Two More Finishes!

Can we all believe that it is the 24th of July? Kiss this month goodbye! Our summer has been a lot easier than it has been in the last 10 years. A string of hot weather then rain and now a cool front in Texas in July! So far I am pleased!

I have been working on catching up with my long arm quilting. I have now completed my Barbara Brackman 2014 BOM.  Originally I had decided to sew the binding by machine.  That definitely did not work out for me this time and after sewing the binding on and sewing one side, I politely ripped it completely off and re-squared the quilt.  I prefer doing binding by hand, and was hoping that I could really be happy with machine binding, but I was not. 

I re-sewed the binding on yesterday the normal way and worked on the hand work last night and thanks to the Robert Mueller Show today I have finished the quilt!!!  In my opinion, if the quilt has importance to me I will do the binding by hand!

Additionally, I finished the Sashiko Block and I love it!  So relaxing!  I will say that I am tired of sitting, but I am now caught up with these 2 projects and tomorrow Enduring Legacy will be loaded on the long arm!  Another YEA! 

This quilt is larger than the previous 2 quilts I finished.  It is 80 x 80 and will take me a few days to quilt.  This will be after spending about 2 to 3 hours getting the backing ready and the quilt loaded onto the frame.

As an after thought,  I have the following quilting rulers for sale!  Email me if you are interested or leave a comment below.  I have never used them and as I said in my previous post, I am not interested in taking the time to become proficient.  


Have a wonderful remaining week and keep on stitching!


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34 thoughts on “Two More Finishes!

  1. Hi Nanette! Congrats on your two finishes. I love the BOM from 2014 – that backing looks fab. I enjoy doing hand binding myself, but say whatever floats your boat! The Sashiko block just looks stunning. Very nice stitching and the blue background really highlights your stitching and the pattern so well. I’m sorry I don’t really need any rulers – I don’t use them that often but the curved ones look very useful. I’ll bet they’ll find a good home soon. ~smile~ Roseanne


    • Thx Roseanne! One of the things I did after the “ripping” episode was to use the new walking foot that I had had for awhile, and I think it also helps. I ordered another one because my D1 is getting old and they may quit making them! I was surprised it did not take me long to do the handwork on the binding and I want to now pick out a set of blocks for a quilt! Hugs

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  2. Bravo!😀 I just love Barbara’s BOM quilt that you did! I agree on special quilt they need to be hand done ,now on quilts that are for wear and tear I machine bind as it can take washing better.


    • Just an old fashioned quilter I guess! Thank you for the nice comments! I remember when I made this one – it was the first time I had tried using Reproduction Fabrics so it is great that I have finally finished it! Hugs See you Sunday on HQAL!


  3. The Sashiko turned out lovely, now what? Nice accomplishment to have the Barbara Brackman quilt completely finished. Enduring Love is beautiful! Can’t wait to see what you come up with for the quilting designs. Hope someone wants the rulers. Happy stitching!


    • Well, not sure what I will do – may use it as a Medallion and work around it with other smaller blocks! I think they used a moda marble fabric and I would need to get some of it if this is going to be a full quilt. OR I will start on another one. Enduring will be meandered. I would like to find a home for the rulers as I know I will never use them!


    • Thank you Chris! It will not be done in a day – maybe a week (on and off quilting) I am ready to either start on a new quilt. I have more hand work to do so I need to start on a pieced project!


  4. Wow – That is a beautiful quilt and you always have just the perfect fabrics for borders, binding and backing. Your block is just lovely – beautiful stitches. Someday I’ll get there!


    • You will. I guess I have a good eye for color. I also do not do a lot of scrappy and more traditional. The scrappy quilt tops I had were given to my cousin. I have to have order and if diagonal or too loud, it will trigger a Migraine (Meniere’s) Thank you for the sweet comments! I love that Sashiko.

      Enjoy that water! I miss our RV! OH well, life does change with age – enjoy while you are young!


  5. You are really piling up the finishes Nanette, and loading the next one, (even if you take a break) keeps the momentum, or it would for me!😉 The sashiko is quite stunning on that dark batik, really pretty. Is that one of several blocks, or a future pillow?


    • Thank you Kathy – would you believe that the fabric is Moda Marbles? I was surprised as this was a pre-printed pattern for the Sashiko. Not sure what I will do with this block. I have some great patterns for Sashiko and applique….. Would work good as a Medallion. Hugs

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  6. Wow, you got a lot done! Love the Sashiko…..Giving up on rulers. I am currently struggling myself, but have found some I think are easy to use and others that are not. I find straight lines and a ruler, sort of difficult, oddly. More on that later.


  7. Oh, my! You are an inspiration! Your sashiko is gorgeous, Nanette, and you are just blasting out these finishes one after the other. I understand how you feel about the machine stitched binding. I desperately need to find a machine binding method I can live with, at least for the charity quilts, but every time I try binding by machine I feel ashamed of what it looks like… Totally ruins the quilt, in my opinion, but maybe I just haven’t found the right method for me.

    I own a few of the same rulers as you are trying to rehome — I have not gotten the hang of that Shells and Diamonds one yet, either, and I cannot for the life of me remember why I even bought the ones that look like right angles. I’m intrigued by the ones that are shaped like footballs, though — I’ll bet I could use those for that “continuous curve” quilting that people do as an alternative to stitching in the ditch. Are those ones still available for sale, and if so, how much are you asking for them? The rulers in the first photo, the ones that are kind of Y shaped and look like dinosaur bone fossils, totally confuse me. Do you remember what they were for?


    • Thank you Rebecca. do not feel alone on the binding issue. I am just not happy with it!
      They are still for sale, sent an email to you not sure if you got it. They no longer sell them and I cannot remember how much I paid. The “y” rulers are sold. I sent you the web site where they sell them. Let me know if you received my email.


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