Sadness in our Beloved America

ATTENTION WARNING:  This post contains feelings and words about God, Country, and President Trump.  If any of these words offend you then you may just want to delete my post without reading it.

What has our America come to?  I pray that everyone who was killed in the El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio shootings are in the arms of our God and Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  I pray that all the survivors who were shot, and anyone and everyone who was involved in the horrible incidents will recover emotionally and physically and remember that our God and Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ are holding them close giving them the strength to go forward in their lives.

I further pray that the radical news media STOP inciting all the hate against our President!  Wake up CNN, MSNBC, NBC, and ABC, you are impacting the safety of American lives and triggering some of the mentally sick people to do the horrible deeds.   Then the Democrats in Congress and those running for President get to work and take care of business and those running for President quit fighting among themselves and start telling Americans exactly what they can do for this country and not for themselves!  You need to support President Trump like the Nation supported the last Democrat President even if we did not like him!!!!!

Republicans need to also get their agenda straight!  Either you are a Conservative Republican and support the President – no middle ground anymore!  Support our President or move on!   As far as the 4 women of Congress who spew hate everyday about our country – get another job please!  I do not care if you live here, but do not try to destroy this beloved Nation that has given you so many opportunities and your freedom!

Enough said by me!  Lt Gov Dan Patrick of Texas said it all this morning on FOX!

May God continue to Bless this troubled Nation!  Brother against Brother is not the way to live!



24 Replies to “Sadness in our Beloved America”

  1. I’m with you Nanette in every sense of the word……This hatetred and violence needs to Stop, as well as all the waring and nonsense in Washington ……They all need to get there act together and learn how to work with our president and acknowledge all the good he has done & is trying to do for our country instead of fighting him every step of the way…..That’s what I think & I’m sticking to it…..Dot M a 83 year old in Pa.


  2. Hey Dot – good for you – more of our types need to speak out for our Nation or we will lose it and generations behind us will never experience what we have – I am 74 will be 75 in October – I do believe that as we get older we certainly become much wiser! Have a blessed day and thank you for your sweet comments! Come again!


  3. Well written! Hatred never does any good ever! I pray for this nation and the president that wisdom can be found. My heart weeps for those who are so hurting in loss or physical pain.


  4. It is so upsetting to see these incidents happening, but I agree, it isn’t helped by the constant barrage of hate being directed at the President/countrymen/political parties through the news media. If wish they would stop covering these attacks ad nauseam, and focus more on the good things happening, maybe people would have a better outlook. I am tired of the media portraying our country as evil or good dependent on who is in the White House. The person elected by the people doesn’t change the goodness of the country because of the party they are affiliated with. If I wasn’t called “insert vilified group name here” before, why am I a “vilified group” now? You should see what is going on in the knitting world. Ridiculous.


  5. While I, too, am saddened for my beloved country, I think Trump is the problem. He’s immoral, lying, and unstable. Republicans who do not support him are patriots, and I commend them.

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    1. Well Barbara, you need to watch OANN. I think that ever since Gore lost to Bush the Democrats cannot handle not being in power. I like him because he lets the American public know what is going on and is not using the Government to spy on citizens – I worked for the Fed’s and they are dirty dirty dirty! Sorry that we disagree. I do hope you have a wonderful day! The shooter was mentally off!

      I believe anyone that supports the Democrats now because they hate President Trump will be sorry someday for trying to support Socialism.


    1. Yes it is. We must all be vigilant and watchful when out in a crowd. I carry my gun on me all the time for protection! We have open carry and concealed carry in Texas. Have a great week.


    1. Thank you Donna! Nice to know there are Conservative’s that are quilters! I love it as in the past the Liberal quilters were very nasty to me, along with a couple of other friends that are no longer in my life! That is SAD! Have a wonderful week!


  6. So true, I pray for America. It, we are on a downward spiral and it needs to stop. We need to vote these people out of office and demand acountablity from our people in the congress.


  7. Well said Nanette. I am afraid that neither of our political parties have the courage and spine to do what is necessary to get us out of this mess, if it is even possible. I believe we look and act just the the Romans before the fall of their empire. The days ahead will be challenging and dark, prayer is what will sustain us. Praying for wisdom for us and for those who are caught up in Satan’s final attempts to hold us all captive.
    I thank God for the opportunity to still make beautiful things in the midst of turmoil.


  8. You are so correct Kathy! We are in a mess and it started in 2000. There are things to help with the killings that are happening, waiting period on those horrible AK15’s; if kids are doing the things that the Ohio person did in school, I say – send them for mental evaluation immediately not suspension and let them return! JFK did an Act in 1963 and then Carter did one in 1980 that Reagan just about reversed regarding mental health. Between 1955 and 1994 there have been 457,000 mental patients released from mental health facilities with only 72,000 remaining. Then they put those mental institutions out of business. I am only for reinstituting them for the very ill mental patients – hopefully not using that system illegally. Where are the parents of these people? The family? They know they have a weirdo in the family and no one does anything! We need more drug rehab, we need the flow of drugs stopped. BUT and I say BUT we need people/parents/kids/ to take responsibility for their lives, and bring God back into our schools!

    I am concerned that the good life I have lived in the America I knew is totally gone and may never come back for those behind us to enjoy!

    OOPS guess the 2 shootings have me really upset, probably too soon from losing my Kay!


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