Slow Sunday Stitching

Greetings!  Still hot and humid, but yet we have not reached 100 this summer.  If we make August without 100 we will tie the record 23 years ago! I know a lot of the country is under a heat wave and I feel for all.  We are used to this but I know that the rest of the country is not!  Take care!

I sewed the border on Apricot Lilly yesterday so it is a finished quilt!  Started in 2005 or so, or maybe earlier and completed 20 July 2019!  How’s that for completing a UFO!  LOL.  I cannot get a true color picture of this quilt!  It is really a beautiful vibrant pink and green!

I am still working on my pre-printed Fruit Sashiko from Sylvia Pippen.  Sashiko is very relaxing and I am enjoying doing something different!

Enjoy Sunday and have a great week!

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19 Replies to “Slow Sunday Stitching”

  1. Way up here in northeastern WA, USA, we are experiencing a cool summer. Temps have been in the 70’s and 80’s; low to no humidity. Very pleasant. However, I understand that is soon to change and the temps will be going up and it will be dry and hot. That is what is normal for my area.

    Love the sashiko project!


    1. We are getting a cool down next week! Yea! This is a great summer – hot then cool off and rain and hot again. I can handle it! It has been 23 years since we had a summer without 100 temps. But we still get the high heat index over 100! Thx on the Sasiko!

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    1. YUP and another one going to be loaded today on the long arm, but it is 80 x 80 and it will NOT be done in a day! I am going to be kind to my back!!! Thx on the Sashiko! I think we have HQAL this Saturday and hope to have it completed by then! Hugs

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    1. Thank you Gretchen! I am glad that I finished it! I just love the Sashiko I am going to make a quilt with this technique! And I have a pattern from Pippen that you would love – BLUE!


  2. I took a Sashiko class many, many years ago but have never done anything with it. I see those Sashiko machines advertised but not so sure they would be a good investment. Besides, the hand stitching is relaxing.


    1. OH I have not seen a Sashiko machine, well maybe years ago, but that would take the fun out of doing it, just like the embroidery sewing machines, of which I have one and never use it!!!!
      I like the hand work!


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