Additional Slow Sunday Stitching and HQAL 28 July 2019

Greetings!  I have had a great Sunday afternoon and more productive that I thought! I have now sewn my 9 blocks from A Bountiful Life quilt together.  I decided earlier this year that 9 blocks would be all I would make for this quilt since I have lost interest.  She is now ready for a border!

The border will be mostly vines, leaves, and flowers that will blend in with the 9 blocks I had chosen to use from A Bountiful Life.

Patricia Cox had obtained permission to copy the original Civil War Bride (CWB) quilt in the 1990 time frame and in 2001 her pattern Folk Art NYC for Jean came out.  I purchased Pat’s pattern at the Houston Quilt Show in 2004, and then the CWB from Australia, A Bountiful Life, and Little Lost Boy .    Today I was looking at Pat Cox’s pattern which is a true copy of the original Civil War Bride and I am considering that it will be one of the patterns I would like to make in the 2020 time frame using my Reproductions fabrics (the above quilt was done in Batiks)!   I did a complete post on all four patterns Here.

I ran out of time this afternoon, but did make 2 other decisions.  The following blocks will be hand quilted and will be nice wall hangings, or small quilts whichever you wish to call them.  This has inspired me because this means that 3 more UFO’s will be out of the Studio and in the house for more hand work.  I should have some time tomorrow to cut the backings and batting and baste them for quilting, if not I will finish it on Wednesday!

In 2010 or later I purchased the Capt Aust Quilt Pattern  and started the quilt before I had ever purchased any Reproduction Fabrics.  This block is very pretty and I want to preserve it.  Now that I have a great stash of Reproduction fabrics, I may consider making the quilt, maybe not!  We shall see, but at least I am going to finish this wall hanging!  (another UFO will be finshed).

And of course here is French General and I have decided to hand quilt it as a wall hanging!  It is time to change some of the wall hangings in the Studio so this will be my challenge to get them completed!

French General Embroidery Work

I plan on working on the border for A Bountiful Life after Thursday (very emotional and busy 4 days coming up).  Next on my plate is to decide how large a quilt I want Stonefield’s to be.  If I make the entire quilt it will be sent out for quilting as it is just too large for me to handle!   There are 121 blocks, but if I do 100 to 110 that will be plenty!  We shall see!  It was the most expensive pattern I have ever purchased, so I think I had better finish it!

Slowly I am making myself deal with these UFO’s and complete as many as I can this year.  It is doable, I just have to put my mind to it!  Kathy asked me today how many projects had I completed this year and I went back and counted – 14!  They are listed under the Tab for 2019 above!  Wow I am tired!  LOL

Have a wonderful week all, and keep on keeping on stitching!


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36 Replies to “Additional Slow Sunday Stitching and HQAL 28 July 2019”

  1. Your applique is wonderful, and congratulations on finishing so many UFO’s…..maybe I will someday follow suit!!


  2. Great job to get Bountiful Life sewn together. An applique border will look beautiful on her. It’s so much fun to get projects to the quilting stage. Happy Stitching!


    1. Thank you Gretchen, I think it will look fine – not sure if I can call it a Civil War Bride there is no bride in it! LOL, A bountiful Life Limited would be a good name! Yes it is nice to get all the quilts to this stage – especially the applique ones. Hugs


  3. Hello! I am so glad you linked up with Slow Sunday Stitching so I can meet you and see what you are up to. You make exquisite quilts and 14 is a very impressive number for the types of quilts you make! Actually 14 is an impressive number no matter what type of quilts you make.


  4. You are doing such a great job finishing things up and moving things along. Those bountiful blocks are just lovely. Many hugs to you over the next difficult week. Thoughts are with you and your family.


  5. All beauties! I really like the Baltimore-style blocks in the batiks. It’s quite a nice grouping, and I look forward to the borders you add. You are making such good UFO decisions!


  6. Nanette, I really love your Captain Aust quilt block…very pretty!

    Congrats on all of your finishes and decisions! Sometimes, just making the decision is half of the battle! 🙂


    1. I had high hopes of making that puppy. I did Block 1 3 times and gave up as I did not have the right fabric. This one is Block 2 and I love it so I want to do something with it! Now can I stick with yesterday’s decisions? I hope so! Hugs PS Love your garden


  7. Well there’s your gorgeous T quilt in your heading ….goodness I wish I had worked this in 2 solid colors. it looks so awesome that way. 14 quilts is amazing and I am so in awe. Your work is so gorgeous Bountiful life breathtaking! Captaincies Aust block is fabulous and such a statement piece. Well I am off to try out your ideas – thanks again Nanette for your help – so needed 🙂 Sharon


  8. Thank goodness for quilting to keep us sane, right? So sorry to hear of your cousin’s passing. I think we quilters are a lucky lot to have something that can distract us and let some brain cells relax a while. Your work is just gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your projects. It encourages me to get some UFOs done.


  9. I love that red and white quilt and your Bountiful Life appliqué is wonderful! I made mine from all Jo Morton fabrics, but I’ve always wanted to make a second one using neutral fabrics. It’s on my list—lol!


  10. I found your blog through “Confessions of a Fabric Addict”…..I love your beautiful work and I especially appreciate your verbal patriotism in your BIO. There are so many people that are shy their relationship with God and Country.

    I have not done quilt applique much but I am eager to tackle it again. It is a great take along project.


    1. Thank you for visiting my Blog. I just recently decided that I would let the quilting world know where I stand. I love God, Country, and President Trump.

      Applique is so relaxing I do hope you start again. Hugs!


  11. What a beautiful quilt top! And time consuming. I can see how you’ve lost interest – life is just too short for all those other quilts you want to make


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