Encouraging Good News and Sad News!

GOOD NEWS!  This was the week to get my blood work done to see how my A1C levels are doing!  I am NOW pre-diabetic.  I have lowered my A1C from 6.8 last year to 6.1 and that is from October 2018 and without any medication – strictly diet!  My cholesterol ration is 2:9 and Cholesterol is 194!  Then my liver levels (fatty liver) are 21 and 23 (from the 50’s) and my Vitamin D is 38 (still lower than I want) and blood pressure is now 126/74 (from 146/82).  All of this was possible by losing 25 pounds, cutting out COUGH DROPS (can you believe 5 grams of sugar in each one) reducing any snacking at night and only have a Hershey Kiss every now and then!  I eat a large breakfast (4 to 5 eggs and my potato (hash browns)) and it goes down hill from there!   I have missed about 16 days (today is a day off) of walking since October!  It is amazing what that extra weight was doing to me and my body!  I am sure I was headed for more problems.  My next goal is to get my A1C down below 6.0.  That is still pre diabetic, but that is the genes that my Chopin lineage gave me.   I am still stuck at the 25/26 pounds lost, but I keep trying to lose another 5 or 10 pounds.

I do hope that if anyone is wanting to lose weight to feel better that this will inspire you.  It is difficult to change a bad habit (one that I started when the stress started for us in 2014).  It is easier to control when one is retired than when one is still working.  I am a believer that eating more at breakfast, less at lunch and very little for supper and the weight will go away!  Watch the Carbs – those were my killers, and also watch out for those comfort foods, especially processed foods.  And this is all I will say about that!  I just know that I am feeling much better with more energy (well, OK some days are just not that energetic but Clay says it is my age!)  WHAT ME GETTING OLDER? LOL

SAD NEWS! I have a cousin that has been a mainstay in my life forever!  Kay was the first person in my life to love me without conditions and accepted me as I was!  She was a blessing to me and I knew it and cherished it and never forgot the time that she supported me 100%!  Kay and I would talk a couple times a week just talking about anything and everything fro health issues to politics, and whom to vote for during election time.  Kay had more serious illnesses than I will ever have and she kept on going and fighting.  She loved to socialize while playing bridge each week, participating in her local DAR, loved genealogy, maintained photo albums tracking their lives, and gave so much of herself to her family, a family which was so blessed to have Kay as the Matriarch of her family.  Her family was her life and she was so proud of each and every one of them!  She loved putting her Christmas tree up, and would keep it up thru Easter by decorating it for the different holidays!  She was my rock and we considered each other as more Sisters than Cousins.  She was the last link to our Mother’s family history!  Her Mother and mine were sisters.  I loved Kay’s Mother, my Aunt Rosey!  Aunt Rosey was my idol when growing up and I do believe that I am more like her than my own Mother.  Kay and Bill had 2 beautiful girls, 4 great grandchildren, and in the last year 2 beautiful great great granddaughters were born and she loved them all.  I remember when those great grand babies were due.  She was so excited.  The oldest turned a year old this month and Kay so excited about the birthday party.  Kay’s sister Susan will now have to take her place and be my Big Sister (feel sorry for her!)  She and Susan had many good times together and they were very very close!  They loved each other so much and I know that Susan feels a greater loss than me!

Kay had a wonderful life, a loving husband, loving daughters loving grandchildren, a loving sister and brother and great parents!  She passed away Thursday from heart problems and it was unexpected.  I guess God needed her more than her family or I needed her.  We just did not want to lose her at this time.

My Sister Sharon Kay Cover Fowler – 29 Sep 1944 – 25 July 2019

I am beginning to not like odd years as we lost Darryl in 2015, my son Richard in 2017, and now Kay in 2019!  Maybe I will just sleep through 2021.

Thank your for your time on this personal post.  I will miss her, but I do know that she is no longer in pain and with God.  She was a joy in this crazy world.

Have a great day and back to life as we know it!


22 Replies to “Encouraging Good News and Sad News!”

  1. You’ve been an inspiration to me for a while. I started walking, joined WW and have lost 10 pounds. My sugar levels have gone from 220 in the morning to 126. I have lowered my insulin from 50 units to 40 units in the morning.

    I am so sorry for your loss. It’s not easy to find someone you knows you and accepts you. You will always have your memories. Hugs


  2. YEA Cathy!!!!! You have really done a great job in starting to help yourself! I hesitated on putting out the info, but it is important now that our processed food supply is making a lot of people be Type 2 Diabetics and being Celiac!

    AND God will always send another person to do the same.



  3. I’m so sorry to read of your loss. My hear goes out to you and your family I hope you find the support that you need at this sad time.


  4. Aww, Nanette. {{{Hugs}}} What a nice post about your sister/cousin Kay. She is really leaving a fabulous legacy behind her. Just think of all the love she has freely shared and given. There is definitely a lot of hurt surrounding her passing and I hope that time will heal those wounds. More {{hugs}} and prayers for you and her family. Finally, what wonderful and inspiring health news you have shared. Sue is borderline diabetic and we would both like to lose some weight. Our refocus on eating healthier will certainly include more walking as the weather cools and then we’ll be able to make it a good habit. ~smile~ Roseanne


  5. Thank you Roseanne, I am thinking of all the good times and not the end. Thx for the sweet words!

    Beling Celiac limits my food list. Eggs, chicken, potatoes and sometimes Monterrey Jack cheese. Any processed foods, wheat, other dairy, or corn is a no-no. BUT limiting the bad carbs that I was eating too much of did the trick. I try to limit my carbs to 45 or 50 a day. Even though they say 100 a day I do not do that.

    The KETO diet is really extreme, but it can give you a kick start. Hubby lost 25 pounds but had to start eating some carbs.

    Doing excerise after a meal really brings down the glucose! I still want to do better.



  6. Congratulations on staying focused with the new lifestyle; it has paid off well for you!

    Hugs, Nanette! I am sorry for your loss; she sounds like a very special woman!


  7. I am saddened to hear of Kay’s passing, she will be missed by the many lives she touched! So wonderful that you had her in your life this long, and the comfort of knowing you will see her again in heaven. As for the diet, I am so proud of how you have seized the day and got yourself on such a healthy track! I can even see the difference in your posts from when I first started following you!


    1. My reply went to never never land! Thank you for your kind words about Kay. She was one of a kind!

      And thank you for the kind words on my health. Now to lose 5 or 10 more pounds. The scales are stuck on Stupid!!! LOL

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  8. First, I’m really sorry about the loss of your cousin–she sounds like a fabulous friend.

    And second, you’re rocking this health challenge! And, no doubt, extending your life by years–keep on keepin’ on!


  9. It is so hard to hit like for a post like this but I did. 1st – Thank you for sharing your health journey, it is encouraging and we can all use encouragement; your doing awesome and you got this 🙂 I was so sorry to read you lost your beloved cousin like a sister – our lives paralleled each other this week as my husband lost his cousin like a brother. It’s hard to lose someone who leaves such an imprint on our lives. Thankful for the resiliant spirit and hope that springs eternal, big hugs and lots of love from our home to yours ~ Sharon


    1. You are just so sweet Sharon! Yes she is gone, but not forgotten. I am relieved that she no long is suffering and grateful that she is not tied to a machine. Her family has been hit so hard by this but they are strong and a wonderful family. They will be OK also.

      You have a great day – it is HQAL! Don’t forget! Have you started a new project?


  10. Beautifully said Nanette! She loved you. I’m not sure how we are going to go on without her.

    Carol Koenen

    Kayco Spray Booths, Inc.

    (830) 779-2051


  11. The visitation was really nice, but the funeral was very difficult! Thank you Lori. Now to just go on as Kay would want me to. But I feel her presence and that is comforting!


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