thinking required here – just color issues).  I have finished part of Section 6 of Stonefields and only have 4 more blocks butterfly blocks to applique and I can move on to Section 7.

Kevin’s Mystery Blocks – about 35 completed out of 184!  Long way to go!

Stonefields Section 6 – Partially Completed – 4 more to go!

Remaining 4 – They are such cute butterflies with matching circles – they will be the same color as the wings!

Have a wonderful day and keep on stitching!


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13 Replies to “A little progress and a Copyright Discussion”

    1. Thank you, Kevin just got retired – I am not good at doing something like 184 4 patches without getting bored. So I am back to my 3 1/2″ Star and Churn dash blocks! Hugs and thx for your comments.


  1. I think the weather channel says the south is in what they call a ring of Fire that happens this time of year, and I ,too am in that ring.🥵 love all your stitching , those butterflies are adorable little things.😊


    1. Well, I have succumbed to the indoor bike ride! It is horrible here! So one more week cooped up and then we head to the Casino! Nice and cold in there! LOL
      Thx for the nice comments Deb! I need to get with the program – think I have the heat fever – something like Spring fever ! HUGS

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